Dirty Movies (2000)

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12 December 2018 | lor_
Big names killing time
Shortly after watching Michael Raven's self-serving Wicked release "Porn Valley", I sampled this much earlier SIn City junker he made covering the same subject matter. They represent a pornographer version of navel-gazing, extolling the glory of being in the Adult Industry.

The young Jessica Drake, who would become an indelible superstar years later at Wicked, introduces each vignette, portraying a young woman who buys a cheap video camera and discovers the joys of shooting porn. She also extolls the joys of being obsessed with sex, and stresses the lucrative results of combining that with her camera, as "sex sells". There is no dialog, just her Captain Obvious type of intros to vignettes.

Her boyfriend who in fact introduced her to the industry, name of Evan Stone, is the sole credited stud in the cast, while famous screenwriter George Kaplan also appears on screen, smoking a cigarillo and looking disinterested during a scene where Jess has lesbian sex.

Raven attempts to present the all-sex footage in stylized setting, beginning with an all-white blank background for supposedly "college student" Dillon Day (who gets no screen credit, giving one the impression that Stone is alone) humps a blonde on a couch. One scene has familiar huge industrial fan in the background, while the finale is set in a screening room with masturbating Jess joining in on a threesome. The other female cast members are simply going through the motions.

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