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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the second best of Indonesia war movies in my list which took Indonesia Independence War (1945-1949) as its setting.

    The story itself based on true story about the bravery of people in Soerabaja (now Surabaya). Although in the battle, Indonesia was lost, the Soerabaja people fight was always remembered.

    The movie started when the Japanese lost the war and the proclamation of Indonesia Independence was spread by the Radio. The people of Soerabaja attacked and took the weapon from Japanese soldiers and swore to loyal to Indonesia.

    When the British arrived in Soerabaja, the people accepted them because the British army came to handle the Japanese Soldiers. The problem arose when British did not admit the existence of Indonesia. And the climax started when a British general died in explosion. The British attacked Soerabaja, tried to conquered it but they couldn't do it without sacrificing many of their soldiers. Although in the end, Soerabaja people lost the war, there wasn't anything left in Soerabaja to be claimed by British and the war had just began.

    Soerabaja '45 sometimes fell into "propaganda" but it saved by little incidental funny situations which, in the story, was made by ignorance of naive (but brave) Arek Soerabaja (Arek = youngling). Can you imagine how a person who never be in the war before, practiced how to throw a grenade? Can you imagine, in the stressful situation, they still joked like said, "I'll fight until the last coffee"? (It described the addiction of Indonesia people to coffee).

    The war was amazing for Indonesia movie. While the other Indonesia-war-movie usually only shows gun-fighting, this movie shows a lot of explosion, even the body thrown by the explosion (Eight year before Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan).

    If you count how many language was spoken in this movie, you'll surprised because there were 5 languages: Indonesia, English, Japan, Dutch, and Java.