• Continuity

    While Jenna prepares for her presentation and when she confronts Lucy in her room, her hair is quite loose and parted in the middle. When Jenna comes out of the Poise building after Lucy tells her that she has found envelopes of Sparkle amongst her stuff, her hair is tightly parted on her right side. When she rides Chris Grady's cab, her hair is fairly loose and parted in the middle again.

  • Continuity

    When Matt is taking their picture at the end, his hand position on the camera changes between shots.

  • Continuity

    Lucy says that she and Jenna both had nose jobs, but in the end of the film, when Jenna has changed her fate, her nose looks the same.

  • Errors in geography

    When Jenna is going home from the city, she takes the Metro North Railroad. When she goes to break up Matt's wedding, she tells the taxi to head towards the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey. Jenna and Matt are next-door neighbors, and the Metro North Railroad goes to Connecticut. To get to New Jersey, she would need to ride NJ Transit.

  • Revealing mistakes

    At the wedding when Matt takes a picture as he and Jenna kiss, the flash fires on the camera, but the framed photo (presumably the very same, as suggested by the transition in the film) is taken without flash as shown by the contrast in lighting on their faces and the sunlight from behind them.