Paris Morgan: I made you Al, I will work overtime to break you, Alvin!

Paris Morgan: Come down out of that tree.

Paris Morgan: You know, Al. There's something we've been avoiding all day. Something I think maybe we oughta do.

Alvin Johnson: I think you're right. This may sound kinda silly. How do we do it?

Paris Morgan: [laughs] Well... just go for it. Ya know?

[they turn and look at each other, Paris expecting Al to kiss her]

Alvin Johnson: We'll break up first thing tomorrow morning in the hallway, so everyone can see. I mean make a big scene, but a dignified scene 'cause you know we got to protect our reps.

Alvin Johnson: Morning dime, pieces!

Aretha Johnson: Mama! Alvin's taking drugs!

Aretha Johnson: School? Liar! Today's Senior Ditch Day.

Alvin Johnson: You know what? Lil' biscuit-head is right.

Mia: This ain't Burger King! You can't always have it your way!

Alvin Johnson: [Alvin reads Paris' burnt Sean John jacket] "Sean Jo!"

Kenneth Warman: Could be Asian?

Walter Colley: [in a Japanese accent] Sean Jo.

[regular voice]

Walter Colley: It smell like burnt Paris Morgan now.

Kenneth Warman: Yeah that's how hot she is!

Paris Morgan: Look, Al, I think you're starting to feel yourself a little too much.

Alvin Johnson: [panicky] I do not do that! Who told you that, Walter? My mother said you'll go blind!

Paris Morgan: Look, whatever!

Alvin Johnson: [about Paris Morgan] She's like frappachino with hips.

Walter Colley: With mint hot fudge and mint whipped cream.

Chuck Mattock: Clearly Alvin isn't masturbating enough.

Walter Colley: Well, thank God i don't have that problem. Holler at ya boy

[puts out hands for daps]

Kenneth Warman: [looks at Walter's hand] I'm not touching that.

Alvin Johnson: Popularity is so much better than being a social leper.

Paris Morgan: Popularity is so much better than being a social leper. Popularity is a job, Al, not a privilege. It's nothing but work and worries. Work to get in. Work to stay in. Get a clue.

Aretha Johnson: [after seeing Al's makeover for the first time] Urkel has gone gangsta.

Chuck Mattock: [when Chuck, Ken, and Walter first see Paris and Alvin sitting together at lunch] It doesn't add up. It doesn't make sense.

Walter Colley: He cleans her pool. Well, I wanna clean pools now if I get to hang out with Paris Morgan. And I'll clean the bathtub, too.

[Walter and the guys crack up]