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  • jwhale938210 August 2005
    I liked it. It was nothing special, but I liked it. It was a good story about issues that most teens deal with everyday. And it was funny.

    In the movie, Alvin (Cannon) is a nobody who wants to be a popular somebody. As somebody who once wished he could be more popular in high school, I completely understand where Alvin was coming from. So when popular cheerleader, Paris (Milian) gets into a jam, Alvin offers to help her if she pretends to be his girlfriend.

    But Alvin soon finds out that there's more to popularity than he realized. As Paris puts it, "Popularity is like a job" and you have to "work" to keep up with everyone else. In the end, Alvin learns that it's far more rewarding to just be himself. (There's a cliché we never get tired of hearing.)

    I thought the acting in the movie was great. Nick, Christina and the rest of the cast were believable in their roles, but still managed to stay funny. I especially liked Steve Harvey, playing Nick Cannon's 'Stuck in the 70's' dad.

    This movie may not be 10/10 great, but if you're looking for a good date movie, you may want to consider this one.
  • CranberriAppl21 December 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    Can't Buy Me Love was such a great 80s movie, and while Nick Cannon is a cutie, he's no Patrick Dempsey and his character had none of the charm. This is up there w/Psycho (1998) and The Manchurian Candidate as remakes that should have never been made. It was just wasn't good. I was 20 when this movie was made, so I was right in the demo for it, but I definitely prefer CBML. Cannon and Milian had enough chemistry which helped, but the film was still lacking. Even though the plot line had different elements (not an exact copy), it still didn't try to be its own film. For example, The Shop Around the Corner, In The Good Old Summertime, and You've Got Mail are all the same story with the last two being remakes of the first. However, what these movies did was allow themselves to be unique in the minds of viewers--introducing different elements in their updates (music in 'Summertime' and AOL in 'Mail').

    I wanted to like the movie bc I was hoping it would remind me of Clueless or She's All That, or some of the other teen comedies I remember, but it didn't.
  • I don't know what the original poster is talking about.This movie is nothing like "Drive Me Crazy" and is a scene by scene copy of the original source "Can't Buy Me Love".I thought it was a cute remake but loses some of the charm from the original.For one Nick Cannon never seemed close to his nerd buddies like Patrick Dempsey did.The end was rushed.I was crying with Patrick's character when the entire school shut him out but then he stood up to the bully who had been a good friend of his once.This movie was simply missing the charm of the first one.The girl that Alvin like was a pain to me.I couldn't see why he liked her but the girlfriend in the first one played the role better.
  • I have not had any exposure to the original, though there is no doubt in my mind that it is superior, simply because the opposite would not seem possible. Beyond all else, I feel a great deal of sympathy for everyone who had anything to do with this, and anyone who has tried to fix their eyes upon a screen that was showing it. I don't know where this went wrong. Maybe it was a bad idea to hire some actress to write and helm a flick. I honestly don't know if Milian can act, since no one in this appear to have even a smidgen of a hint of talent in the craft, and it may, at least partially, be related to the direction. Heck, not everything in this is awful. It's just that the potency of the "suck" overpowers what relatively little of this that doesn't blow. This is a predictable, tasteless, embarrassing excuse for a romantic teen sex romp. Nobody gets through with their dignity intact. The barrier between the popular kids and the ones not considered "cool" is ridiculously excessive in this, and you find yourself not believing that much of anything that occurs in this could happen in any conceivable universe. This never made me laugh. The "humor" is forced and tries way too hard. Stooping to the lowest common denominator seldom looks *quite* this ugly. The plot slowly unfolds between this cast of caricatures, with nigh a single surprise along the way. There's some eye-candy in this. A bit of the music is OK. I recommend this solely to people who watch all they can get near of this genre of… *sigh*… movie. 1/10
  • I'll be fair in saying that I didn't have high hopes for Troy Beyer's "Love Don't Cost A Thing," a movie that stars Nick Cannon and singer Christina Milian in an "urbanized" remake of the 1987 romantic comedy, "Can't Buy Me Love." Original "Can't Buy Me Love" scriptwriter Michael Swerdlick contributes to Beyer's remake script, which features Cannon and Milian in the roles of the geek and the beauty, two roles made famous in 1987 by Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Petersen.

    Cannon plays Alvin Johnson a.k.a. "Pool Boy" (he gets his name because he cleans people's swimming pools) and Milian plays Paris Morgan, the most popular girl in school. Alvin is a bit of an automotive genius, if nothing else, since he's trying to win a scholarship to a tech school with the high-tech engine that he and his friends have constructed.

    Alvin is tired of being made fun of by the popular kids and decides that he wants a piece of the action, but is unsure of where to search; his friends naturally think he's crazy for thinking up such a scheme. But he's not hearing that though, and he wants memories of their high school years.

    He gets his chance when Paris crashes her mom's Cadillac Escalade and he offers to do the repairs. In return, however, she must pose as his girlfriend - for two weeks. Alvin and Paris of course face the strident scorn of the cool kids and pretty soon Alvin grows pretty attached to his newfound fame.

    Without really realizing it, he forgets what he already had, being that he makes pariahs out of his best friends, frightens his parents especially the father (Steve Harvey) with his strange behavior, and Paris soon begins to miss the geeky Alvin that she really liked.

    "Love Don't Cost A Thing" retreads the familiar territory of most of the high school comedies of yesteryear: the uncool guy gets the pretty girl - after his plan has been exposed - and everything gradually returns to normalcy, and tries to make amends with his friends that he forgot while on his path to glory.

    For the first half, "Love" is actually quite fun to watch, and even it brought back memories of my high school career, which I left behind when I graduated in June of 2004.

    The second half is where we run into trouble, not because of directing and poor scriptwriting or any other technical difficulties, but because Cannon's transformation seemed to be really... something. I'll be the first to admit that he does some pretty mean things to his friends and to Paris while on his ego trip of popularity; even this is too much and made a little too believable and for that I really despised Alvin for what he did.

    Cannon and Milian are a great couple and have great chemistry, but I remembered where it's all going to lead eventually, which is in that same direction that most teen comedies go.

    The biggest perk out of it all is that "Love" doesn't resort to gross-out humor and sex gags to really win the interest of the viewer, and for that I'm grateful. Other than that, there's not much else.

    ***NOTE*** There's one scene that never ceases to amaze me, and that's when Alvin first serves up his proposal to Paris. He makes his move, Paris asks what he wants in return. Alvin looks away, and out comes the priceless line, "Oh what? You think I'm some cheap 'ho?" Alvin of course replies, "No, no sex. I just want to rent you." Paris considers, and then agrees to being his girl. And she puts her foot down about him not thinking about sex, or looking at her booty. Priceless.

    "Love Don't Cost A Thing" buys a 5/10
  • Unlike the original movie from 1987 "can't buy me love", "Love doesn't cost a thing" is too slow a little bit boring, most of the characters are annoying and the movie as a whole is just not fun. They try a little bit too hard to be cool and updated but as the girl said in the movie "Urkel has become gangster" it's just not it. the idea was good, re-make the classic and the beloved film of the 80's in the millennium version, but we've seen too many teen movies that look and sounds just like this, and they are better. If you like Christina Milian you'll LOVE her in this movie, because she is so amazing in this role, but that's the only good thing i have to say about this movie.
  • This movie is officially in my bottom 5 movies ever. This movie was so horrible. Steve Harvey is at his unfunniest- he's so bad in this movie that he deserves an Oscar for his performance in "You Got Served." Nick Cannon just solidifies himself in my book as Star of the Worst movies I'll ever watch. And two semi-funny people, Kenan Thompson and Kal Penn, must've just really needed to pay their rent and decided to take roles in this. Supposedly this movie was a comedy, but I never laughed once. It was awful. And we're supposed to believe they fell in love when they "dated" for 2 weeks? He never even aknowledged her! So contrived and forced. Never watch this movie, even if you're bored and figure you might as well get some good use of your Comcast OnDemand. I wish I could take back the hour and a half that I spent watching this.
  • Do you remember the 80's? Did you collect Garbage Pail Kids while the NKOTB-buttoned girls played Care Bears and Kid Sister?

    If you did, then there's a chance you had to suffer through quite a few 80's films.. Or rather, it felt like you were being made to suffer, way back when.

    We're a little older now, maybe more mature and hopefully a little more open to rediscovering the 80's.

    "Can't Buy Me Love" is an 80's masterpiece I still enjoy today. Dempsey's nasal sonnets, his little brother's hustles and their parents' 30-something attitude to everything are classic. Ranked up there with "Weird Science", "Real Genius" and "Raising Arizona", the original tested the times while paving new ground.

    "Love Don't Cost A Thing" is a paycheck for the producers whose idea of a good time must be making K-Mart xerox copies of ideas they wished they had first.

    If they have a Triple-Gold Globe Awards for the likes of Master P and Snoop's acting quality, I'll make sure to steal a cell phone and call the 900 number that gives your ghetto fabulous trash 5 Bling-Blings and two slaps across your face on GP, Uuuugh.

    This 'Movie' is hard to flush, let alone swallow.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Actress Troy Beyer directs this urban teen remake of Can't Buy Me Love from 1987. The film stars Nick Cannon (from Drumline) as a high school average Joe, who yearns to be popular. New pop music hottie Christina Milian is the girl that needs his help in exchange for showing him the ropes to popularity. While Beyer employs many clichés in telling her formulaic story, Cannon and Milian are genuinely likable enough to make the journey worthwhile and not just another retread. Cannon's road to popularity is paved with the usual obstacles: lack of self confidence, nerdy friends, and a faulty perception about what popularity is. Cannon displays both vulnerability and vulgarity as the new "playa" on da block. Christina Milian, aside from her obvious physical assets, is both self absorbed and sweet as the girl every teen boy wants to have. This time we see both sides of the coin and not just the empty headed desire of achieving status. It is also refreshing to see the self conscious recognition of the perils of being popular too, as Milian aptly puts it: it's a full time job.The film avoids the all too common pitfalls of these type of teen comedies: annoyingly dorky sidekicks, parents out of tune with the times, and an overabundance of gender stereotyping, physical groping and sexual innuendo. However, it seems like the film contains a large number of close-ups of Christina Milian's navel and torso, but that doesn't detract from this enjoyable teen comedy. Steve Harvey has a few scenes as Cannon's father dispensing misguided advice. *** of 4 stars.
  • Having seen "Can't Buy Me Love" I thought to myself, why would they remake such a bad film?

    This version seems to insist on hitting the notes that the first one didn't. I enjoyed the storyline, the cast, everything more.

    Patrick Dempsey, I found annoying. I found the fact that for him falling in love with the single most shallow person he could find annoying. The character of Cindi was abrasive to me, and I just wasn't feeling moved by anything I saw.

    Then I saw the remake. The lead female character always had depth, and showed affection right away for this dork. The transformation sequence was much more enjoyable, and the ending, when he rattles off, "I like Michael Jackson's Bad album, that's who I am!" I loved it. His friends were fun to watch.

    True in ten years, this movie will be dated, but the performances will stand out to me much more than anything in the original.

    I give this movie 7 out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was okay but not the best. To me it was a crappy remake of Can't Buy Me Love staring Grey's Anatomy Patrick Dempsey. It did have it's funny moments but overall it stinks. Basically dorky boy meets cool girl, cool girl has big problem, dorky boy will do anything to be with cool girl, dorky boy helps cool girl out, cool girl is grateful, dorky boy wants something in return, cool girl is hesitant but agrees to go out with dorky boy, cool girl gets to know dorky boy and likes dorky boy, dorky boy becomes popular and doesn't need cool girl anymore, cool girl becomes upset and bust dorky boy out, dorky boy goes back to being unpopular, cool girl still likes dorky boy, they fall in love blah blah blah
  • vip-danii12 April 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    One of the cheesiest movies ever produced.

    The original "Can't Buy Me Love" is FAR superior. Honestly. This is an unrealistic "ghetto" version of it, and it doesn't work!

    The ONLY good thing about this film is Nick Cannon and the guy who plays his Dad. Nick could've become as prominent as Will Smith had he continued developing his acting skills. He is naturally funny and charming, and, unlike everyone else in this movie, he is not entirely useless at acting.

    Those softcore porn cheerleader dances... what the hell was that? Is it a school or a cheap strip club?

    The whole movie feels like an infomercial for P.Diddy (Sean John) and his apparel line.

    Most actors look far older than the characters they're portraying are supposed to be. Particularly Christina Milian, her "cool" boyfriend, and the rest of the popular guys.

    That "weight loss" dance was seriously cringeworthy. In "Can't Buy Me Love", that scene is really good, but here... beyond lame.

    The whole film is basically overly clichéd, boring, cheesy, and totally predictable. It doesn't help that most of the people in it, are godawful at acting.

    You can do without watching this crap, trust me.
  • Viewers should not be upset with the quality of this tired formula film. It was basically a remake of another tired formula film, "Can't Buy Me Love". If viewers knew their film history they would know to stay clear of sub-par formula films that simply lift plots from even worse sub-par formula films. But Hollywood depends on the stupidity of average viewers who think this is an original and sweet plot about high school fears and wishes to be popular.

    Another sad effort for us- the public. The film rates a solid D. Thank you for the time. Off to slice up, or praise another film, maybe a classic like Frankenstein (1932) a Gothic winner!
  • NatalieShaak22 April 2007
    This movie was just okay. Not too sure why they decided to remake this class 80s flick. I still like the original better and Patrick Dempsey made the character much more believable than Nick Cannon can. Loved the scenes of Nick Cannon cleaning the pool and dancing to Michael Jackson. Christina Millian was okay, but the acting was not that great from her. The best actor in the movie were "Alvin"s sidekick friends, Kenan Thompson and Kumar from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. The soundtrack was pretty unremarkable and that was one thing I remembered from the original. It was pack full of classic 80s songs. Overall, the plot was as cheesy as the original and pretty hard to believe. Some of the plot was random, such as Christina's boyfriend being in the NBA and cheating on her. Some lines of dialog directly from the original movie.
  • You know Hollywood's hard up for material when it starts blowing the dust off movies from as recent as the 1980's to rehash and remake (films that weren't any good to begin with, I might add). `Love Don't Cost a Thing' is a pointless update of `Can't Buy Me Love,' the tale of a high school nerd who hires the hottest babe on campus to pretend to be his girlfriend. His hope is that, through his association with her, he will gain entree into the `cool' crowd at school.

    The stereotypes of adolescents that the film presents weren't fresh twenty years ago and they're even less so today. The story is utterly hackneyed and predictable what with Alvin being first an object of scorn, then - after some utterly unconvincing ghetto-`Pygmalion' makeover scenes - finding acceptance in the upper echelon of with-it kids, while at the same time turning his back on and rejecting the fellow nerds who used to be his friends. True to the formula, Alvin eventually learns a lesson or two about what being true to oneself really means.

    There are virtually no funny moments in the film and the scenes between Alvin and his sex-obsessed dad begin to border on the creepy. `Love Don't Cost a Thing' may seem clever and fresh to audiences not old enough to have seen many movies, let alone the original on which this film is based. The rest of us with somewhat longer memories will gladly take a pass. What next? A remake of `Howard the Duck'?
  • MLDinTN12 November 2004
    but it did keep me mildly entertained. A nerd high schooler, Alvin, comes up with the idea of fixing the hotest girl, Paris, in school's car in exchange for her to hang with him for 2 weeks. So, he becomes popular and starts blowing off his old nerd friends. You've seen this plot a thousand times. It had a few humorous moments with Alvins' dad who just wants his son to "score" and stop being a nerd. And Alvins' sister has some funny lines about why he's acting strange. It was a little disappointing to see Alvin treat Paris like crap then of course she realizes she has the hots for him.

    One big complaint was that most of the high school kids in this movie looked like they were in there mid-30s, especially Alvin's nerd friends.

    FINAL VERDICT: I think it is aimed for a teenage audience, and if you are over 22, I don't recommend it.
  • My thoughts for Love Don't Cost a Thing at first were not good. I really thought this film was going to be another piece of teenage garbage since there were very few teenager flicks this year. I however was pleasantly surprised to be proved wrong tonight as I walked into the 9:30pm showing of Love Don't Cost a Thing.

    The movie is about a loser kid named Alvin played perfectly by Nick Cannon. Alvin like most losers always wanted to feel and be like the popular guys at school. I know what everyone is saying we have seen this film before. Yes I will admit we did but the script took this ordinary plot and added things too it. It has a large touch of reality to it but again in the end suffers from the typical happy ending. Well to continue back to what the film is about, Alvin falls in love with one of the most popular and prettiest girls in the school. This girl is named Paris played by the beautiful Christina Milian. Paris gets in trouble when she is riding around town in her mothers new Escalade when she gets into an accident and has no choice but bring it to a local shop to get it fixed. Paris finds out the cost is $3000 and she is broke. Alvin knows how to fix cars and makes an offer with Paris that he will fix her car if she pretends she and him are dating. This is where a heartfelt, sometimes serious and real life movie begins but sadly ends with the typical Hollywood Ending.

    The acting for this type of movie was great. The lead role played by Nick Cannon was right on target. I am really starting to enjoy his work. I thought Drumline, Nick's first movie, was decent although it was basically for music lovers. His character in that film was very likeable, and so was his character in this film. His transformation from Dork to Cool Guy seemed so natural, which was very nice to see. Christina Milian was pretty good as the main female lead. This was her first movie and her performance was pretty strong. I think she did a good job. Steve Harvey's character I did not care for. He played Alvin's father in the movie and reminded me a lot Eugene Levy's character in American Pie. He was obviously just put into the film for comedic effect but I feel this did not work well.

    Michael Swerdlick & Troy Beyer wrote the script for this film. They did a good job with taking the normal loser kid becomes a cool kid script and adding a lot of new scenes to this film. But like I said previously, they both seem to fall for that typical Hollywood ending. The script had a very real life feel to it and I can picture most of this actually occurring in real life. I can honestly relate to the feelings and emotions of the characters. I also wish that one day someone would make a film about a dork kid who becomes a cool kid and try not to make it a comedy. This film attempted to do this on the most part but like I said above they threw Steve Harvey in this film to try to get a few chuckles. Troy Beyer was also the director of this film; I think she did a good job directing especially since this is only her second film.

    So I walked out of the theater feeling good. The film put a smile on my face and I really felt I could relate to this film. It is a typical film for the most part, which in Hollywood does not really mean anything anymore. It did however take the normal script and add some new things to it to spice it up and make it seem more like a reality than fiction. This movie is not an Academy Award winner or anything but it's a decent Hollywood release that many should like. The critics once again panned this film, which does not surprise me. They always like the Independent films, which I normally always agree with them on but when it comes to mainstream Hollywood films they are usually wrong. So In conclusion, I liked this movie for the most part, it did have a few problems here and there but all in all I really enjoyed it. My final rating for Love Don't Cost A Thing is a 7/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The characters in the original were not so extreme as the characters in this remake , much overacting from Alvin when he is a nerd but when he becomes popular its even getting worse . And the role of his father was also very weird as a character . The whole plot including the end is pretty much a copy of the original but with a lot of more extreme stereotyping . to bad this story did not needed that .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A high-school loser takes advantage of a favorable situation and repairs a very popular girl's car in exchange for her friendship for two weeks. He's slowly trained by her how to become one of the cool kids but things start to get out of hand, becoming too infatuated, while ditching his lifelong friends being something he doesn't think twice about doing. So, once again, he must change his situation before he loses literally everything.

    An average teen movie which presents a boy's evolution and involution in his social life that is fun and interesting a couple of times before becoming unnecessary awkward and predictable for the rest of the film. I enjoyed the main actors as well as the boy's character's but its simplistic plot lacked polish in many aspects, proving overall to be a mediocre movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The nerdy guy who is smart, intelligent, assiduous but unpopular in high school once gets the chance to become popular and stylish. The most popular and charming girl helps him to make his dream come true when they start dating. In exchange he helps her to repair her car after accident. Step by step with every new day he is getting more attention and respect from his classmates, but when the deal between this outsider and the most beautiful girl is over he becomes arrogant and ungrateful. Very soon he loses all and understands that love and sincerity is much more valuable than popularity. The story has touching happy ending. Overall this film has nice cast and characters, decent story, some hilarious moments and some meaning. For those who's in the mood to watch something pleasant, funny, relax and get positive emotions it's a great choice!
  • Were you ever that teenager who wanted to be popular so bad? Did you ever see that one teenager who did anything and everything out of their way just to be a cool kid, even if they had to pay for it? If you were that kid or if you knew that kid,then you should definitely go watch this movie because Alvin Johnson was that teenager. Alvin Johnson is the main character in the movie, Love Don't Cost a Thing, he was played by the one and only Nick Cannon.This movie was a modern day remake of the 1987 movie Cant Buy Me Love.The movie tells a story of a young, nerdy teen who offered his life savings to the most popular girl in the school just to be dated for a month. He did this because he thought it would make him popular. For a while he was popular, he even stopped hanging with his real friends to be with his new "friends." It worked for a while, but everyone eventually found out about their arrangements. I believe the reason I love this movie so much is because it has a very unbelievably, happy ending. Alvin Johnson and Paris Morgan, who was played by the gorgeous Christina Milian, were a very cute couple in the movie. The scene that caught my attention most in the movie, is when they had a date night on the last day before their breakup. Paris Morgan had looked at Alvin Johnson in a way like none other. It was the look of love, lust, and passion. She realized that she really did like him and that she did want to be in a real relationship with him. I thought that scene was very cute considering that they were in two totally different social groups at school. It shows that all that really matters is what's on the inside; not a person's social status. Another thing that caught my attention about the relationship that they had in the movie, was that they had started a real relationship outside the on set of the movie. Before the movie was recorded or even released they were dating.They were in a relationship for over two years during this time period. I feel like the bond they had already created, made the movie seem more realistic which in turn made more people attracted to this movie. The high school setting that the director created was quite relatable to the intended audience in my opinion. The movie had described all of the different types of social groups that any typical high school would have. There were the nerds/losers, the jocks, the popular girls, the Asian kids, and even the emo and Gothic groups. Most high schools around the country has these different type of social groups, and it is greatly appreciated that they put all the different groups in the movie. I state that because in the movie you will see the nerds/losers prospective versus the jocks and popular girls prospective. Not only do you see that, but you also see how the other social groups view the jocks and popular girl groups. In this movie, it actually gives courage to the boys in high school that may feel like they are lame or too nerdy to have a chance with the pretty girl in school. This movie also can shed light on those pretty popular girls who may feel like they're too good for a certain person. It could also help them realize that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover; you never know who may be the one. Lastly, this movie teaches you that you should just be yourself and not try to portray someone you're not because at the end of the day, everything comes to the light. My all time favorite thing about this movie has to be the soundtrack play list. I really like almost every song that was featured. The songs that I had really liked were, "Comes to the light" by Jill Scott, "Pass the Courvoisier" by Busta Rhymes, "We Rise" by Rama Duke, and lastly "Luv Me Baby" by Murphy Lee. I enjoy these four songs because they were all so catchy and matched every single scene in the movie perfectly. Most of the songs that were played in this movie were either previously played on the radio, or the movie made the songs popular. These songs kept me entertained throughout the entire movie. I had even caught myself dancing and singing to the songs throughout the movie. A particular part in the movie, Love Don't Cost A Thing, that I really liked that was being played was when everyone in the school had found out about Alvin and Paris' secret. The song that was played during this scene was "Comes to the Light" by Jill Scott. In conclusion, this is my favorite movie because not only is it for entertainment, but it also teaches you a valuable lesson. I love it from start to finish simply because of the happy ending. This movie is relatable to all high school students or any student that is about to get ready to go to high school. I feel this way because nobody really knows what social group they will end up in until they get to high school. I feel like every student would like to be recognized and noticed for at least something because nobody wants to be considered a loser. The happy ending love story between popular girl and loser boy makes everyone realize that there is somebody out there for everyone and that they may one day have a happy ending also.
  • mariacadle19817 December 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    Movie writers and producers stop with the remakes of the 80's movie it's stupid it's like when I watched a totally unrelated movie oz the great and powerful no one can remake classics that's why they are called classics and these actors can not fill the shoes of the real actors from the movie can't buy me love so please stop I don't think anyone's forcing anyone to remake these films or are they? Lol.... Every time I go to watch TV or a movie there are a dozen previews of remakes or movie franchises like Friday the 13th someone just had to make a new one I'm not cutting down the actors in it Jared padalecki is awesome but these new remakes or movies that has all these changes to them are stupid ideas, except this one it's the same but different actors it sucks I'm sticking with the old ones out with the new in with the old for me lol
  • Warning: Spoilers
    To even think that I actually considered seeing this in theaters when it came out ten years ago. I have to admit, I've had a crush on Christina Milian ever since I saw her debut music video "AM To PM" when I was about 15 and I didn't even realize that she was the same girl who was on Disney Channel years prior who did the "Movie Surf" bit and I even thought she was cute then. I also watched it for Melissa Schuman, who was a member of the girl group known as Dream at one point. Pretty, THOSE TWO were the only reasons why I watched it and it's a good thing that I never saw it in theaters because it would have been a waste of money. Even watching it on HBO was a waste of time.

    Let me break it down like this: I learned later on that this movie was somewhat of a remake of "Can't Buy Me Love" that was released 16 years prior to this movie. The premise is similar. High school nerd pays off a popular girl to pretend to be her boyfriend for a few weeks and then gets cocky with the whole "popular" lifestyle. I must say that I still have not watched "Can't Buy Me Love" but I might check it out to see if it's a better movie than this, because this movie really has no redeeming qualities.

    I was never really a big fan of Nick Cannon's to begin with, but I seriously was not able to buy him as this high school nerd who people made fun of. Plus, what's the deal with the "popular" territories? So an unpopular person can't walk through a freaking hallway without being bullied? What if someone's locker was in that general area? Oh, and what was with the Sean John product placement? I get that anybody popular rocked Sean John, but it was overkill. Plus, someone who was considered nerdy is bound to be assaulted and no teachers or authority figures are around to stop it? Not a totally realistic view of high school in the slightest.

    Plus, what was up with the ending? I get that Alvin was confessing all the stuff he went through and learned his lesson...or so we are supposed to believe that he did, but I certainly didn't quite understand why he needed to mention what he likes to drink and Michael Jackson's "Bad" album (Great album no doubt, but what was up with the writing with that line?). It also felt too predictable that Paris would forgive Alvin and go out with him in the end. What I wonder is why. She exposed to him to everybody about how he paid her and everything that he did.

    Okay, I take it back regarding the lack of redeeming qualities. Steve Harvey DID kind of have some moments here and there but that was only it.

    The rest of the movie is evidence that I really was bored and watched this on HBO to make up for not seeing it sooner, but I really wish that it didn't because this movie sucked. I can go on about how this movie sucked. I like Christina Milian. I have all of her CDs, but regarding any movies she has done, I am not sure what I actually liked. Well, maybe Be Cool or those Christmas movies for ABC Family, but I guess I'll stick to those. It's better than watching this. And about Melissa Schuman, well no disrespect for her (she is a good singer), but it's no wonder her acting career never got off the ground after being in this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    'Love don't cost a thing' is a remake of 'Can't buy me love' (1987). Clearly, there are lots of similarities between the two and one might question the value of viewing the remake, having seen the original. However, there are two aspects of the remake that, in my opinion, are not as clearly emphasised in the original: father-son relationship and the importance of being open to unexpected, life-changing opportunities.

    Alvin, the lead character, is a high-school student, exceptionally talented in mechanical engineering and extremely hard-working. The only thing that bothers him is that there is neither any partying nor dating in his life. His father acknowledges the issue and actively encourages Alvin to improve his work-life balance. Unfortunately, the dad's motives are not entirely based on what is good for his son. Rather, the father actually wants to become a more influential person in Alvin's life. In fact, the father goes so far that he even tries to distance Alvin from his "nerdy" friends, who might indeed be "nerdy", but are at least genuine friends. Eventually, the dad realises that he has been pushing Alvin along the road of self-destruction and rights his wrongs by providing the kind of help and support that Alvin really needs.

    Paris is the lead female character, the most popular cheerleader, who used to date a guy who has become an NBA star. A life of luxury as a wife of a famous basketball player is what she thinks would be the best for her. It's not that Paris has no other interests, nor is that she is so hopelessly materialistic. Peer pressure and the acute lack of parental guidance and support have brought to where she is. However, the cracks are starting to open. First, Dru, the basketball start boyfriend, declares on TV that he is a "free agent" on the dating scene. Second, Paris gets the glimpse of how cruel her friends are when she witnesses how heartlessly they abuse the "nerds" who dare to walk or sit near them. Third, she damages her mother's SUV, driving it in direct contravention to her promise to stay clear of that car, as she is on her mother's car insurance.

    Alvin sees that traffic accident as his opportunity to buy his way into the world of party-goers. He offers Paris to pay for the parts worth $1,500 and fix the car for free if she would pretend in public that they are dating. At first, she is outraged by the proposal, but due to the necessity to get the damage to the car fixed quickly, Alvin and Paris strike a deal that she would pretend to be his date for two weeks. During those two weeks, Paris introduces Alvin to her friends, helps him develop social skills and orchestrates his entire makeover. She also comes to realise that Alvin is the only person in her life who encourages her to pursue her real (music-related) interests, as opposed to settling for the status of the potential future wife of a cheating sports star. Moreover, Alvin impresses Paris with his exceptionally strong intellect, decency and sincerity. There is also that curious human tendency to get attached to the person whose life we are trying to change. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that Paris falls in love with Alvin by the end of the two-week arrangement.

    As it is typical of romantic comedy plots, Alvin, otherwise being a very clever guy, fails to see this obvious development and also fails to grasp the real importance that Paris has in his life. He only values her contribution to his popularity. Therefore, he decides to cast her away at the end of the two-week contract. Furthermore, he rejects her when she tries to reconnect with him again. By doing so, Alvin not only alienates Paris, but he also puts his entire future in jeopardy. He is simply seduced by his ability to not only fit in but also to set the rules, evidenced by the crowd's adopting his ridiculous dancing style. Moreover, having abandoned Paris, Alvin develops a crass attitude, vulgar mannerism and egoism that far exceed anything displayed by the snobbish party-goers. He is now fully on the road to a complete self-destruction.

    Fortunately for Alvin, Paris is the one who helps him return to the right track by publicly exposing their two-week deal and thereby ruining his ill-gotten popularity amongst the party-goers. That gives Alvin some space to reflect on how he has got his priorities completely wrong and through his subsequent actions and with a bit of encouragement and the necessary financial support provided by his father, everything falls in its place. Finally, with a bit of luck, he even gets an opportunity to impress Paris again, now with his bravery and selflessness, which prompts her to give him another chance. This time, he grabs the opportunity with both hands and there comes the happy ending.
  • This is a good movie. If you were ever one of those that were labeled as an outcast, a loser, a nerd, ugly, crazy, or all of the above when going to school period, you can relate to this movie. Nick Cannon did an outstanding job in his role as the so-called loser student Alvin. Christina Milian was impressive as the most beautiful girl in high school Paris Morgan. Steve Harvey did alright with little that he had to work with. I think the chemistry between Nick and Christina is wonderful and it showed here in particular when Paris went on with the deal to be Alvin's girlfriend for two weeks and in those two weeks, it became more than just a deal for her as she became attracted to Alvin.

    "Love don't cost a thing" is a good movie, a realistic(if somewhat overblown, have anyone ever heard a high school team lose games because "losers" sit with all the "winners" of that high school?) look at high school and the most important message is to be yourself, and look at a person for he or she is on the inside not the outside of that person.
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