Sam Drebben: Another day, another dollar.

D.W. Griffith: [on Pancho Villa] He's the James Boys, he's Billy the Kid, he's Napoleon all in one.

Pancho Villa: [after hearing a gunshot] Sometimes justice can be loud.

Pancho Villa: [to Frank, in spanish] Cover my ass.

Frank Thayer: [Frank Thayer and Teddy Sampson are lying inside a tent after having sex] I've had this scene written in my head from the moment I first lay eyes on you.

Teddy Sampson: Did I do OK? Do you want to try one more take?

Frank Thayer: You sure its not too late?

Teddy Sampson: Ooh, I'm sure not!

[Frank lays on top of her and they continue to have sex]

Frank Thayer: Onward and upward, thats the ticket.

[kisses Frank]

Frank Thayer: That's what mom told me.