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  • All right, I'll review this thing. I'm up to it. And I'll put the bottom line at the top: don't waste your money. Check it out as a curiosity if it's free but don't spend your coin.

    The vast majority of the fights in the uh, film, don't involve bums, but rather teenage yahoos that have been watching too much "Jackass". Bad news that most of them appear to survive, which means that they will almost certainly reproduce. Watching fights on TV between people I don't know and who don't appear to be battling for any moral principle - real or percieved - isn't as compelling as you might think. I think the WWF realizes that, which is why they brew up a story to which the "fight" is the last act. Not so here. The fight is the whole entire play, and it's an unsatisfying one-act.

    "Supermodel" Angela Taylor is there. Not much else to say about her.

    The "Bumhunter" segments sound hilarious when you hear about them, but the don't live up to an actual viewing. It's not that the guy playing the Bumhunter isn't funny - he is - but most of the bums are just tired and seem content to wait for this weirdo to bug off once he's had his fun. Not that they have any real choice in the matter in some cases...

    Best part are some of the pranks and stunts. I admit I laughed quite a few times at the (attempted) destruction of property and other idiocy. I don't know, there's just something about a guy pummelling a drive thru menu/intercom that I find amusing, probably because I've wanted to do it a few times myself.

    This video might be worth an hour of your time, but as I said, borrow a friend's.
  • Bumfights is a "direct to video" DVD that showcases staged fights between homeless people. The homeless are baited with promises of some food or cheap prizes and goaded into pummelling each other into bloody pulp.

    The makers of this disgusting tripe should be taken to Cabrini Green in Chicago and made to go toe to toe with hordes of bums. They should get beaten up, allowed to rest, then beaten again. By the most psychotic bums available. Payback galore.

    People who take advantage of others who suffer from mental disorders, drug/alcohol addiction and who have no money should not be allowed to market this kind of garbage. It's capitalistc opportunism at its worst.

    Bumfights is the most vile, contemptible thing I've ever seen. The makers should be in prison.
  • I'm a fan of shock cinema. I like digusting, gory, cruel movies that take horrible images and drive them into your skull. I also like documentries, many serving a valuable purpose in exposing issues that are often ignored.

    Bumfights, however, is not a documentry. It is not "shock cinema". It is a group of inhumane monsters in their early 20's who apparently think it's a funny to attack homeless people while they're sleeping, tie them up, and spray paint them.

    This is not funny--it's evidence of assault & battery.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This comprises lots of "Jackass"-style hijinks and some "stunts" with real bums (homeless people). The bums are offered cash to fight with each other and hurt themselves. The modus operandi of the obnoxious jerks who made this video is highly questionable. The word "exploitation" does spring to mind. In one scene, one of the young jerks sets fire to a bum. We're supposed to laugh, I guess. I didn't. The video is a product of people who have lost their empathy for others. Similar people will enjoy it. The rest will find the video depressing and sad. I am a big fan of extreme movies, but I am not a fan of the deliberate gross and malicious treatment of socially and economically disadvantaged human beings. A sequel followed (not listed on IMDb) that assembled the type of real death and torture footage found on onto one tape. It is equally depressing and, without context, numbing. If these videos represent the "future" of the entertainment "underground", where can they go next?
  • If only the writer had driven home a message underlying what was filmed. As it is its a mangle of images with no unifying theme to hold it together. The feat it excelled at was reminding society of the filth it creates and that however hard it tries, civilization is underpinned by the animal in man. And it stops there! By tomorrow you will have forgotten about it, just like when you pass by the bum in the street.

    Personally I found some bits really amusing but overall dull. The first 15 minutes sum up the documentary's progression. The writers had an unpolished gem in their hands and left it as is. Bums acting like bums, street brawls, drugs and a chick in a bikini. Nothing more! Stick with Jackass or Dirty Sanchez as the amusement factor is higher and at least they're not exploiting people who have nothing to lose but their lives.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    I'm reasonably sure there wasn't a single fight between two homeless people throughout the whole film. In that light, the producers claims to expose the nature of conflict resolution amongst the homeless are hubris. The producers further claim to report on growing homelessness and global hypocrisy and other topics cadged from university seminars. How? By subjecting said homeless to humiliation and physical injury.

    Here's an observation - if anyone's thinking about making a video similar to this, watch the last 'Bumhunter' episode again. A hypodermic needle is plainly visible on the ground amongst the homeless guy's effects. During the ensuing scuffle between the 'Bumhunters' and the target, the Bumhunter in black will charge right over top of the needle, while the Bumhunter in khaki is bitten by the homeless guy. I wouldn't be surprised if one or both of them made the biggest mistake of their lives.

    The real reason it was made was to raise their profile and make money for feature films. I hear van der Beek's available; put him in plastic restraints and leave the street people alone.

  • Half of this movie contains youngsters having a fight. I don't care about that, just let them. The other half though concerns making fun of the homeless, let them do humiliating things on camera and basically terrorize them. There's one thing to be said: this is truly shock cinema. In it's most disgusting way.

    I just happened to find this on kazaa (I'm not even sure what I was looking for at that time), and had heard about it before so I decided to check it out, thinking it's just some sort of Jackass (love that show). But this is going way beyond that. This is going way beyond what you can imagine. This is way beyond humanity. It's sickening, disgusting, and a true horror to watch. Some would say that's exactly what it's meant to do, but this is too much for me to handle.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie must be the sickest ever. The producers behind this movie, are some, well, sick bastards. Even sicker than you can imagine. If you thought you had seen horrifying movies before, this is worse.

    They attack a homeless man lying asleep, tie him up and hit him hard. That was too much for me. I had to puke. Sick. Filthy. The youngsters' fist-fighting was not a problem, although they obviously fought because the camera was actually there.

    It should be banned in more countries than it already is. Don't see Bumfights, that's my point with this review. Neither should you support it by buying it. The producers don't deserve your money.
  • lithium17718 February 2003
    First of all, I am not a prudish person. There are levels of indecency that could I watch and find absolutely hilarious, such as Jackass and CKY, because they ARE funny.

    However, I have never, ever been so appalled at a piece of "film" than I have at this. It is utterly, unbelievably horrendous, but not in a good way.

    Watching these cruel people tie up some poor homeless guy and doing a stupid "Steve Irwin" skit is simply not funny. It is humourless trash. As one of them said "What you doin' man, leave me alone, I ain't done nothing to you" I felt so terrible. Some poor guy down on his luck, tied up and made fun of. It ISN'T funny. I watched for about 10 minutes before I turned it off and threw it away.

    There are levels of shock, certain things film makers can stoop to and still get a hit, be it good or bad. But this is just...a film for those without a concience. The vast majority of people who view and enjoythis will be sadistic idiots who get a kick out of the innocent suffering of others.

    People will be touting this film on websites but PLEASE dont hand over your money for something so terrible. It will be the biggest waste for you.

    Ultimately though, I guess the decision of whether to view this, is entirely up to you. But I will end by saying this: If you have any sense of decency, concience, morals whatever, you will avoid this film like the plague.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I myself had the misfortune of watching this garbage, and suffice it to say it was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. When I watched I was almost unaware of what was happening, because I was so shocked by the contents of the film. I was told it was an 'expository documentary' and it was funny, but believe me when I say it doesn't pass for either. I never been one for censorship, so let me leave it to your judgment to choose not to watch this film.

    If you are someone like I am, your interest in this film was generated by some vague recommendation that sparked some curiosity. I urge you not to view under any circumstances.
  • Bumfights is a crude, terrible film which exploits homeless people, through violence and humiliation. Having viewed this at a friend's house, I was shocked at the content. Please, do not buy this, and do not fund the producers by rewarding them for this sick, disgusting film. The fact that the producers have not been put in jail for a long, long time is also frightening, and I cannot understand why anyone would pay money for such a horrible film, which takes away the human rights of defenceless homeless people, and shows them up in disgusting ways. If your idea of fun is seeing homeless people being made to defecate, be urinated on, pull their teeth out with pliers or engage in fights with other homeless, then you must be just as sick as the producers. Such a sad, sad film!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I brought the movie knowing full well it would contain homeless dope addicts and drunks slugging it out. I live in Baltimore, Maryland and the fights and beat downs you see on this DVD is no worse than anything you see in the wrong parts of Baltimore or in any other major American city. Truth is when the rigid blinder wearing plastic liberal office mice all climb into their nice metal cages, or crawl into subway for their daily scurry back out to the relative safety of the their rich suburban gated communities BRUTAL REALITY REIGN'S ONCE MORE IN THE DARK Foreboding FORGOTTEN CORNERS OF AN INNER CITY. HAPLESS BUMS DRUNKS AND ADDICTS LURK LIKE INNER CITY PIGEONS, ALWAYS IN PLAIN VIEW YET NEVER TRULY NOTICED BY HURRIED DAYTIME SOULS SO ENGROSSED IN FULL MEANINGFUL LIVES THEY FORGET TO CARE! These Bum Fight videos are an unflinching look at the ugly reality of the pathetic lives some people CHOOSE TO LEAD under the cover of urban twilight! Being a total bum is a choice. I am disabled; I once lived on section 8, a tiny disability check, eating free government cheese, butter and such. I was poor but I had my honor and dignity. But I chose to live with dignity; I did not drink, do drugs, or engage in criminal behavior. I spent my money wisely so while I was not rich I survived nicely thank you. You see being poor is not an excuse to become a drunken bum. Being a drunken bum or an addict is a choice a person makes and they alone are responsible for their choice.

    Last time I checked no one demands at gun point that a drunk drink himself silly. No one makes a dope addict shoot up. No one makes a crack addict light up. No one forces a crystal methamphetamine freak to destroy themselves. Bum's fight in these DVD's for weird reasons that make sense only if their weird twisted logic is used. Bums fight on these DVD's for the exact same reasons that motivate all the other lame self destructive stupid things homeless people do. Some chronic street people are into a self destructive lifestyle. Some bums enjoy living life on the edge because they like the thrill of cheating death or living life totally on THEIR OWN SELFISH TERMS! The DVD is funny to me only because these bums made their life choices to become dope addicted, homeless, drunken outcasts fodder for this type of DVD. Likewise these bums made their choice to fight and act up for the quick fix offered by a lame prize, pocket change or cheap booze. I would not have made such a decision for myself but, I don't fault others for doing things I would not choose myself. I do not do drugs but if someone else wants to do them I will warn them it is a bad choice and if they still want to be a dope addict I wave goodbye while watching them sail toward a date certain with personal and financial ruin. Bum's have the right to fight in these stupid DVD's for weak prizes if they want to because, of something we call personal freedom. If all the bum fighters in the DVD agree to the terms of the game they have every right to express and display their sick passions however they want.

    I have no moral high horse. If all the bums in the DVD agree to fight and the film makers have signed releases from legally competent parties, I say let the games begin. We all know that increasingly what is legal in our free society is seldom moral. I say if you are offended by these DVD's on high tone moral grounds no one is forcing you to buy or watch the DVD's anymore than the bums were forced to take part in making them. If you don't like the bum fight DVD's steer clear of the DVD's do not buy them but, leave those who want to watch these Bum fight DVD's alone. For all legal activities like watching bums fight in a capitalist society, thriving markets exist with patrons aching to buy their vulgar wares.

    These DVD's are no worse than watching toothless hillbillies and poor ignorant folk get provoked into staged fighting on the lamest trash TV talk shows. Bring hillbillies, poor blacks and whites to Chicago let them stay in fine hotels for a few days, eat in nice places and all they have to do in return is brawl on TV for a few minutes like the mindless thugs they are. Curse pull out each others weaves, tear off shirts, pants whatever, punch each other into bloody pulp and thereby reinforce the most negative stereotypes of blacks, poor whites in trailer parks and country hill folk. These Bum fight DVD's are just a variation on an ugly theme feeding a need in America for this sort of gritty no holds barred reality entertainment. The Blood lust is not new it goes back to Roman times. The blood lust in America is already wide spread and this Bum fight DVD is just feeding the need and people who hate these Bum Fight DVDS need to just get over it!
  • palindromious9 February 2003
    Taking the jackass and Tom Green style thing way past funny and clear into the "mean" column, add some stupid aggression and misogyny, sprinkle liberally with lack of compassion for your fellow man.

    This is the soul of sociopathy. It's one thing to see a fight break out and watch it, it's another thing entirely to stage them for your own amusement. That's the behavior of someone who views other humans as playthings.

    The worst punishment you can hope for them is that one day they will realize what they have done.

    That would be true if the people who created this were capable of empathy. So I say we leave 'em skid row for a couple days with no way out instead.
  • I can understand why this film gets slandered alot, and whilst you're watching homeless people fight each other for dollars (and probably laughing your ass off at some of the stunts) you can't help but think what kind of a sick society produces this, but morals etc aside, as a piece of Jackass-esque film, this like it or not is the logical next step, and a very funny one. To the film maker's credit, this is very well edited, and they apparently paid for all the medical bills and expenses incurred to the stars of the show, and are also last I heard in the process of getting their asses sued off of them by Roofus et al.

    I never found Jackass funny, but I thought this was hillarious, especially the bumhunter segments and the "duckie!" guy. Bling bling just stole the show for me though, seriously, that guy should get his own chat show!

    I think for most people, the moral dubiousness will obstruct their viewing of what is essentially a very funny movie. If you are one of these however, I don't think that you can laugh at jackass, yet complain when something like this comes along off of the back of Jackass' success. If you supported Jackass, then like it or not, you are partly responsible for this as anyone else.

    It is the product of a sick society, but as a member of that society with enough truth about himself to admit he finds this funny, I think the bottom line is that this is a hillarious piece of film.

    Ultimately, we are supposed to be judging the film on IMDB, not the film makers themselves and their methods no matter how dubious.

    "BFK for life, FOREVER! We never bottle-out!"
  • I wonder why there aren't more comments on this shockumentary. I think everyone's to ashamed to admit they saw this movie......I know I am, but someone has to say something. At first it seemed like a sort of Jackass on crack. Only difference is Jackass IS funny. Those guys do all the stupid stunts themselves. They drink their own p**s instead of letting a poor homeless penny-less drunk think it's a beer. Jackass is just plain stupid. The guys of the BFK (Bum Fight Krew)are cruel and use people. They kick them when they're down. I think the BFK are pathetic excuses for human beings. I hope Americans who saw this crap realize that it's their own anti-social society, their way of life that makes excesses like these possible. Me,me,me,me,me who cares what happens to anyone else ? Well I do and Holland does, we care and we protect our weak..... So Americans I say SHAME ON YOU and be scared, very scared. If these jerks can make bums do idiotic dangerous things like this. What happens if someone hands them a gun and offers them a couple of bucks ???

    I don't even want to think about it.

  • Well, thats its, the end of the film. Firstly to say it was disgusting is stupid, its not. In todays Television and films there's always a theme of 'Pushing the Bounderies' , upping the level. We've had 'Jackass', which was funny but sometimes a little perverse. Dirty Sanchez from some welsh drop-outs and now 'Bumfights'.

    Bumfights is a collection of badly filmed camcorder footage filmed by college bums though were dreaming up an idea for this 'pushing the boundary'. Its basically the kind of filmaking real 'film bums' do. Instead of sitting down and coming up with a good, funny and interesting show they've just been plain lazy.

    They've sat down and thought "Yeah dude, lets get some homeless guys and make them do disgusting things for cash, coz were such untalented guys that we don't want to endanger ourselves".

    Thats pretty much it. The part that had a lot going was the take on Mtv's Cribs where the homeless man is showing round his doss under a bridge. I wouldn't recommend this films even to the people with morbid curiosity, its just not bad. Its just a few fights with some rock music and the fights are not bloody or gory(if thats what you were hoping for) there your basic 'scrapping' your friends have when their drunk.

    The aspect thats also very annoying is the way people think 'fights', what goes with a fight? rock music!, It doesn't, its boring and unoriginal.

    Please don't buy it, seriously, If its banned I wanted to see it, I've seen them all, I'm at film school, but its not worth it. These guys are making money from just your curiosity and working on their bad publicity.

    If you want it, download it, its not worth owning. Believe me, See it once and you'll never get round to seeing it again. Unfunny, Unoriginal made by untalented dropouts. Its the case of spot the bums, the homeless or the writers
  • Humorous collection of Bum stunts and fights, with the Bumhunter{spoof of the Crocidile Hunter) to degrade people who get degraded anyway. Mixed in this reality video is a number of street fights and other altercations, mostly consisting of teenagers. The star of the show is definatly the Bum Rufus, with the help of his sidekick Donald. By far the best editing was when Rufus picks up a mallet and comments on a broken ankle. The only complaint I would have is that there is more of the Teen fighting which gets dry after a while. Would be better if there was more Bum footage. No problem, I guarantee there will be sequels as well as copycat reality Bum video's, which is unfortunatly the direction of today's entertainment world.
  • ....Is more like it! Bumfights : A Cause For Concern : Volume 1 is a hash of fights and street people being paid to perform stunts. The two main "stars" in the video is, Rufus and Donny. These two "bums" are often drunk (or on drugs) when performing there bits. The video also has a Happy Campers soundtrack, which, may I say, suits it. Anyway, I didn't know what to think of Bumfights at the start, to be truthful I sort of liked it. But now, I hear the producers have gone to even sicker lows in order to sell there videos. Oh yes, this time it is people even more venerable than homeless people it is the mentally ill. And that's just sick. After hearing that, my view on there videos hasn't been the same, now I don't really care for "Bumfights".

    Back to the matter at hand, most of the fights in the video are not between the "bums"(So, Why call it "Bumfights"?), it is pre-recorded fights between, teenagers and young adults, whom, most of either can't fight or there fights are just staged. And yes, Angela Taylor does appear in the video, but not naked, just in a bit of a saucy manner. The "bumhunter" segments are funny at the start, but soon, they tend to get boring. And the same guy who played the "Bumhunter" at the start doesn't play him throughout. Some other guy also plays him, and he is even crappier than Todd at playing him. Other footage in the video includes more fights caught on camera, on the streets. Overall, the hype of Bumfights is overrated. I can't say I was shocked by it, Cause I wasn't. If you really want to see "Bumfights" I'd recommend get a lend of a mates, because simply it isn't worth $20 bucks. The most shocking release of "Bumfights" I have seen is a mondo-Shockumentary, Bumfights Presents: Terrorists, Killers & Middle East Wackos....but we will save that for another time. Overall, 4/10.

    Not Rated: Strong Language and Violence. (18+)
  • GoodFella4145 September 2003
    I love every minute of this movie. It is just awesome. I've never seen a movie like this, but now it has become one of my favorites. The Bumhunter is the best. I think the best line is when the big black bum is yelling "You In Black Territory!" . Anyways, this movie is just pure greatness, and would recommend it to anyone who likes reality, because this really shows the reality of the world of bums. LOL
  • It takes a hell of a lot to offend me, and to be fair Bum Fights didn't offend me as such, I just found it quite sad and low. I was watching it with roughly 5-10 friends, about 4 or 5 of them being girls, who didn't like the film so much, as they are girls. The lads however found it very amusing, the fact that bums (okay, hobo's, homeless people, whatever) are being abused and picked on is an extremely amusing fact to them. Whether or not someone will like this film depends on the viewers character. If the viewers finds amusement in harming people and insulting unknown, random people, indulge in petty crimes and are very immature then this is for them. Otherwise, this 'film' is not worth watching. 1) It is pathetically sad and 2) it is a sorrowing welcome to modern society. Consider the fact that the people involved in the film seem to be roughly in their 20's makes the film more pathetic. Personally, I think this 'film' is in no way funny and is mindless (if you haven't assumed that already). But people do get attracted to this, so if someone finds it funny, so be it.
  • This film has naked chicks, people getting beaten up, a guy defecating on the street, people vomiting, smoking crack, urinating, and plenty more besides. If you think that all sounds pretty cool this should be right up your alley.

    Seriously though, it is a fascinating sociological insight into the American culture where the underclass are without value. The way in which the spoiled filmmakers abuse, exploit and commit criminal acts against the homeless while gleefully laughing about it says a lot about the attitudes of many Americans.

    Naturally I would be lying if I said some of the sheer absurdity of the situations failed to induce any laughter, but on balance I was left far more sickened than amused.

    I rate this a 5 only because of the morbid fascination I got from watching the pride and pleasure of these abhorrent people as they made such an awful film.
  • ichy30 May 2004
    The authors of this movie claims that they are doing something good for the homeless, showing their situation, that's stupid. All they are doing is making fun of bums and making them do humiliating things in front of a camera. They who made the movie seems to lack emotions completely. I can appreciate jackass and cky but thats an entire different thing, this is just plain evil. If you need to watch this anyway (and i can see why people would be interested in watching it out of curiousity) please try to download it from the internet so that you wont support the idiots who made it. I can see why it might seem funny at first but please think alittle of the people being exposed to this. How would you feel?

  • I lived in the area where Bumfights was filmed and have known one of the young filmmakers for years. He is a nice guy from a good family. They do not belong in jail! The same bums had been doing all those things for years before it was filmed. I think the only reason the film makers were prosecuted is because they embarrassed local politicians and law enforcement agencies, that should have handled the situation years ago. If anything I think the film makers helped by bringing attention to the deplorable problem that has been ignored for years. I also notice that nothing was ever mentioned by the prejudiced media about the boys feeding, clothing and providing shelter to Rufus and Donnie or taking Rufus to the hospital when he had pneumonia and staying with him. The legal system just keeps dragging this out so they can ensure the boys have lost all their money paying legal fees. The San Diego Court and legal system should be ashamed of themselves and leave them alone. Thank god I got out of California!
  • There are various commentaries and reviews about this one; it caused quite a stir when it came out. It's basically a collection of fights between homeless people and homeless people doing dangerous stunts for money. Therefore, to even think about discussing morals whilst watching something like this seems vaguely pointless. The guys who made this have no morals and made it for the sake of entertainment only.

    So, is it entertaining? Well yes it is - very much so. We see fight after fight themed to various rock music which intercuts with an hilarious take on Steve Irwin, called 'BumHunter', which must be seen to be believed.

    Many of the fights on this aren't between homeless people, they're kids and young adults fighting it out. This does make it more bearable as otherwise the film would become too cruel to watch.

    I hate to say it, but I did enjoy it and I know I shouldn't have. It's a definite guilty pleasure and well worth checking out if you think the guys at Jackass are holding something back.
  • I am one of those people that enjoy seeing shocking footage. Through the TV, Internet or DVD. I came across Bumfights couple of years ago, and since then i have had urge to find more of its kind through out the world. I must warn any one viewing the Bumfights collection (1-4) that it is not for the faint hearted and no one will care if you feel bad after watching the fighting, abuse of homeless and teasing of druggies.

    Bumfights one was the original and best of all the ones i have seen so far, it is what started everything and now has moved onto bumfights 4 (2006) which i haven't seen myself. Basically, the DVD contains, prostitutes, homeless fighting, homemade footage of kids fighting and street gangs fighting. A lot of homeless drinking...homeless fighting....homeless shagging and a lot of homeless abuse.

    YEAH, some people will think this is shocking and should not be aloud to happen, but this is getting the message out to the world about how badly some people are still living in high societies such as L.A las Vegas and etc...

    I recommend the Bumfight series to more "extreme" people, or even people that are interested in this sort of cruelty a.k.a ME! If you have seen Bumfights already and enjoyed the first one, make sure you get to watch the whole package! The 2nd and 3rd instalment are not as good, but all 3 have their own style of editing, footage and "bums". There is another DVD which i would recommend being Indecline which can be purchased in their website, indecline basically is the old owners of bumfights (I believe). Very good footage, of graffiti and it is more focused on social problems of USA.

    The websites which you can purchase the dvds are I have never had any troubles myself ordering from these websites and will be ordering the 4th instalment very soon.

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