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  • The Coronado DVD was for sale very cheaply in one of the Danish department store chains, so I bought it. I have to say I'm pretty happy with it.

    For one thing - the main thing, actually -, it stars Kristin Datillo. I haven't seen the Chris Isaak Show that has apparently made her something of a household name, but I saw her on Hull High, a 1990 TV series, and never forgot about her. I didn't even know what her name was until I got this DVD, so that was a very positive surprise. She's fabulous. Very strong on both looks and personality. And she fits this movie incredibly well, because there is a red thread of subtle self-irony that goes all the way through this movie, and Datillo has the same sort of attitude, while at the same time being a serious and convincing actress and giving a very cool performance.

    The extra material on the DVD clarifies how incredibly far the producers stretched the budget, getting a grand, epic and expensive-looking movie out of a meager budget, a lot of well-done computer and miniature prop effects, and a cheap on-location shoot in Mexico ($30 to have a train speeding by: they bought the train drivers lunch!). Very impressive! Considering how difficult it is for the actors to pretend that they're in completely different situations than they really are, the performances given must be said to be all-round excellent.

    The movie itself, storywise, isn't much. For a long time, there is *no plot* other than Datillo's character running around looking for her fiancé. As they get embroiled in a central-American revolution (with both sides getting weapons supplied by the U.S.), the plot picks up somewhat, but remains an excuse for the SFX. Technically, it's an interesting package, but the story really is quite weak. It is saved by Datillo's charisma and the genuinely suspenseful and impressive-looking action scenes. It ends on a kind of critical note in terms of U.S. foreign policy, as the rebels are abandoned by their U.S. weapons dealers (who decide to back the other side), but manage to seize power anyway, thus bringing a more democratic government to the country instead of a U.S. controlled puppet government.

    All in all, this movie is (and was most likely made as) a study of just how impressive a special-effects spectacular can be created from a very small budget ($4.7 million), and as such it is quite successful. The DVD cover even claims that it looks like a $100 million movie, which in fact is almost true.

    6 out of 10.
  • A good action adventure yarn which pays homage to many predecessors including "Sorcerer", "Romancing the Stone", and the Indiana Jones trilogy.

    What is even better though are the special features on the CD which explain and show how such a low budget film ($4.7 million) was able to be created using a number of camera and cg tricks. The best... the bridge scene. While this video uses a number of partially computer generated scenes, these are very seamless to the viewer, who is left to enjoy a predictable, but exciting story. What I really enjoyed was what they used in many shots instead of a regular jeep.
  • Claire Winslow (Kristin Dattilo) finds that her fiancé has just traveled to Switzerland, but forgot some important documents at home. She decides to take the documents, follow and spend Christmas with him. Once in Switzerland, she realizes that he has indeed traveled to Coronado, a country in Central America. She travels to Coronado and gets involved with a revolution.

    I saw "Coronado" this weekend and this movie is so silly that becomes funny. The absurd story is supported by the unknown Kristin Dattilo, who has a great performance: she is very beautiful, athletic and funny. The special effects are great, and the surprising conclusion is hilarious. In the end, it was a worthwhile forgettable entertainment recommended for killing time .My vote is five.

    Title (Brazil): "Coronado"
  • daniederman7 February 2006
    I bought this film off the bargain shelf. Which is just where it belonged. The story line (is there a story line in here?) has our frantic Blonde, Clair, chasing from the perfect surprise weekend in Switzerland to the dry dusty and sometimes tropical banana republic of Coronado. All because her boyfriend lied to her when he said he was going on a business trip to Switzerland. And once in Coronado, Clair becomes the centerpiece of a revolution. Sort of a low Budget "Romancing the Stone". It is not great, it is not really good, but it fun. My 13 year old daughter loves it. The film is campy, so get out your sleeping bag, make some popcorn and enjoy a good B grade adventure flick.
  • Coronado is a movie that has a very good balance of adventure, humor, and action. Actors I have not seen before were impressive in their roles, unlike the plastic Hollywood Shakespeareans demanding their closeups. The lead heroine, Kristin Dattilo, played an excellent role throughout the movie in both comedy barbs and more serious portrayals. I would like to see more of her work in the future as her talent in Coronado was the catalyst in making a fair script into an entertaining movie most arm-chair warriors relish. If you enjoy special effects as I do in adventure movies you are in for a treat. From a perilous bridge crossing to a remodeling of the Presidential Palace, special effects was formidable indeed. Watch the movie and enjoy the fun.
  • There's absolutely nothing original in Coronado, the acting is average at best the script could use a serious polish but somehow it remains fun. The obvious comparisons to this film are the likes of Romancing the Stone and Sahara. But comparisons fail to take into account that Coronado was made on a 10th of the budget of Sahara which itself was no great film.

    They've managed to squeeze quite a lot into the film for $4.7million and there is a bridge sequence which works really well. It's just a shame they didn't have more money to get some beter quality actors add a bit more to the script. The story is very predictable with a few twists and turns added it would have been far superior.

    Fun on a budget, nothing original but if you loved Romancing the Stone you'll get some enjoyment out of this. 6/10
  • It's been a while since we had a real adventure in the theatre.

    Well, the wait is over! Coronado is a genuine Indiana Jones style adventure in central America. Complete with ancient temples, revolutions and tons of jokes. And oh, it has something the Indiana Jones movies never had - a hot babe in the leading role. A real Lara Croft, the way she was meant to be!

    So yeah, the story contains plot holes the size of elephants, the actors aren't always believable, but hey ... the insane amount of fun that this movie delivers makes more then up for that.

    Bottom line: bring on the sequel!
  • That was a nice flick to watch. A pretty classical adventure story centered around the beautiful girl looking for her fiance in the most exotic spots, meeting the rough incestigative journalist to get drawn into fights between sweating rebels and nasty dictators... the classical thing.

    The story held little surprises, but the usual gaping plot holes (The rebel air force seems to outnumber the dictator's mightily... hm). Actually, I would have loved to see more of the "adventure" (Aztec tombs, hidden treasures and stuff) than the fighting between revolutionaries and junta, but it was still okay. Overall, the script was well paced, had amiable characters, was funny at times, and never dull or boring.

    But the editing and effects really are the special thing. They are not overwhelming or breathtakingly spectacular, but they have been put to good and subtle use -- which is a rare and good thing. _Coronado_ is not a 90 minutes effects orgy where the directors think that 8 cuts/second and a shaky hand camera will create a sense of thrill. The film is not there to display the effects, but the effects are there to serve the film -- here, the hand of the Germans involved in the production may make itself noticeable. ;-) The most memorable stunts (the bridge, the arrival at the rebel camp) are really nicely crafted and keep you on the edge of the seat.

    Let me be a bit of patriot here: After Emmerich went to the States and completely adopted the "American" style of cinema -- not necessarily a good thing, IMHO -- here we have a new team which gives a well-established genre a new, own twist. Perhaps, finally these are steps to create a German cinema, which will be able to compete with Hollywood on its own territory -- classical entertainment.

    I liked every minute of _Coronado_, and I hope the audiences will savour this film as much as I do.

    P.S.: IMDB just pointed out "incestigative" to me, which of course should read "investigative". But I love this typoe much too much... ;-)
  • This is the kind of film that I am wondering why anybody would have considered doing it from the beginning. This is the kind of movie that I cannot understand how people put money in it, how the rental store can put the DVD on its shelves. This is the kind of movie I blame myself for having rented it.

    There are good class-B movies, and I do not reject the genre. When they are good, they catch the interest with the action, they have characters written well enough, and acted well enough so that you can care about them. The effects in some of these movies support the film in many cases, and you may like them for the originality. Almost nothing is true in 'Coronado'. The subject and the script is at the level of cheap comics - just a cliche. The effects are cheap - and I do not care that the film is low budget - you can do a lot with low budget, but you need some talent. There are so many continuity and other directing errors as in ten other films. You do not care for the characters, you do not laugh, and at the end of the film you are left wondering if the parody was intentional or not. The only quality I could find is the scenery, there are some good locations, worth a much better film.

    2/10 on my personal scale. The worst film of the year so far.
  • ggurman229 January 2004
    If you are 10 years old and never seen a movie before, maybe this film may be entertainment for you, but if you've seen several movies, this one will be a silly fully-cliched cheap and predictable for you. Don't waste your time with this.
  • dbborroughs7 November 2004
    Told in flashback, a woman left alone for the holidays decides to surprise her fiancé by joining him in Switzerland. When she arrives and finds he was never there, she manages to track him to South America. From there it becomes a wild adventure as she hooks up with a scruffy reporter to venture into the jungle to find the man she loves.

    Okay, let me start by saying that this type of thing has been done before both better and worse. The first film that pops first to mind is Romancing the Stone because thats the current yard stick for films of this sort. While perhaps not as memorable as Romancing the Stone, Coronado is a damn close on the enjoyment level.

    Best of all Coronado doesn't take it self seriously at all. I groaned at the opening firing squad scene, only to lose any reservations in the next scene as our heroine began to tell her story to two guards in a jail. At that point it became obvious really fast that this movie had tongue in cheek and was out to have a good time, period. No its not perfect, but who cares, its fun.

    I can't recommend this film enough to anyone who wants a confection that may disappear from your mind not long after seeing it, but will make you smile while you watch it.

    8 out of 10 for those who accept this for what it is.
  • I feel compelled to write a review as I think that 'Coronado' represents everything that is wrong with cinema today: form over content. While viewers are forewarned that CGI will be omnipresent ('by the visual effects supervisors of Independence Day' proclaims the poster), I think that there should have been a warning at the beginning of the movie: "This is a movie to showcase our digital art, so please do not try to follow the plot, as we have made it mind numbingly dumb on purpose". With this warning, I would not have spent the entire 1.5 hour shaking my head in disbelief and trying to fathom how anybody in their right mind would agree to finance such a project.

    The movie is an endless string of clichés, bad lines, and unbearable Hollywood-only situations. It is an insult to viewer's intelligence, and I can only hope that the 'creators' realized that they have failed to entertain us, if that was their goal. It is not worth watching, by any standard.
  • I went to see this film over Matchstick Men, in fact buying the tickets to Matchstick Men and going to the other, because it looked like a fun movie with action, romance, thrills, jungles, and exotic locations. They had all that but so do a lot of movies with a conception of story.

    All I can say is WHY WHY WHY WHY did they not just make it a straight narrative instead of some sappy flashback story.

    Here is all the movies from what I've seen the film was derived from: Of course, Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone, but also True Lies, Proof of Life, that old 80s Tom Selleck movie, Bananas (Woody Allen), and Hero (from the use of digital extras).

    PS the only scene in the movie that was cool is when the central character finds her room blown up.
  • Coronado is the story of a beautiful girl from Beverly Hills (Kristin Dattilo - Yola on the Chris Isaak Show) on an adventure to find her fiance. Her quest leads her into the heart of the central American jungle amidst the turmoil of a revolution.

    The story has a little bit of everything, including action, adventure, romance and comedy. However, the highlights are the backgrounds, settings and spectacular special effects. The producing team includes academy award winning special effects supervisor Volker Engel and Marc Weigert--they are a bit simple on story, but they sure know how to make a movie look amazing. Since they both have extensive backgrounds in effects they clearly are showing off in this project, and it makes for a fun 90 minutes.
  • There is no doubt that this is a B-movie, even though it might look like a expensive production. I only paid about $4 to rent it, and I found that an okay price to be entertained for a couple of hours - had I paid more I would probably have been disappointed.

    Had the actors been better I might even had given it a higher score - but I am not impressed. They might have made a better movie if they had made it into a comedy...

  • Being a bad-movie aficionado, I was immediately intrigued by the prominent byline on the DVD case boasting about the special effects team--not the lead actors, director, or producers--the SFX. I figure this film looks bad, the DVD is only $1, and I'll give it a go!

    This is not a terrible film; it was obviously made by professionals. It's competently shot, lit, and edited, it's in focus, and the sound effects and dialogue are well-recorded. The orchestral score by German composer Ralf Wienrich is surprisingly good, several cuts above most low-budget features. The action moves along very well; this film is generally entertaining and never downright boring, except possibly during the plodding opening credits. The actors do a half-decent job, with heroine Kristin Datillo and dictator John Rhys-Davies standing out. Reviewers who accuse this film of being the "worst ever!" belie their unfamiliarity with genuinely boring and incompetently-made snooze-fests by directors such as Coleman Francis. In summary, the film is well-made, coherent, and fun, and the filmmakers obviously knew enough not to take themselves too seriously.

    The main problem is the script. It's badly clichéd, overly frenetic, not as genuinely funny as the filmmakers want it to be, and blatantly contrived to link the SFX-laden action sequences together. These factors in themselves aren't fatal, as some low-budget films manage to overcome these flaws. The big problems hit during the movie's second half.

    The film's first half is your basic McGuffin setup in which stylish California wife Claire (Kristin Datillo) tries to surprise her fiancé Will (Michael Lowry) on business in Switzerland, only to discover that he is actually in the mysterious Central American country of El Coronado, and may be involved in an ongoing revolution there. She connects with journalist and adventurer Arnet McClure (Clayton Rohner) and his cameraman and sidekick, go on a quest to find both her lost fiancé and the mysterious rebel forces, and wind up being pursued by the El Coronado military. Much of the dialogue is silly, with numerous one-liners falling flat, but this segment of the film is pretty good overall; the bridge sequence in particular is very well-done.

    Then Claire is found by the rebels, whose base is hidden in a cavern housing hidden Mayan ruins, accessed by flying helicopters through a waterfall(!)... the shark jumps here.

    From this point forward, the story goes in too many directions at once, veering down plot dead-ends and frequently becoming illogical at best and ridiculous at worst. Our heroine supports the revolution for reasons that never become clear--perhaps because the movie would end if she didn't. She finds her fiancé, who seems set up to be a villain, but he never seems very villainous because he gets very little dialogue and then disappears from the story. Rebel commander Sancho (Daniel Zacapa) is introduced, but he never really does anything except behave roguishly charming and rescue Claire when the plot demands it. Rebel leader Rafael (Byron Quiros) and dictator Presidente Ramos (John Rhys-Davies, in the film's funniest performance) are introduced; however, we never learn why the revolution is occurring, other than some vague blather about tyranny. OK, Rafael is photogenic and gives good inspirational speeches, and the Presidente is a pompous buffoon--which makes one wonder how effective he is at oppressing people.

    This scattershot plot is accompanied by heavy-handed CGI effects that haven't held up very well and quickly get overwhelming. Any viewers familiar with real-world aircraft and military operations will roll their eyes frequently as the filmmakers disregard basic military tactics and the laws of aerodynamics; the film almost seems like outright fantasy towards the end, as the director tries to overcome the story's shortcomings by throwing more CGI helicopters, tanks, and giant torch-wielding crowds at the screen. The viewer's disbelief must be suspended VERY high.

    Older children will be entertained if they don't scoff too much at the dated effects. Fans of bad movies and seekers of cheap and ridiculous entertainment will enjoy it for the sake of laughing at its flaws. Other viewers may want to stay away.

    One thing this movie has going for it is that it's over-the-top tone, shtick-laden dialogue, improbability, and ridiculous SFX absolutely beg to be riffed on "MST3K: The Return"; Jonah and Joel, are you listening?
  • peanutsticks1 October 2010
    I'd compare this film to the made-for-TV movies by TNT titled, "The Librarian" (Quest for the Spear, etc). Like that series this movie contains:

    • Relatively unknown actors; often nonsensical plot twists; cheesy dialogue; and out-of-place, over-the-top special effects.

    Yet somehow, like the Librarian TV-movies, it had enough entertainment value to keep me sticking around to see it to its end. Granted I have no plans to ever watch it again, but to see a movie of this budget produce the effects it did made me glad I watched it.

    If you are expecting blockbuster quality steer clear you will be very disappointed, but if you can accept it as more of a campy made-for-TV type movie and understand it only cost 5$M give it a peek.. you might just be impressed too.
  • I was drawn to Coronado by its impressive tailer and the subject matter, and the movie certainly did not disappoint. Right at the opening credits, you're served a treat - Ralf Wienrich's fantastic, rousing main theme for Coronado. The opening is worth seeing just for this piece of music. But luckily, it's only the start of many great things to come.

    Coronado is filled with surprising twists. The first of them is the opening premise of a rich woman, who decides to after her fiancé and ends up in South America in the middle of a revolution. Don't focus too much on this, though, since this movie is no one-trick pony. Coronado is a skillful blending of a war movie, action movie and even an adventure movie in the vein of Indiana Jones. It has many impressive scenes, and the plot is filled with twists, even right through to the end. And as mentioned, the music accompanying it would be worth getting the soundtrack CD on its own.

    The only major fault that I see in the movie is the 'storytelling' narrative, something that seems to have been put in to entertain the supposedly dumb mass viewer. They needlessly try to inject some humor and distance the viewer from the meat of the movie, but even these scenes end up serving a purpose.

    I can't think of any other movie that would make seeing Coronado useless. Coronado is an impressive, well thought out movie on its own right and well worth your time.
  • peekabo0620 March 2006
    This is a entertaining movie! Not a Oscarwinner but good enough for a evening entertainment. We found it to be both fun and different. It is told back to us through the leading female character who is talking to two army men sitting on the other side of bars. You wont get the whole story just HER version of it. We like the characters and there is a big chance that you will say "Tiptop boss man!" for days after seeing it! If you only like serious movies like "million dollar baby" and "steel magnolias" skip this one. But if you like parodies and humours action like "Indiana Jones" and "Romancing the Stone" give this one a try! We got a lot of good laughs during the 1½ hour we spent in front of the TV. We ware pleasantly surprised :-)
  • pmaner30 April 2005
    Well I was at Blockbuster looking for something to fill part of my Saturday and ran across this one stating the effects were from the team of Independence Day. That was the draw, and I just finished watching it.

    Kristin Dattilo is the redeeming factor in this and I would like to see more of her, so I logged in here to see what else has has done. But as mentioned, that film is not a great piece of work. It is a good Saturday afternoon movie and not a waste of time.

    The story line is a bit weak, but I was not looking for an in depth film, and I did laugh a few times. It is nice to see a woman as the action hero, granted this is not a Laura Croft movie, but it was worth the $4.
  • Another awful movie from Hollywood. This time a female helps the revolution in a central American country. yeah yeah yeah. Hey lets make a movie without any sense of realism AT ALL. I am so sick of movies like this one. The actors and actresses are lousy, the effects are cheesy and the dialog horrible. And suddenly i see John Rhys-Davies as the evil president. From Gimli to Hugo Louis Ramos. I bet he is very proud of this. Well i shouldn't have expected much of this movie and i didn't. And i am glad cause this sucks bigtime. I wonder what kind of people who like this movie. My guess is younger people aged 12-16. And i guess some people like because of Kristin Dattilo. Well i am in neither of those group and i hate it. Rating: 2
  • Have you seen all the big adventures of last few decades? If you have don't bother with this one as you've already seen most of the scenes already - and I can guarantee that those scenes were originally in much better movies.

    The story (I'm sure that true storytellers will never forgive me) is childish and stupid (stupid in a way that making it play in a mortuary would result in a bunch of angry walking dead). Every character is based in a cliché and... well, they're nothing but the cliché. And yes, again all you need to be a hero is to be American.

    At least in Finland they advertised this to be the kind of movie the DVD was made for. Maybe I should sell my player then...

  • This was definitely the best rip-off of mindless action flicks. It has great subtle puns aimed at movies that portray upper class Americans getting themselves involved in other people's mess in various parts of the worlds and then miraculously turning everything around for good. It is a story of an uptown girl from America who goes to Switzerland because her fiancé leaves something behind which he was supposed to take on a business trip. The search lands her in South America in the middle of a revolution. There she not only finds her fiancé but also becomes a part of the revolution. The film is extremely funny. The humour in it is outstanding, acting is wonderful, it is very well set up and keeps on surprising you till the end. I loved it. It's a comedy so watch it for what it is supposed to be.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    spoilers... If I got to choose one thing that will ruin cinema, it's CGI. It's so freaking lame!! And in this movie; 80 percent of like everything is animated, and that truly sucks I tell you! Not just the bad acting, terrible directing etc. In this movie the CGI really takes the job in own hands and ruins it pretty elegant and beautiful.

    The story is also terribly bad. A woman going in search for her fiance in Latino-America gets in trouble with the local soldiers...

    As the movie goes on you never really feel like you've got anything interesting or cool into your eyes. And when the special effects are just okay, this really doesn't help the movie in its scale cause it really irritated me all the way. STARS: 1/5
  • So we're supposed to find it funny that this woman travels all the way to the jungle - to the warzone - just to find out why her fiancée didn't travel to Switzerland? Or are we supposed to take it seriously? It's not even remotely funny, clever or entertaining - it's stupid - and so is the movie. The lead actress is one of the most annoying characters I have ever seen in a movie - even worse than Jar-Jar Binks. Dialog tries very hard to be funny (almost all the time) but it never is. The number of funny jokes is somewhere between zero and nothing. And as for the plot - did they even once bothered to explain to us what are the rebels fighting for (other than being anti-government)? I guess that didn't matter to anyone - neither to the rebels nor to the characters who just blindly flew to the battlefield. Don't waste your time. "Coronado" is neither funny nor entertaining.
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