Rémy: [in French] Contrary to belief, the 20th century wasn't that bloody. It's agreed that wars caused 100 million deaths. Add 10 million for the Russian gulags. The Chinese camps, we'll never know, but say 20 million. So 130, 145 million dead. Not all that impressive. In the 16th century, the Spanish and Portuguese managed, without gas chambers or bombs, to slaughter 150 million Indians in Latin America. With axes! That's a lot of work, sister. Even if they had church support, it was an achievement. So much so tha the Dutch, English, French, and later Americans followed their lead and butchered another 50 million. 200 million dead in all! The greatest massacre in history took place right here. And not the tiniest holocaust museum. The history of mankind is a history of horrors.

Rémy: I wish that one day you will have a son like you.

Nathalie: It's not the present you cling on, it's your past life. That life is already dead.

Rémy: Perhaps.

Rémy: We've been everything: separatists, supporters of independantists, sovereignists, sovereignity-associanists...

Pierre: At first, we were existentialists.

Dominique: We read Sartre and Camus.

Claude: Then Fanon, we became anti-colonialists.

Rémy: We read Marcuse and became Marxists.

Pierre: Marxist-Leninists.

Alessandro: Trotskyists.

Diane: Maoists.

Rémy: After Solzhenitsyn we changed, we became structuralists.

Pierre: Situationists.

Dominique: Feminists.

Claude: Deconstructionists.

Pierre: Is there an -ism we haven't worshipped?

Claude: Cretinism.

Hospital Patient Assistant: [speaking English] Good morning, guys. Welcome to America.

Rémy: [in English; sarcastic] Praise the Lord.

Sébastien: [also sarcastic] Hallelujah.