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  • cohuman30 August 2020
    A very stylish movie with a family formula relavent even today . Both Jagpati and Rachna are single parents struggling with their children. They work in glamorous jobs as TV anchors in rival companies . Their paths keep meeting and they keep squabbling . Jagapati's father inlaw (Kota ) wants him to get married again . He is ashamed of his daughter abondaning her son and husband . Since both Jagapati and Rachna are neighbours with children going to same school , Kota plays a trick to get them in a single house . Initially hesitant , both agree . Over a period of time both of them adjust to each other and finally end up marrying each other . Jagapati's wife had deserted him and their daughter to become Miss India . Rachna's avaracious husband has started living in with the old but rich wife ( TV actress Ayesha ) of his boss . Jagapati gets to sing half a dozen jazzy duets with the maid , his wife and Rachna in beautiful locales Its a delight watching him dance and prance with these pretty women . . Rachna reminds us of Moushmi Chaterjee in some scenes . The banter between the children are cute . Kota is likeable as the interfearing but helpful father in law . Over all a fine movie with a family formula with catchy songs . Predictably , in the end ,Miss India regrets her decision to leave her family and wifely duties to pursue her glamorous dreams .