Vito Scaletta: Mr. Salieri sends his regards.

Thomas 'Tommy' Angelo: I think it's important to keep a balance in things. Yeah, balance, that's the right word. Cause the guy who wants too much risks losing absolutely everything. Of course, the one who wants too little from life might not get anything at all.

Thomas 'Tommy' Angelo: Hey, you Dick?

Big Dick: Dick? My name's BIG Dick!

Thomas 'Tommy' Angelo: Aha, sure... I got this package from Lucas, Dick!

Big Dick: Great, anyone tail you?

Thomas 'Tommy' Angelo: I don't think so, no.

Big Dick: Yeah? Then who are those guys?

[Points to a couple of men with Tommyguns coming right at them]

Thomas 'Tommy' Angelo: Shit!

Big Dick: So, show 'em what you got.

Thomas 'Tommy' Angelo: You too, Big Dick!

Thomas 'Tommy' Angelo: Its gonna be okay Sam we've gotten through worse.

Sam: Heh-heh ya... we have?

Passenger: [after a crash] I wanted to go to the hospital, now I *need* to go to the hospital!

Tommy: If a regular guy like me could kill the most powerful man in the city, what good was all his power? Hell, if he hadn't been so powerful, he'd probably still be alive. It seemed to me that no matter how strong someone was, there was always somebody stronger to take them out.

Norman: So where did that intuitive thought take you?

Tommy: Greediness is bullshit. When you have no money, you think that a few bucks a month would be enough. Then you realize that it wouldn't be bad to have a nice car. You get a great job in some higher position, but in actuality you are thinking about going higher. Before you know it, you wanna be the President of the United States and you wanna win the war against the Germans. Luckily, that won't happen. Plus, the whole strategy of watching other people's backs has one basic flaw: the whole time you have to watch your own back in case someone else has the same idea. So I thought to myself that maybe I ought to change my priorities a little.

Norman: Great Bible story, ha ha...

Thomas 'Tommy' Angelo: [after a girl gets blown up in an assassination attempt gone wrong] That's One Hot Dame!

Paulie: You drive worse than Sam here!

Thomas 'Tommy' Angelo: You poor bastard Sam I feel sorry for you

Paulie: Ya slime ill cut ya to pieces

Paulie: [after some thugs caused problems in Salieri's territory] Me and Tom will fix it! Do they think this is freakin' Lunapark or something? I'll rip them apart with my own hands!

Don Salieri: Paulie, Paulie take it easy. Nobody is killing anybody, get it? Just teach them a lesson; Break every bone in their body's and leave them laying in a pool of their own blood. Make sure those bastards need wheelchairs, little kids will laugh at their busted faces. Let everybody see what happens, when somebody trashes my territory!

Sam: [to Tommy] ... and Frank was the Don's only real friend...

Sam: Friendship ain't worth shit!

Don Salieri: [as Pepe's Restaurant is bombed and machine-gunned while he's inside] What the hell is going on? This is ruining my lunch!They could at least have let me taste the wine! Cafones!

Paulie: [to frightened hostages during a bank robbery] Stop screaming! Stop! Right now!

Paulie: This is the life. Total ease, countryside, no stress. You know, we oughta do this more often.

Tommy: Better in the daytime...

Paulie: I think you'd rather be with Luigi's little girl, Sarah, right? That's your night shift, he he...

Tommy: Lay off. What d'you know about it?

Paulie: Same way as everybody else knows. Heck, even Luigi knows your chasing her. I figure he ain't too bothered, you saved her virginity after all. But I bet you stole it right back, huh?

Paulie: Those are diamonds, and a hell of a lot of them.

Tommy: What if they're just phonies? You know, they exchange cigars for mirrors, props, beads, stuff like that?

Paulie: I think only Columbus got away with that.

Tommy: [voice-over] In the end, your best friend kills you. Frank told me that in the car. And now, it was me who was meant to kill a friend. Only I didn't do it. "Don't to others what you wouldn't want them to do to you", or however they say it. And I didn't want Paulie to knock me off anytime soon. I may have given him a reason to do just that today. I brought it on myself. I just hope he likes me as much as I like Frank.

Lucas: [about Big Stan] So, did he learn his lesson?

Tommy: If he doesn't get new teeth, he'll have to eat baby food.

Priest: What have you done, my son? Such suffering for nothing! God is forgiving, but this is terrible. Don't you know murder is the greatest sin?

Tommy: I know, father, but somehow everything got fouled up. I made a mistake somewhere...

Priest: So many people have died without reason. The could have done much more with their lives.

Tommy: Father, these people were criminals, cheats, murderers. The one lying in the front wanted to rape my girl. Maybe God wanted it this way. A lot of people will have an easier life because of this.

Priest: Yes, the Lord works in mysterious ways. But what about you? You can look yourself in the face? Your hands are stained with blood that you'll never wash off.

Tommy: I know that, father...

Priest: Look around you! Such a waste! We'll have to consecrate the church again! Everything is shot up! I can't let my parishioners in here! What am I going to do?

Tommy: [takes out a sizable stack of money] Maybe this'll help?

Tommy: [after the priest reluctantly takes the money] Pray for my soul, father. I'll need it.

Priest: I will, my son. I certainly will...

Tommy: [walking away] By the way, father. Your little speech about Billy... I'm wondering about your conscience. Billy wasn't such a good person, and he didn't do good when he was alive.

Paulie: [to Tommy] Ralph, who I'll introduce you to, is a complete idiot, but he has a special way with cars. I don't' get how such a moron could know anything about anything, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Tommy: [after killing Carlo] You know what, Boss? That's the first time I knocked someone off in their underpants.

Salieri: It's nothing. First time for me, too. There's a first time for everything.

Frank: [to Tommy] A policeman will 'murder' to uphold the law, you enforce *our* laws. It's the same thing, we're just on the other side of the fence.

Tommy: [after a grenade explodes in Pepe's Restaurant] Working for you is real interesting, Boss.

Salieri: What'd you say? My ears are ringing from that blast.

Tommy: Yes, Boss.

Tommy: A person becomes a Don because of his thirst for power, and he doesn't care about any other rules than his own. That's how it is, detective. So he'd be his own boss, independent of the police, of the state, of anyone. That's why a person becomes a Don.

Norman: Being a sharpshooter for the Mafia ain't no bed of roses, the way you tell it.

Tommy: It's different when you're living it, when you're full of energy and you're fighting for your life with someone who's like your brother. You're just two soldiers who know what needs to be done, and it all depends on your ability to survive. It's a war. The constant feeling that you can't even trust your best friend is terrible. You are alone and death can come from anywhere. I'd lie awake at night wondering if the joke my best friend told me was really just a joke, or if I should get prepared for my own execution. A person needs someone he can trust.

Salieri: That bastard is a typical example of today's politicians. They make and break the laws. It appears the greatest darkness is under the candlestick. But what weight can a law carry that is made to eliminate the frauds who thought of the scheme, when they then go and do exactly what they themselves have forbidden? I'll tell you what: none! It's like their own laws didn't even exist.

Tommy: [narrating] Salieri's Bar was just down the street and the sight of it was certainly a lot nicer than a baseball bat to my head.

Sam: You can't do what you think is right because you don't know nothing. You don't grasp the effects of your actions. The Don is the thinker.

Tommy: You were never a great thinker, so you probably need him. That's not how I feel. I can think for myself.

Sam: The opinion of Don Salieri is that he won't go and sit in jail just because of your feelings. And I agree with his opinion completely.

Tommy: [narrating] I used to be taxi driver. Even though I wasn't making much and I worked from dawn to dusk, I was glad to be working. It was a bad time and some people were worse off than me. It was that very taxi that drew Salieri's people to me in the first place. One day I was on my break and just hanging out. Suddenly, I heard a tremendous crash...

Paulie: [after their car crashes] Sam! They got me, dammit...

Sam: Climb up and move! There's a taxi. We'll be okay.

Tommy: [narrating. Sam points a gun at him] It was clear to me that these guys had to get out of there fast, so I thought it was best to cooperate, rather than ending up with a hole in my head.

Tommy: Where to?

Paulie: Anywhere! Fast! And I hope you're damn fast! Faster than Sam here was...