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  • This is the Godfather of games: It's really long, quite intelligent, and features gangsters. There's even a gun hidden in a toilet. It is without a doubt one of the finest games of all time ever. Full of action, with a great plot and developing characters. I'd recommend it to anyone.
  • I originally got Mafia for my PC but it wasn't powerful enough to run it properly, now in 2004 I've got it for the PS2 and I just finished it today. I miss it already, it's been there ready to tell the next chapter of Tommy Angelo's story for the past 5 days. There are a lot of missions, but like chapters in a good book, I wish there were more. There's a lot of good games coming out of Europe lately, first Hitman (Denmark), then Max Payne (Finland), and now Mafia out of the Czech Republic. Lets hope there are more.

    Mafia almost literally transports you to 30's prohibition-era Chicago (the city the town depicted in Mafia is based on) with slow cars, hats, and tommy guns. It's a little bit like Grand Theft Auto in the style of play, and like "It Came from the Desert" in its historical richness.

    If you have a PS2 or high-spec PC it would be a crime to pass up this game.
  • NHL56725 December 2004
    this game was excellent, my machine though not the best handled the game well,the graphics could use a little touch up but overall it was fantastic, the gameplay was excellent it really does take you through an 1930's Gangsters life of crime, booze, prohibition and death, the missions for the most part were hard if not difficult however there are some missions that are so frustrating that the player would need the consulte a guide of some sort, most missions however are pretty well planned out and executed perfectly. Missions range from collecting to the old good mafia hits. Overall it was an excellent journey Storyline was pretty good, you had a nice flowing storyline and it sometimes contains little moral lessons along the way, not many of those now a days Sound i had a little problem with it, some od the weapons just didn't sound right but for the most part the sound was excellent especially the music, it actually flows quite nicely, dramatic moments have dramatic music while calm moments will have nice vintage 30's music.

    overall this game was excellent and is one of the best games i have ever played note: if your wondering my system is Win Xp, 2.7 GHZ, 256mb, Radeon 7000 64mb, it the game went smoothly for me.
  • cbow6 September 2004
    Yes, this is an awesome game. I hope you decided to buy it. I want this company making more games like this one.

    Great graphics, voice acting straight from actors from Goodfellas and the Sopranos (those Czechs were smart to get top-quality voice acting), atmospheric music you can listen to for the entire game and not get sick of.

    The physics used in the way the cars and weapons work is really top notch - totally realistic. The AI was very good. The storyline is the best I've seen in an action game (and I've been playing them for years). This was a really polished product.

    There are a few things people might not like: a linear plot, your game is saved automatically at points throughout the mission, but you can't autosave yourself. These things hardly bothered me at all, because I got sucked into the story, and the autosaves were frequent enough at logical locations.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Together with Prince of Persia SoT & WW the best games ever. It has everything u would expect from a game or a fine movie. Brilliant story, nice old fashioned music, nice graphics (Lost Heaven is breathing with great care to detail) and the best of all is of course the atmosphere. It is made much more realistic than the GTA games. Some are complaining about some boring missions like the one walking Sarah home. there is no much action they say but those kind of things are the thing that make this game great. you don't feel anymore that u r playing a game but a movie with u as the main character.

    Let's take a look at a scenario which is the best I ever experienced in a game. U r told by ur boss to go to a hotel kill the manager & some bitch, steal some documents & blow of the Hotel. There u will face also the bodyguards. After placing the explosives u will have to jump through a window on the neighboring roof where u should escape from the police on the top on roofs. until u find ur way downstairs to a church. There u will find the funeral of someone u killed from the other gang in the city!!! His friends see u the start firing at u. U will have to kill them and have a little chat with the priest. When u go out the police will be searching for u so u should either 1-escape 2-kill them and escape 3-stay hidden till they stop their investigation. then u drive 8back to the Cafe.

    There will be a great shootout in a garage with cars exploding here and there. u can drive any parked car use it as a shield or blow off the cars the enemies are using as shields.

    One thing I have to mention is the Camera which is fluent. I never had a problem with placing it wherever I wanted. Its third person perspective becomes 1st person when there isn't enough place behind u. While driving u have a bunch of camera angles u can select from. u can see left and right as well.

    Easily that's a perfect game. 10/10
  • Homeless-Dad1 February 2003
    When i first got it, i thought the first few missions were somewhat boring. I put the game aside for a little bit. After maybe a few days, i had nothing better to do so i said, "why not?". After that i was hooked to the game. I only left the computer to eat, sleep, and do homework. The graphics in the game are so realistic and the gameplay is too. Games such as StarCraft and Spider-Man (the movie game) have great cutscene graphics, but decent gameplay graphics. Mafia's gameplay graphics are just as good as their cutscene graphics. There are a few missions i was discouraged with and found impossible to beat, but i beat the game. The storyline is a storyline that i say rivals some gangster movies.

    The only problems are that sometimes you have to drive all the way across a vast, detailed city to get to your mission while obeying traffic laws. This does make the game more realistic, but its somewhat annoying at times. Another thing that after you beat the game, there is Free Ride and Free Ride Extreme. Neither of those options come anywhere close to being as good as the actual game.

    The game is so realistic and lifelike. This is one of my favorite games along with Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  • kjetilbang14 August 2003
    10 out of 10. The missions are great, which i sometimes used a guide to. Especially the graphics which are great. The movies are also great, and the , movie graphics aren't that different from gameplay graphics. And that it is the only vice city style game i know about that has a little romance in it. One of the best stories. I can't wait for a sequel.
  • this game is a lot like 'the godfather'. it might be cool to say you like it, even if you don't 'get' it.

    i think that reviewing video games on the IMDB is kind of odd, but this game expands the boundaries. it really truly is almost like a movie in which you take a part in. the voice acting is great, the graphis are of course amazing. the city of lost heaven lives and breathes, the car models change as the years go on. the story develops nicely. some people complain about the driving being slow. i think its nice to cruise around the beautiful city, enjoying the lazy old music. its a nice contrast to the intense gunfights and car chases!

    yes, there will be bugs. guess what? this isn't PC gamer. i dont think people should be complaining about technical issues or difficulty here. that's like saying 'i hate reservoir dogs because i can't get the disc into my DVD player'. grow a brain!

    this game gets my highest rating... 4 stars, 10 out of 10, 2 thumbs up, whatever!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Tommy Angelo, the playable character, was a cabby in Lost Heaven, a fictional city on the East coast filled with crime, mostly cause by the two Mafia families that hold control over the city (Salieri and Morello). One night Angelo meets two guys who seem to be in a hurry and it turns out that they are two wiseguys working with the Salieri crime family, their names are Paulie and Sam. Tommy joins in with the Salieri's and over the next eight years, he rises and falls within the Salieri family.

    This game is told in first person narration to a detective. This is probably the greatest storyline in a game that I have ever seen. This game has good graphics for its time and very good gameplay as well as a "Free Ride" mode. This game is a timeless classic of its genre and makes "The Godfather: The Game" look like a heep of crap.

    The game also pays homage to many mob films, including Goodfellas. You get to do a lot of the Mafia activities, boot-legging, bank robbing, hit contracts. To sum it all up, Mafia is a great game.
  • Grand Theft Auto 3 had a good storyline, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City had a great storyline, but this game has the BEST Storyline. The Ending is for some Predictable and for others unpredictable. Either way, Its a Brilliant Gangster Story that should be made into a real movie.

    The Game is fun, its better than GTA 3 but not as good as Vice City. Very Good Graphics and very Realistic.

    5 out of 5, one of the greatest of all time!
  • This got to be one of the best games i've played in several years. It is made up of mafia movies clichés, but these seem to work splendid.

    The story is truly magnificent, and i had problems putting this game down at night.. it makes you want to stay up forever and ever, until you have completed it.

    The game features a nice 3d world that looks very 30's'ish, and cars with physics, that according to the developers, surpasses Gran Turissimo. All weapons and dialogue are realistic to the ones used at the time.

    The level of difficulty is also wonderfully balanced, ensuring that it never gets tedious.. Missions vary from mob hits, robbing banks, stealing cars to walking your girlfriend home and so on; all blended into the great story.

    Synopsis; The taxi driver Thomas Angelo gets mixed up in a car chase between the Morello gang and the Salieri gang, and after helping the Salieri's out, he is offered work for them. As the days go by, Tommy is soon their prime hit-man, together with Sam and Paulie (who is a clear Joe Pesci parody). But mobster life can be treacherous..

    I'll give this 9/10, no doubt.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Possible spoilers ahead.

    The obvious comparison that comes to mind is Grand Theft Auto 3. Some claim that Mafia doesn't provide you with as many options as GTA3--and it's true. However, Mafia has a much more engaging storyline and better (gun)fight sequences. While GTA has shootouts with machine guns and rocket launchers, leading your success to be almost entirely dependent on how much ammo you're carrying, Mafia forces you to use your surroundings for cover and then wait (usually) for your enemies to make a wrong move before taking a shot at them.

    You might sometimes start a level with only a handgun and have to go up against dozens of bad guys--some of whom are carrying shotguns and Tommy guns. This makes the fight sequences MUCH more interesting than the usual run, point and shoot scenarios of 1st person shooters, and, yes, even GTA. And that's probably the best thing about Mafia. Much can be said about its movie-like cutscenes, but, in my opinion, they are less crucial to the game's intrigue.

    The Freeride mode is analogous to GTA's non-mission play, but is less interactive. However, finishing the normal game opens up a Freeride Extreme mode where there are no cops and you get to try out strange missions (for example, one mission is to rescue a "damsel in distress" from a sea monster on the downtown beach).

    The biggest drawback of this game is probably its hardware requirements. Although the "recommended" requirements are a 700 MHz processor, 128 MB of RAM, and a 64 MB video card, it is unlikely that the game will work under these conditions, as a previous poster has apparently already found out. I played this game on a 2.4 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM and it still lagged occasionally (and it was the only application running). It also requires almost 2 GBs of hard drive space, a hefty amount, even for newer computers with large HDs.

    Overall, a wonderful game but you must have a super fast computer to enjoy it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Mafia Lost Heaven, the game that takes you on an amazing journey through the Streets of New York. You play as Tommy Angelo, a cab driver...for now.

    First of all let me say that i've never had more fun playing a game before. The game was very long with satisfied me most, and the music and story, god everything is right in this game. Some certain bugs appears but you won't mind them, the games atmosphere will have them erased from your memory :), The actors in the game were a great choice, no voice sounded louzy and boring as it can do in some games. Oh no, they were all good and they were able to catch the frases and words that normally would appear in the 30s. The lip syncs are great and no bugs on that part.

    But i must warn sensitive players, although this is a beautiful but violent shooting game.

    From chapter to chapter, from car chase to car chase, it had me running through the whole game. When i completed this game, i wanted more. I heard that a sequel is coming up and i hope that it won't be canceled.

    This game is worth every dollar, Kronor, Euro etc. You will be satisfied buying this game, a tip: Play through story, not freeroam part, it will be more fun that way.

    Final Points 10/10 The best game in a long time, doubtless...
  • winner555 March 2007
    Well, first the bad news: Most of the complaints from Brandt Sponseller (June '06 review)are pretty much true; moving the character is a little easier on the PC than the PS2, but there's no doubt the game requires a lot of patience and practice. I found that using some of the mods posted for the game on the internet to be useful, and in a couple moments necessary.

    So why do I like this game? Of all the computer games I've played so far, this is the only one that allows me to think. There is considerable freedom of movement, and in its "Freeride" mode, you can actually ignore the intended goals and set your own. I like to use this freedom, sometimes, just to have my character walk around the city (and other players report similar experiences). Brandt Sponseller is right to complain that there could be more to see and do; I also think there could be more interaction with some of the background characters. But the design of Lost Heaven is fairly complete, and parts of it are downright charming. (The elements of nostalgia are very clear in some 'neighborhoods' of this town.) I do think that the graphics are very rich, and in looking through the games graphics files, I have to say that the programming does quite a bit more than what the graphic files suggest could be done. I also suggest a ride through the surrounding country-side, which reminds me a great deal of rural sections of downstate New York - very pretty indeed.

    The storyline of the main game mode is a known strong-point. The character we play (Tommy) gets drawn deeper and deeper into a world of cruel violence and betrayal; his success in most of the missions actually requires a moral failure; greed is expected, killing innocents inevitable, deception a virtue. Many computer role-playing games insist on these elements - but, rather frighteningly, they assume that this is human nature, and so that's how you win the game. In Mafia, there at last comes a moment when Tommy has to realize that, in winning, he's lost.

    In short then, this is a game for intelligent, reasonably mature players with considerable patience. I also strongly suggest finding the online mods and downloading some of them - there are parts of the game that do require more "health-point" than are given (at least for some average players like me), but there is more than one mod that fixes this problem; there are also "save-games" that allow you to play missions that you haven't won access to; that was important for me, because not only did I have difficulty with the infamous racing mission, but I also found it boring and unnecessary (I mean, come on, what Mafia boss is gonna ask a henchman to drive a car in a professional race!).

    All this sounds like the game is very complicated; but I've played games that are much more complicated that didn't allow any of the freedom of motion - and freedom of thought - that Mafia does. (I got the feeling in "Max Payne 2" that my playing moments were mere footnote to the 'graphic novel' that unfolds the game - and I don't like being anybody's footnote.) So there's the trade off: patience, some practice, some tinkering, and you get a ticket to an entire city from another era, where you can act and respond as the mood strikes you. Obviously, I think it's worth it; the readers may want to play the game to judge for themselves.
  • This game by fat is in the top five ever, along with GTA: Vice City and probably GTA: San Andreas (Even though I have not played it yet) and Spiderweb Software's Exile trilogy. The game Mafia is so interesting it is like you are playing a movie. And for a game it's size, it has fairly decent graphics. I am not surprised that is won around 8 gaming awards. I seriously think that somebody should make this game into a movie. Even though there are already like a million of Mafia-like movies, I don't think this one would be forgotten. If they got some good actors and a good director, this would be one of the best Mafia films ever! If you have not yet played this game, play it... Now... I'm serious go out and buy it right now! (9/10 for game play; 7/10 for graphics)
  • There might be some people out there who don't like this game, the main reason for this is because they are too young. I am 15 years old myself and I am what the "new" generation is playing. Games like Fortnite, PUBG and other round based shooters. They aren't used to this kind of Game. This Game is like a movie. It is interactive, suspensful and has on of the greatest stories ever made, in my opinion it is actually the best story. My family is from sicily and I love the sicilian references in this Game (Omerta, Lupara,..) The characters and voice actors are great and I don't know how the graphics was back then but I don't care because I still love the old looking graphic. You cannot compare this with Mafia 2 or GTA. I know, Mafia 2 had many new features that reminds about GTA (Shops and more free to play elements) that's why more people prefer Mafia 2 over Mafia 1 (altough I think the story is better in Mafia 1). I would still recommend to play both games, the first is a bit slower but great story, great missions but not many free to play elements and the second has a faster gameplay, better graphics (was released 8 years after Mafia 1), good story but not as good as Mafia, GTA elements and not so many italian references.
  • abarring25 January 2007
    When I first started this game I was immediately sucked into it. The storyline was fantastic, it was hard for me to even leave the game to get a drink, I just wanted to know what would happen next. I loved all the characters in the game as each had there own Personality, though Paulie was my favorite. I always looked forward to watching the cut scenes, it felt as though you were watching a movie! Cars are an important part in the game and have been well researched in names and looks. Cars are the fastest way to get around the city of Lost Heaven, but if you don't feel like driving you can either walk, Take the monorail or trams. Police are a problem, they pull you over for anything, running a red light, knocking something/someone down, speeding, being seen with a weapon or stealing cars. The more serious the cases, the bigger the punishment. The music in Mafia is great, sometimes I would replay a certain level just to listen. You get a fair set of weapons in the game such as knives, knuckle dusters, bats, pistols, rifles, shotguns and Tommyguns(my favorite). The graphics in the game are great! each room has strong detail. "Mafia: The city of Lost Heaven" has everything you would expect a mafia game to have. I think this games was awesome, and that it would make a fantastic movie!

    5 stars!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I got this game a few years ago. Even the local mall clerk said, that this is one hell of a good game. So I bought it. The game starts pretty rough. You have to make your way across the city, lose some thugs that are chasing your taxi and shooting at you and you can't even let them shoot Paulie nor Sam. :) Firstly you have to check out the beginning of the storyline. Be sure not to quit the prologue! The storyline itself is very good. Tommy Angelo, a lone cab driver in the US in the 1930's. He's out on a routine night shift when he decides to take a break. Suddenly he hears a crash behind the corner and two men with guns run towards him, telling him to get into the cab and drive fast. Voila! Your first mission! Hit the pedal to the metal and escape from two guys with a better car and... um... guns. (NB! They also seemed to be godlike. Once they hit a tram on full speed and they managed to catch me afterwards). So starts your career as a mafioso. There are many different assignments, starting with collecting money from bars, ending with assassinating city councilors during their birthday parties (on a god damn steamboat!). The game features have their own highs and lows. The "cop system" is more realistic than in other games. They even give you tickets for running red lights and speeding. ***ENDING SPOILER*** As many people have said, this game has a POWERFUL ending. The last mission, "Death of Art" is just stunning. The part where you find your best mate Paulie shot at his apartment, the part where you meet Sam at the art gallery and find out that he betrayed you and HE killed Paulie. Then of course there's the part where you kill all of Salieri's thugs and chase Sam down. The part where you fatally shoot him is just remarkable. The epilogue had been turned into a "shocker" too. In there you see Tommy already an old man, taking care of his garden. Then we see a 69' Ford parking itself in front of Tommy's home. Two guys come out and ask Tommy, if he is "Mr. Angelo". Though Tommy had a new name (he and his family got new identities after the big trial) he answered "yes". Then the taller man says "Mr. Salieri sends his regards" and the smaller one pulls out a Lupara (sawn-off) and shoots Tommy. Then we hear the final speech and the credits roll. ***ENDING SPOILER*** Thank you, Illusion Softworks, for making one of the best computer games ever made!
  • Rated M for Violence,Language and A Sex Scene.

    I got Mafia for Christmas two years ago.I suggest not playing it for consoles because I hear on Consoles it sucks.If you have a good PC then rush to a video game store and buy this game.You wont regret it! FOr those who think this game is just another cheap Grand Theft Auto rip off you are wrong! Mafia is much more than that.The graphics in the game are simply amazing.The story is excellent! and the city in Mafia is bigger than the city in GTA Vice City.I still like GTA better but Mafia is excellent.The game spans from 1930-1938.You are Tommy Angelo.An average cab driver during the depression.You basically confess your mafia work to a detective and rat out your boss and fellow mobsters for protection(you will see why in the end of the game).This happens in 1938.The game flashes back to 1930.One day you have to save some mobsters from rivals who are trying to kill them.After you do you are welcomed into the mafia business and you do mafia related missions throughout the game such as murder.As the years go on you find your character in deep trouble with certain people such as corrupt politicians and rival mobsters.My only problem with the game is that some missions are very hard and frustrating.Mafia is an excellent game with great graphics,story and a very good ending.There is also a free ride mode in which you can kill pedestrians,steal cars,cause as much mayhem as possible.Then you get Free Ride Extreme after you beat the game and there are no cops to worry about so you can do whatever you want without the chance of getting shot by dozens of cops.Buy this game now for PC!

  • MaraudersFan6 April 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    Possible Spoilers The Graphics are great, the storyline is really good. It really makes you feel your back in the 1930's. You play Taxi Cab driver turned Gangster Tommy. There are 20 missions and a few sub-quest mission. Most are challenging but fun too. The cut scenes are also very well done, it feels almost as if you are watching some sort of a movie. The ending of the game is great too, if you have difficult I suggest using the Strategy guide.

    There is even a mode called Free ride where you can ride around the city, kill gangsters or be a taxi cab. Once you beat the game you unlock free ride extreme. The game also features a variety of awesome old cars
  • This game has all the qualities of The Godfather, Goodfellas, Scarface, and any other truly great Mafioso movies. This, in my opinion, is the video game equivalent of these movies. Classics as soon as they were released. Only a few rules were unrealistic of the 1930s. In the 1930s, it was completely legal to openly carry a gun. Just as long as you didn't shoot anyone, the cops wouldn't do anything. Now, I won't give anything away about the ending, but I will say this: Frank says something that ultimately does come true twice. It's kind of a twist, but the ending is great. The Freeride mode is a mini-game of sorts, involving gangsters, taxi fares, streetcar rides, and El Trains. With the exception of a few historical inaccuracies, this game is perfect. 9.95/10
  • This is probably the best videogame I've ever played with.

    I have 2 simple reasons to explain that:

    1: the game has an amazing screen-play; it's really like watching a movie. I wish that the producers were able to bring a film out of this game. If you think that we've had a "Tomb Raider movie", what about a "Mafia" movie? Just give the script to Scorsese and ask Joe Pesci for the Paulie character and BANG! the work is done.

    2: the game has an amazing soundtrack, mostly based on the Django Reinhardt production; Jazz and Swing directly from the 30's. You just can't stop listening to this sweet melodies, running around the town in your car. A perfect cocktail of vintage cars, guns, music and action.
  • I've seen a lot of people saying that this bad because it does not have modern cars, while GTA3 has. That it does not have all those stupid run, gun, do whatever you want things, that 5-year olds call "fun".

    But the best thing about Mafia is that it was not made for idiots, it was made for real players, who like challenge, intense action, and great story.

    Graphics are top notch, and look at the requirements. GTA3's requirements are twice as high, and look at the crappy graphics and tons of bugs. Say whatever you want, but this game was released unfinished at least to sell a few copies before Mafia comes in by storm.

    Sound and music are to die for. Soundtrack is just amazing, no wonder there, Soundtrack of the Year on GameSpot. I'm glad they stuck to the original classic music. And what do we get from GTA3??? A bunch of crappy techno.

    Story is probably one of the best i've ever seen in the game. I mean all the twists, and the ending. Friend told me that Fallout had extremely good story too, but i had no chance to try it. What about GTA3's story??? Ooops, i forgot, it doesn't have one, well that's too bad. Driving around, killing, shooting is just as much fun as dropping a brick on your toes.

    If you want a really challenging game, with intriguing story, awesome graphics and sound, look no further.
  • I would love to see this game remade with updated graphics, better character models, sustainable control mechanics (which are sometimes horrendous), and downloadable content with more levels to play.
  • Sure, it lacks the graphics you expect of a modern game, but for being 15 (!) years old, it still looks very acceptable. But you don't buy this game because of its graphics. It has, for me at least, the perfect mix of story and gameplay. Every single mission of the 20 total is completely unique and every single one of them is important to the overall story-arc. Speaking of plot: It's obviously no Shakespeare, but it gets the job done and can even be pretty gripping, especially towards the end.

    There are only three things this game lacks, in my opinion: The first is replayability... which hasn't stopped me, however, from just finishing my 8th playthrough. The second one: Adjustable difficulty. It is one of the hardest games I ever played. Nothing you can compare to generation CoD where hiding behind cover and waiting for health to regenerate is a viable tactic. If you get hit here, your only hope is finding one of the very scarcely distributed health kits. And lastly, something the game isn't really at fault of: Availability. Since it got pulled from the steam store a while ago, it got quite difficult (or costly, to put it in other words) to get a copy.

    Nevertheless I can recommend this game to anyone, who can get their hands on it and feels up to the challenge of tackling this classic of the video game industry.
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