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  • nicholasl-5179022 January 2018
    You can't beat it. It's the dark souls of 2001 games. There is no alternative if you did not play this game yet play it. Exhilarating gameplay an amazing story. There is nothing in this game that can be changed because it is pure gold. If you do not love this game there is something wrong with you. The voice acting sounds like the movie it's the only thing like the movie because this games storyline and plot make you forget it's based of the movie. Beautiful graphics. As my final statement this is a fabulous game if you have the time pick it up.
  • I think Tilly is a very interesting actress and should be put in more major films.She has very unique traits that should be noted. She would make an explosive lead role in comedies and actions. That being said,if I was a producer I would love to include her in my movies. She is very attention getting. She is also very different from the actress's of today,which makes her an asset for a good film. She could do many roles. I think she is very talented. IT would be nice to see her in more films.Not just as the little characters. She is out standing and awesome.

    Go Jen!