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  • When watching Kundan Shah's 'Ek Se Badhkar Ek', one should expect nothing more than some laughs. It's a comedy about a beautiful cop, mafia dons, a lawyer, scientists, a hot secret agent, mushroom, sunflower, two beautiful women...all weaved into a messed up screenplay. But, it's a funny film. It would have been a far more interesting view if Shah gave the script more consideration. The songs are passable.

    The ravishing Raveena Tandon is hilarious as she provides the most laugh-out-loud moments. She's already proved to have a knack for comedy. I, personally, would like to see her do more comedies. Shekhar Suman is funny too but he does tend to go overboard. Sunil Shetty is alright and provides some laughing moments in a few scenes. Ishaa Koppikar, in a relatively smaller role, entertains with her beauty and comic abilities. Most of the supporting cast, especially Asrani and Sadashiv Amrapurkar add to the humour.

    On the whole, this may be fun film to be enjoyed with friends and family but I'm not sure of its repeat value.
  • AishFan17 December 2004
    Nothing great about this movie. It's just your average 90s-style lame, no-brainer, masala Bollywood fare. If you have nothing better to do on a Friday night, you may not mind watching this. This movie came out of nowhere. There was no publicity or anything. Shekhar Suman needs to leave the film industry and restart his show, Movers and Shakers. He things he's all cool and macho, and the romantic hero does not suit him at all. Don't expect anything great from this movie, or you will be highly disappointed. Raveena Tandon did a good job as usual. Suniel Shetty was lame as usual. Songs are lame. The comedy is what saves this movie (I guess?).