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  • I have just watched this movie so this is all fresh in my mind. The cast is a solid one and I particularly think that the young boy's role is well-played. This is an emotionally charged film or, at least, could be.

    The story surrounds a pre-WW1 family unable to express love and affection to one another. Each member, from father, mother, and more centrally, the son are scared by the events of recent years. Enter a childless widow, as teacher, who gently draws the boy from his imaginary world.

    The script has relatively few words expecting the direction and acting to provide the electricity. It just doesn't quite get there. There are scenes of lonesome characters crying as the lightning strikes over their rich mansion, but I am simply unconvinced by their presumable deep ingrained distress.

    Nice try. One for a rainy afternoon on cable.
  • Tura2317 February 2010
    If a community theater group from a small town got the money to make a movie, I can only imagine it would turn out like this. Family Secrets is an embarrassingly earnest costume drama with sets and costumes that look like they came from the neighborhood goodwill store.

    The story, what there is of it, is about a family who hire a young widow to work as governess for their out of control young son. The two form a close bond. The governess is then fired, with tragic consequences.

    I made it through 48 minutes before I started fast forwarding. I would have just given up on it entirely, but I was curious about what the family secrets would turn out to be. The secrets aren't very surprising or scandalous - even for 1910.