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  • Utterly delightful is the only way to describe this film. I don't speak any Scandinavian languages and could not understand a word, but the mark of a great film is its ability to transcend the language barrier, which Heinahattu does with style. This is quite simply a study in childhood in a Finnish summer, beautifully acted by two young girls such that you entirely forget this is scripted play, and breathtakingly innocuous. You can always rely on Scandinavian cinema to produce fine coming of age and child-centred films that rely on real-life effects rather than fancy Hollywood theatrics, and this one is particularly pleasant and wholly suitable for family viewing.
  • Two young actress really do something amazing. Very talent indeed.

    This is a movie which you're looking again and again with pleasure. And hopefully with your children. There was only one thing that bother me and that is something less important when thinking of the target audience which is naturally children. That is some special effects that look like a little cheap and probably because it is. But when you look this again you don't give a heck. That don't spoil the film at all. Maybe this movie affect to me so positively because I've two girls of my own. But I just can't imagine anybody who wouldn't smile or laugh during this warm and nice piece of art.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I totally fell in love with that movie when I saw it in the cinema. I wanted to see it again and again. The colors of movie were fantastic, like from a fantasy world. The movie itself was a kind of fantasy movie, although it told about a normal life of a normal Finnish family. People recognises themselves from the characters, as in good an bad. A busy father, who does not have time to play with his children, a frustrated home wife, who really wanted to find a job. Nice couple of neighbourhood ladies, who have time and will to play with children. A great mystery of starting a school or everyday fight for eating spaghetti instead of potatoes.

    I found the movie really useful for all parents to remember to get time to be with their children - a childhood is so nice but short period, so you should have take all the fun of it!