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  • Oh my god!!! I thought La Brassiere was the funniest non-Stephen Chow HK comedy ever...then I saw Mighty Baby. It is just as funny. The chemistry between Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo, and Gigi Leung is still there. Instead of Carina Lau (who only makes a cameo), we have Rosamund Kwan as an insane secretary who takes Valium and Cecilia Cheung as a baby expert. The jokes here are just as funny, including a fantasy like sequence where Lau and Louis fight as swordsmen...I was in tears seeing La Brassiere from laughing so hard and I did the same with Mighty Baby. Bottom line...if you liked La will love Mighty Baby!!!
  • What make this movie funny?? Well it doesn't contain the good script has those Stephen Chow films but it does contain his styles of comedy. Lau CHing Wan and Louis Koo dialogue (if you know cantonese listen carefully to what they are saying) and chemistry are top notch. There acting and face expression are sooooooo good (especially Louis Koo), this what make the movie so fun. The babies stars in this movie was excellent too. This movie is not has wacky has LA Brassiere, but they still manage the same level of laugh.

    The only thing i found the story to be out of wack is the doctor trying to seduce Gigi Leung, and when Gigi Leung keep doing "Grrrr" thingy which doesn't connect to the story at all. Also a little thing i notices is Lau CHing Wan lover Sabrina (play by overrated actress Rosamund Kwan), at the beginning she is some clumsy and dumb, and at the end she became a sassy woman. That just doesn't make sense...

    The movie is a must watch if you have watch all the Stephen Chow movies, the storyline can be nonsense but the stars here are fun and the movie is quite funny.
  • After the brilliance of La Brassiere, it's not surprising that they really had to come up with a sequel. And well worth it too.

    Following the success of the ultimate bra, Samantha (Carina Lau) is asked to take over a company making baby products. However, she decides not to do so, but nominates Johnny (Lau Ching-Wan), whom she breaks up with ten minutes earlier, and Lena (Gigi Leung) to take her place. As so the team reunite to design the ultimate baby product, dubbed 'Mighty Baby'. Question is, what will they come up with?

    Mighty Baby also sees the introduction of a few other big names: Cecilia Cheung, who plays Boey, a child expert, Rosamund Kwan, who plays Sabrina, an ultra-neurotic secretary, and Cherrie In, a young single mother.

    The story continues well from the last outing and much of the style of humour is much the same. However, I did find that this film was a lot more 'bitsy' with too many non-flowing scenes and story lines. This is not aided by the large cast of characters - the strong line-up is great, but you do feel as though you want to see more of them.

    The film also didn't quite feel as spontaneous as the last. However, with one of the rules of showbiz broken (children, of course, and the youngest bunch at that), this was always going to be a tough movie to make, requiring loads of patience.

    Mighty Baby is probably not as good as La Brassiere, but given that the latter came from the top drawer, the standards were extremely tough to beat. Nonetheless, if you forget about La Brassiere and watched Mighty Baby for what it is, it is a great movie in itself. One for a good laugh.
  • I don't know what the producer and director think? Gigi in this film, even she is Louis lover's but she was not the one for him. Just look in this film CECILIA is the one who should with Louis, with any condition happy or sad Cecilia and Louis are always together but in the end Louis choose the wrong one. Beside Gigi's body was very bad, she was so thin like bamboo. And she is don't had talent for acting.

    The story is not funny enough and if I must say Gigi is can not acting, just look her performance which very very bad. The ending is too push for Louis to choose the wrong lover.

    I'm not comment this because I hate Gigi or what. I'm just saying what I can comment. I already saw many movies from many country, example like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Hollywood, Bollywood, France, and Indonesian. So that's why I can give this comment. I'm really maniac of movies so I don't like actors or actress whom can acting well but can be the main character in the movies.
  • Da-da Goo-goo... That's what a baby would uttered to everyone when they are starting to learn to speak. However do we actually have a theory of what the baby is trying to get a message to us? Okay.... by watching this movie, Chuit sai hiu B (or Mighty Baby) we will learn a clue or more of cute toddlers.

    What made the ball running was a rip-roaring comedy called Chuet sai hiu BRA (or La Brassiere) which is about two lingerie designers who have to come up with an `ultimate' bra. It was one of the few biggest hits in the Hong Kong film industry last year. As we have anticipated a sequel to La Brassiere to come by and here not too long we are presented with Mighty Baby. However this time it deals with another entirely different subject.

    This time around, our central characters Johnny (Lau Ching Wan) and Wayne (Louis Koo) are given the task of coming up with a line of `ultimate' baby products. As usual you would have all the comedy and fun from our two `heroes' plus lots of babies to coo at throughout the film.

    Besides retaining 3 main casts from La Brassiere that is Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo and Gigi Leung, we have 2 lovely ladies added into this sequel who is Rosamund Kwan and Cecilia Cheung. As for Carina Lau who was the main female lead in La Brassiere, reprising as Samantha but her role this time round is only as a cameo guest appearance. With Carina Lau out of the frame, Gigi Leung who has long been making mild waves both as an actress and singer in Hong Kong and Taiwan, is given a much more meatier role as she reprises the character, Lena in this sequel. We still get to see the same characters from the first movie coming in and going off as cameos. Look out also for Karena Lam Ka Yan who is making a special appearance too.

    By contrast, I would compare that La Brassiere would still be much better then its sequel in terms of jokes, fun and originality. Most of the fun lines and jokes are repetition of the earlier film and thus making Mighty Baby less unique. However with all the cutie babies as well as the special effects in Mighty Baby, it would of course make this film a much higher budget to make than La Brassiere. To sum it up, Mighty Baby is just another see and forget made in HK comedy.

    Well we already had a dose of bras and babies so what might we expect next? Human cloning? Let's wait and see.