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  • Raveena Tandon, whom, I consider as one of the few real actress of the Hindi Screen. She has vesatality and range in her acting that sets her apart from the flock. So far, she has been known for "Golimaring with Govinda" as in "Akiyose Golimare", where she has displayed her dancing skills. But, you have only seen one end of the talent, when, she is teamed up with an actor the caliber of Govinda (a rotund thespian, who appeals to type of crowd-with their favorite hero on the horseback appearing from nowhere to rescue the heroine from the clutches of a villain, used to be played by characters like Pran, with coiffured toupees and bulging eyes OR the hero finds out that his car brakes are not working going downhill after rescuing the heroine. The ratio of Villains to Hero in Hindi films used to be 2:1 but I'm not sure this ratio has changed lately!) Here, we see the real potential of an actress, when she is taken out of the typical song&dance routine. Along with Atul Kulkarni, who portrays a conniving politician to the brim. she portrays how an innocent Anuradha becomes Anu, a feisty woman politician in a male dominated field who is a ready target of an exploiting politicians. This is one great direction from Madhur Bhandarkar, one of the Top Ten directors in Indian Cinema. This is one heck of a movie that I had the pleasure of watching.
  • Bhandarkar tells the story of a career focused Anuradha, who's life initially revolves around her friends and work. She has a close bond with her mother. Having no interest in politics, she unexpectedly gets involved with politician Vivek and they eventually get married. From here life has something else planned for Anuradha and she gets heavily involved in something she had never been interested in.

    Bhandarkar tells his story in a coherent fashion that keeps the viewers engaged. However, there are some exaggerated (and clichéd) moments which could have easily been toned down. Anuradha's in-laws are caricatures. I also did not like how he used the Jessica Lal murder-case as a side-subplot. Does Bhandarkar have a thing for item numbers? Sorry, but I don't think such garbage is necessary for this kind of film. The songs are nice but they do tend to distract.

    Now to the performances. Atul Kulkarni is very good. Newcomer Sameer Dharmadikari is alright (he does ham in some scenes). However, 'Satta' belongs to Raveena Tandon all the way. After Daman, she finally gets another full fledged role to prove that she's an actress of substance. She breathes into Anuradha as she becomes her on screen. Though this is somewhat of a departure from her glamorous image, she still looks great and at the same time looks the part. Hats off to her for her wonderful performance.

    What you'll get from watching 'Satta' is the compelling story of a woman, who used to be ignorant towards politics until circumstances force her to make important choices. Through it all she maintains her dignity and stands strong. In addition to that there's the fantastic performance by Ms. Tandon.
  • A great movie by any standards. Songs were not required at all. Raveena Tandon is at her best and has proved that she can do any role, not necessarily glamorous ones. Atul Kulkarni, Shri Vallabh Vyas, Manoj Joshi, Hemendra Bhatia and Anju Mahendru all did justfy the confidence the director had reposed in all of them. The role of politicians played by some of the actors was very realistic. Madhur Bhandarkar has once again proved that he is one of the top directors in the country. The only other movie by Bhandarkar I have seen and liked was Page 3 and I look forward to viewing all his movies. Keep it up Madhur. I strongly recommend this movie for every one to view. Best of luck.
  • I am a 18yr old kid and I loved this movie. This movie focussed on politics. It showed how corrupt and power minded are politicians. I am a big fan of Madhur Bhandarkar after Chandni Bar and now I am even a bigger fan. Raveena tandon's performance is outstanding and the debutant dharmadhikari makes a confident debut. Show stealer of the movie is Atul Kulkarni and Govind Namdeo. Overall, a great movie and a must watch. My rating- 10/10
  • Chandani bar made people curious about director Madhur Bhandarkar's work and now Satta cofirms his ability to create a classic movie. Satta is a very realistic depiction of Indian politics (which is very dirty and corrupt - everyone knows.) It also gives message about how the same screwed-up democratic system can be as well utilized to benefit people. Raveena is at her best. And about Atul Kulkarni I dont find words to praise. He has proved yet again to be a very talented actor - on the same lines of Manoj Vajpeyi (or maybe more than him). A neat story, dialogues, acting and the trademark 'Madhur' direction make this a very impactful and memorable flick.
  • palainausa12 July 2019
    I started watching Traffic Signal and had my doubts, so I switched over to this film, which is by the same director and said to be better. The reason I've only given it a 5 is that the camera work, look and feel were very often just like a soap opera. And the acting was very often soap opera style, too.
  • "Satta" can be watched from two different perspectives. On one side, the film advocates the woman empowerment through the story of Raveena Tandon, a newly wedded bride to a rich political family, where the stand of a woman is not more than that of a house-wife. She refuses to be intimidated by anyone and raises voice against his abusive husband and in-laws. The other and the major part of the film deals with the dirty politics, where the politicians are indulged in every ugly crime like smuggling, murders, and corruption. The film portrays how politicians befit and betray anyone for the sake of power.

    Madhur Bhandarkar, known for making movies on relevant subjects, chooses the dirty politics this time. It views politics as a dirty game to secure power and position on which few politicians fulfill their personal ambitions. Well, the film starts with a common canvass and shows all the familiar glitches; but still the film remains pretty interesting to its tight screenplay. The role of Raveena Tandon is the major strength of this film for which the film remains watchable and adds a dimension to a familiar subject. Not to a surprise, this film remains the best one yet to be delivered by Raveena Tandon. Regarding the subject or script, the film is not weaker to Bhandarkar's other movies. But the presentation and other technical aspects like music, score, pictuarisation, characters are a bit weak comparing to Bhandarkar's later movies like "Corporate," "Traffic Signal" or "Fashion." Its pretty low production values and rugged look of Raveena Tandon may keep the viewers aside from this movies for a while; but overall, the film if you watch will hold you due to the subject it chooses which is still remains a common scenario. Just one last point to mention is its muddled end which goes for an incompleteness and glibness.

    Resting: 2 stars out of 4
  • After a realistic CHANDNI BAR(2001) Madhur returns with SATTA another realistic tale

    This time he ventures into politics something that is done to death in Bwood but this is more realistic comparitively

    The movie starts off on a filmy note but gathers steam when Raveena gets into politics and slowly we r seeped in the world of politics

    The Jessica Lal murder case is thrown in between but handled well the film though gets oo idealistic towards the end but still it's a nice film

    Direction by Madhur is awesome Music is okay, it would be nice if they were no songs

    Camera-work is good though too shaky at places

    Raveena excels after DAMAN again proving her mettle as a performer surprising this lady would be known to play the nonsense heroine roles in 90's films here she proves she is a great actress Kudos to Madhur, after Tabu he makes Raveena a powerful performer Atul Kulkarni is fab too and proves his mettle after the superb act in HEY RAM and Dumb and now in PAGE 3, RDB.etc Sameer Dharmadikari is good for a newcomer and does a good job Govind Namdeo underplays his act for once though there is nothing new in his role what he has done before Valabh Vyas is typecast and so are most of the others Manoj Joshi leaves a huge mark as the innocent Cop the actor nowdays famous for all comic roles in Priyan's films proves what a talent he is
  • Although Satta seemed a little confusing at first regarding the roles and positions of various political/criminal elements, everything began to fall into place and developed into a riveting tale of character development and intrigue which ingeniously captures the political and emotional growth of the Anuradha, played to perfection by Raveena Tandon.

    The direction, acting, dialogue, sets, and writing are all top notch. There were only three songs but they were all woven well into the fabric of the story. The background music added to the scope and tension of the film. Everything was believable and Reveena Tandon was convincing throughout. Subtitles were relatively easy to follow.