Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    Benjamim is an interesting film about a lonely actor who meets a woman who looks exactly like the reincarnation of his former love. Benjamim Zambraia (Paulo Jose) is an older actor/model who lives in Rio de Janeiro. The film begins showing him not living such a happy life, but then he meets the reincarnation of his past girlfriend and his life brightens. In the past, the movie shows that Benjamim (Danton Mello) fell in love with an actress called Castana Beatriz (Cleo Pires) and they were together for quite sometime. Now, in the future, Benjamim meets a woman names Ariela Mase (Cleo Pires) and the film shows their relationship flourish with flashbacks to what happened to Benjamims former love life with Castana Beatriz.