The Top 10 moments were: 10. "Bond... James Bond" (Dr. No (1962)) 9. The parachute fight (Moonraker (1979)) 8. Blofeld revealed (You Only Live Twice (1967)) 7. Mrs Bond is murdered (On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)) 6. The ultimate ski jump (The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)) 5. Jill Masterson is painted gold (Goldfinger (1964)) 4. St. Petersburg tank chase (GoldenEye (1995)) 3. Honey Rider emerges from the sea (Dr. No (1962)) 2. River Thames boat chase (The World Is Not Enough (1999)) 1. Goldfinger's laser torture: "Do you expect me to talk?" (Goldfinger (1964))

This top ten was voted for by 'TV Times' readers and This Morning (1988) viewers.