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  • dgraham-1421 September 2006
    When I lose my faith in humanity or the arts, I need but to watch this Fifth and greatest installment to the "St. Bernard Saga." As clever as Chinatown, as dark as Citizen Kane, as imaginative and righteously foreseeing as Dune, this homage to cinematography will cause the most rooted theologian to question the existence of a God-creator. How can man bring forth such a work of utter perfection? In a word, this film is angelic. Again I stand amazed by the range of an actor as unequaled as John Larroquette. His immortal dialog, "Who pooped in my shoe!?!" should have earned him an Academy Award. And what could be said about Kathy Griffin's performance. My sole is reborn as I here here witty combacks and jingers dance from atop her rapier-like tongue.

    I have been petitioning to have it replace "Bridge over the River Kwai" in the AFA's list of the best 100 films of all time! I only hope that before my existence on this plane comes to pass, I can see but one more playful yarn with this the most beloved creature to grace the planet.
  • There comes a point in a film franchise when you just can't make any more sequels. I saw the original "Beethoven" and "Beethoven's 2nd" and enjoyed them as fun family-oriented films, not any great cinematic art. After that I didn't follow the series for years until recently when I saw "Beethoven's 5th" in the bargain bin at WalMart. I bought it just to watch something mildly entertaining, but since it was the fifth in the series I expected it to be pretty bad. I was both right and wrong.

    You can tell from many of the comments on here that the preponderance of opinion weighs on the "bad" side of the scale, yet in a quirky way I found this movie entertaining. What was interesting was watching several well-known professional actors such as Tom Poston, Dave Thomas, Faith Ford, John Larroquette, Katherine Helmond, and Kathy Griffin all coming across as if they were amateurs starring in a locally-made production. There was something oddly authentic about it. I also found myself cracking up at some of the comments Dave Thomas kept muttering off-handedly under his breath (kind of like Popeye used to do). While looking for hidden loot Thomas and the kids encounter another treasure hunter who tries to sell Dave a fork he had found ("you just can't have enough good forks"), and Dave mutters something about looking for silverware in the woods after dark. Little asides like that just struck me as funny for some reason.

    Chances are many kids will like this. As an adult, I thought the story wasn't all that bad (but I do tend to like stories about mining towns and lost treasure). Yes, it's a sequel that probably shouldn't have been made, especially if you're familiar with the storyline of the originals. Still, I'm glad they made it because, on an evening when I was tired and stressed out and just wanted something funny to watch without a lot of involvement, this movie was just the ticket and was fun for what it is.
  • This is an unfortunate combination of G-rated, wannabe "Scooby-Doo" and, perhaps, wannabe Disney.

    It's not the fault of the cast: goodness knows, between the dog and ALL the cameo appearances by people you know from TV who form the central 'character pool', and the 'quaint' town/landscape, it's ALL so wonderful. Indeed, should have been so.

    And that's the catch. There is a complete lack of real or perceived threat. Imagine "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" without the bears. Think about "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" without the Evil Queen. Contemplate "Scooby-Doo" without ANY frisson of fear...

    I know that 'B5' is just one more in a sequence of sequels - but surely SOMEONE could have put some 'oomph' into the script?

    The occasional (jokey) reference to "Scooby-Doo" doesn't work at all. And Beethoven's legendary "eve-of-destruction" behaviour is as muted as the rest of this stinker. He just burps for goodness sake. Doesn't even fart!
  • chester-gray16 February 2004
    I can't believe they are still making these films. In my opinion, they should have quit while they were ahead, after about the second or third film. But FIVE? Hardly any filmmakers make five installments unless they are incredibly stupid.
  • owen_edwards28 December 2004
    Odd, I really didn't mind this, as so many people seem to have. It was no great shakes, certainly, but it was perfectly pleasant viewing. Daveigh Chase, as usual, was promising, and the plot was perfectly usable. Not a classic, but not some 0/10 shocker, not to the target audience.

    Your average 6 or 7 year old will like this. And that's what matters, surely? I think some of the people commenting on this have managed to confuse themselves as to the purpose of the film. So...yeah...just stop it.

  • Look, i'll admit the 1st beethoven was a great piece of film. filled with suspense, a bad guy, and a father who's between a rock and a hard place. now, over 10 years later, we get a piece of crap about a girl who goes to her uncles place for the worst summer ever. right away, she meets a friend of the opposite sex, a hot female cop, and the crazed guy who thinks the world will be flooded again. sounds like that flipper movie with elijah wood and paul hogan, right? So folks, if you happen to catch this on TV, watch it to see what you think, but i'll tell you it's nothing more than a stupid excuse for a summer movie. If you want movie with all this and more, watch flipper, with elijah wood and paul hogan.
  • I've seen the movie and i think it was very good in fact i was there at universal studios at the time working as a guard on Beethoven's 5th i guarded on the part when the police officer chases the big truck i was standing at the top of the hill.we were there from 630 am that day till 530 pm i remember it was a good experience for me to be there .the cast was real nice .i would not change that day for anything .i even own the movie till this day i watch it all the time .they had a lot of dogs to play Beethoven in the movie set they even gave me free food and we hung out on the set and i got to talk to the kids in the movie they were real cool. to anyone who reads this i would like to hear from you.

    thank u.............
  • I enjoyed the first Beethoven film, it was flawed but it was cute and charming. The second had its contrivances but it was watchable, while the third and fourth films were mediocre at best. So what can I say about Beethoven's 5th? My, my, my, this is by far the worst of the series, a real dog of a movie with one redeeming quality. And I have already given away that redeeming quality in the title. Yes, sorry to say, but for me Beethoven was the only good thing about this film, he is likable, funny and well trained and he is the only likable character here. I guess I could say the same for the previous two canine adventures, though the films themselves didn't quite reach this one's awfulness. Everything else did not work at all. The soundtrack, one of the redeeming qualities of the previous films, isn't necessarily horrendous, it is just the matter of how it was placed in the film. Sometimes it felt obtrusive and predictable here. But that isn't the worst part. Beethoven's 5th I felt was shoddily made, almost direct-to-video quality. Even worse than this was the direction, it was so awful and unfocused. The script has too many cheesy moments, and the plot is dreadfully weak. I know the plot wasn't necessarily a strong point of the first film not to mention the sequels that followed, but here it is disjointed and poorly structured with no sense of drive. And the characters, with the exception of Beethoven, don't have any sparkle. The actors just look as though they are trying to say here I am, and what am I doing in this movie, in short they looked embarrassed even those who were trying to give the film energy did not succeed due to the failure of the script and plot. Overall, this is an awful entry of the Beethoven series. 1/10 Bethany Cox
  • OginoChihiro12 February 2004
    I can't believe they haven't stopped. This movie gets an F-. I've never seen such horrible actors and actresses in my life! The DOG acted better than the people!! It's clear to me that they whipped this movie up in just a few short weeks. It has no originality and the actors/actresses need A LOT of work. They just aren't good.
  • I used to watch the hell out of this when I would be stuck inside, or home sick when I was really really young, and I thought that it was truly the best movie of all time. I wanted to relive my childhood and started watching it when I found the old DVD and I had to turn it off after five minutes. Really makes me wish I could have just remembered it as good instead of trying to relive it.
  • This Movie sucks! It is the worst creation in a movie since never! The acting is horrific, the cast: ugh! and the only good part is the dog. The rest is horrifying! How can a movie be so bad? This is the worst of the worst. NB. I rated this thing 1 because there is noting lower, this thing should be rated -99999999999999999999999999 (Absolute crap) because this movie (thing) is. I mean what on earth is the relevance with Beethoven and ------- (Something which I am NOT going to tell you as it spoils the movie and I hate spoilers) So if you liked Beethoven's other movies you will hate this. If you are a first-timer to Beethoven then after you see this you will think all the others suck. Don't think like this! Every Beethoven before this was to an extent good.
  • I did enjoy watching Beethoven's 5th, although i thought that this one was a very mild comedy movie. The actors i thought were good, and the story line was cool. Between 1992 and 2003 there have been 5 adventures for Beetoven, at first when he's a puppy, I remeber the first ever beethoven movie way back in 1992, the time where he was a little puppy and he grew up with the newton family, doing allsorts in the house, drawling slava all over the place, i remember in the 2nd which was released in 1993 when he became a father. Then 7 years later in our time (2000) Beethoven's 3rd was released, with the same family name but different people with the relation with the orignal newton family. The Beetohven's 4th was released in 2001. Getting mixed up with another st Bernard dog, now in 2003, Beethoven's 5th is the newest adventure movie, with only 1 member of the newton family, as this time Sara stays with her uncle Freddy. I did like this movie, i give it 7 out of 10, i hope there will be a Beethoven's 6th because i just love the movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I did not like this movie at all. compared to Beethoven's 2nd, this was just pathectic!! I mean there is no connection at all, who is this girl and how does she get Beethoven. Even Beethoven looked way younger... more like a 7 or 8 month old puppy. And don't even get me started on the special effects!! i mean the ghosts looked like something out of a movie made in 1999! The best in the movie was the dog.. he should get all the credit for the movie. I mean yeah the actors and everybody tried but they could have done a much much much much better job than this. If anyone wants to watch any movie in the Beethoven series the best one is the 2nd one, if you ask me... Don't even think about watching this one...
  • This is the most intriguing John Larroquette film I have ever seen. Kudos to him and everyone involved! If you ask me, his performance as the nefarious mayor was delightfully entertaining. In my opinion, that was what made this film a fun little romp worth seeing. Even though I thought that everyone gave a good performance and Herman (John Larroquette) was a rather slimy fellow, I enjoyed this film very much. Despite the fact that I liked everyone, I hate to admit it, but he was my favorite character. I would so love to see his next projecy. Anyway, I wish everyone lots of luck in the future and look forward to their upcoming projects.
  • Well, at least my cousins finished off with a bang, we finished with the worst of the Beethoven films. The reason why this film was so bad, was because this was an unnecessary sequel, it just seemed like even though 99% of the cast from the other sequels chose wisely not to appear in this film, they decided to come up with a stupid story anyways and just deal with what they had. This was a movie that couldn't decide to go more towards the adults or the kids.

    Sara has been left behind for some reason by her family to stay with her uncle. Beethoven also happens to be with her and they are in a town called Quicksilver where there are tales of ghosts. When Sara is given a ten dollar bill that Beethoven has found, she is accused of having fake money, but then finds out from the sheriff that the money she has is very old and is worth tons, now everyone in the town wants Beethoven to sniff the money out for them.

    Beethoven's 5th is a very poor excuse for a family film, it just seemed like they were looking for any kind of an excuse to make another Beethoven film. I'm sorry, but Beethoven was was over at the second sequel, stick with the original and the second, that's it. Beethoven at the time was original and a fun family film, but now the sequels are just silly.