Blake Hornsby: Do you believe in the hereafter?

Elisha Springfield: Most definitely.

Blake Hornsby: Then you must know what I'm here after.

Elisha Springfield: And you must know you won't get it.

Elisha Springfield: So, since you chose FBI training over driver's ed,now you can beat up the car and I can drive it.

Blake Hornsby: Yo, Lord. I'd like to thank you for this wonderful day and thank you for this wonderful lunch and this wonderful family. And thank you for healing my friends and getting Norman the help that he needed. And that you for Elisha being so hot and thank you for the dad for being so cool and not kicking my butt because of what I just said. Yeah, amen. Let's eat.

[discussing Crystal Sparks]

Blake Hornsby: She's all that isn't she?

Ian Snyder: Yeah, and a bag of chips.

Blake Hornsby: Um, yeah, that's kinda an outdated phrase but you're getting it.

Crystal Sparks: Certain forces are now in motion and nobody can do anything to change what's going to happen. Watch your back.

Nate Springfield: What was the last thing you saw before you were knocked out?

Elisha Springfield: Stars.

Leonard Baynes: You're wierd. That costs extra around here.

Elisha Springfield: Hey, how come I don't have any honours classes?

Elijah Springfield: Your turn to play dumb.

Shawna Miller: Any place anybody gets killed is forbidden as far as I'm concerned!

Leonard Baynes: Hornsby, you got my back?

Blake Hornsby: Double teaming geeks? Yeah, I don't roll like that man.

Nate Springfield: What was the last thing that you saw before you got knocked out?

Elisha Springfield: Stars.

Elisha Springfield: I saw somebody.

Elijah Springfield: From this world... or the next?

Elijah Springfield: Uh oh. Something's wrong.

Elisha Springfield: Nothing's wrong.

Elijah Springfield: You've got that stupid 'I met a boy I like at school' look.

Elisha Springfield: Okay, even if I did have the slightest hint of fondness for someone-and I'm not saying that I do-but if I did, what could ever happen? We move around more than gypsies. I know, I love our lives, but sometimes I wonder what the other half lives like. Going on dates, goofing off, getting grounded.

Elijah Springfield: Well, I'll talk to mom and dad - see if I can get them to ground you.

Coach Marquardt: Snyder. A weak body the result of a weak mind.

Nate Springfield: Since when was bullying a part of the curriculum here?

Coach Marquardt: Since when was toilet cleaning a prerequisite for ethics?

Nate Springfield: Come on, don't tell me you don't see the strong ones pick on the weak.

Coach Marquardt: If it seems that at times the strong prey on the weak, well that's part of their education. The weak toughen up or they fall behind. The strong prevail and we are all better off.

Nate Springfield: [twisting the coaches fingers in a painful position] We're only as strong as our weakest link, wouldn't you agree coach?

Crystal Sparks: What did we ever do to them?

Ian Snyder: Nothing. Just be different.

Norman Bloom: It feels so good to see the bad guys scared for a change.

Norman Bloom: No, you don't understand. It's not wrong. It's justified. Anderson, Boltz, Baynes, Kramer - they deserve it. They gutted me. They tore me apart every day and they laughed about it. Do you have any idea what that's like? Having your insides torn out with everybody watching... and laughing?

Elisha Springfield: Wow. There's two of 'em.