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  • talkabout-movies30 January 2007
    This television series (cinetron) is one of the many ugly Indonesian products we are confronted with every day over and over again. From all the Indonesian television series, more than half are spin offs from movies that had a big teener audience in the cinema. The rest is 40% bad acting, terrible stories (often stolen from movies like Lord of the Rings, like Cincin "The Ring"). And I have seen in 6 years of Indonesian television only one or tree that could make it to the international market. The rest, including Putri Duyung is fit for the trashcan. There are two main problems that keep people from making good television series in Indonesia. First of all, the television stations don't care what products they offer. As long as it is more of the same, and much like the other stations, they will buy it anyway. One station has a successful program, and all the other stations immediately make copies instead of offering something unique. Indonesian television has a long way to go before it can present anything suitable for international audience. Even their neighbors Malaysia with partly the same culture and same language doesn't like the Indonesian shows, and that DOES say something about the Indonesian products.