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  • Literal translation is "Oh, the cradle"

    During the Chinese People's Liberation War (1946-1950), Communist base under nationalist attacks had to be evacuated. Among the evacuees, there were many kids in a kindergarten, all of whom were the children of communist cadres, many of them were orphans. The story revolves around the interactions between the people of the kindergarden.

    Some soldiers were not thrilled about being assigned to jobs like these, because they wanted to joint the fight in the front line, while others are just afraid that they were not good with kids. Some people, who loved kids and wanted to adopt the orphans had to face the difficulties of rejection by kids, simply because their temper resulted as the heavy stress of war.

    Eventually, everything worked out, and a new family was formed, which was consisted of couple fell in love and adopted orphans.

    The most realistic depiction in the movie was that during the retreat, when the column was passing the blockade, a baby cried. In order not to alert the enemy, the teacher, who was also the mother of the baby, chocked her only child, using her own child's life in exchange for the safety of the entire column.