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30 July 2015 | Falconeer
| Second half "Baron of Darkness"
I'm not sure why this title was split into two parts, and dated 2 years apart; this was obviously filmed all at one time. I guess nobody could sit through a 4 hour porn film, even one with a good story, like "Baron of Darkness." In the first part, we are in current times, where the character Kathrin Dumont is introduced. She is a crazed, drunken street person wandering the streets of Germany, mumbling to herself. The viewer finds out how she came to be in this state, as she recounts her affair with the Baron Jean-Pierre LeGrand, played by the insanely sexy Zenza Raggi. Jean-Pierre, a romantic vampire, reveals his secret to her, as their affair grows more intense. The first film ends abruptly, with no conclusion, and you must track down this "Baron of Darkness II" to get the rest of the film. And it is worth the effort.

The second installment is where we find out about Jean-Pierre and his history of how he became a blood drinker. Flashbacks to the year 1640, the young Baron had an affair with a married woman of elite society, and in a jealous rage, her husband curses Jean-Pierre to immortality as a vampire. The flashback sequences are very nicely done with proper costumes and sets, and it is obvious that everyone involved took this project quite seriously. They didn't just want to make a porn movie. Winner of several adult film awards, including the 'Venus Award' and the European X' Award, "Baron of Darkness" is definitely worth the trouble of finding both parts. Of course much of the film is hardcore sex, but there is a great DVD from Germany, where they have merged the two films together, and removed the hardcore footage, creating a feature length film which is very enjoyable. It is shot on video, and might sometimes look cheap, but man is this movie sexy. And Moroccan-born Zenza Raggi is the sexiest movie vampire ever. So obviously this is one that can be enjoyed by women as well as men. It might not be a masterpiece, but it's better than "Twilight.."

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15 March 2000



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