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  • A group of teenagers play strip poker together as part of their growing up and experimenting. Later in the week one of the girls goes to the boys home and finds that she has to draw the line between teenage curiosity and being sexually used.

    Shown as part of the Birmingham Film Festival this short was one of eight to be shown that were produced by Screen West Midlands and were predominately set in the Midlands using Midlands based actors and crew. This film opened the series and it was easily the bleakest and most challenging of the films on show.

    The plot is supposedly one of sexual boundaries but I took something more form it than that. We have all experimented sexually as a teenager - at school playing kiss catch, strip poker, show me yours I'll show you mine etc. It's usually all innocent because both sexes involved are innocent and nervous. This film looks at one girl at that stage where she plays a game with boys her own age.

    However when an older boy later gets involved with the group things step to the next level. This is not a made up situation - when a young girl starts reaching that age there will always be older boys and men there to try and take advantage. I found this element difficult to watch - it wasn't explicit but the intent was clear and the actions of the group was just as disturbing as the actions of the perpetrator.

    The young cast do really well - especially the final scenes that must have been difficult to shoot. Overall this is honest and powerful. It is simple and innocent and none of the characters are played as thugs or monsters (well, not too much) so that it is just that little bit more disturbing. Well made and powerful despite the simple set-up and low budget.