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  • lawstudent00723 January 2003
    This is a wonderful little short about cooperation. The direction is great. Sean took a very simple approach, not a lot of angles, just letting the simple story and setting come out. It seems like it was done simply as a fun diversion while filming the epic Lord of the Rings, and illustrating on a small level what all those involved learned. Watch for Peter Jackson's cameo. And be sure to read the credits. Some are just plain funny! All in all, a fun short film, that proves that Sean Astin has the instinct to become a great director, if he wants to.
  • LisaMMoran10 March 2003
    This is a wonderful short by immerging filmmaker Sean Astin. Made on their days off while shooting Lord of the Rings in New Zealand it makes use of the lesser seen crew members in a gentle and simple story about a man in a spot of bother who is helped by some passersby. I absolutely love the idea that Elijah Wood is First Assistant Director and Andy Serkis is Assistant Location Manager.

    To me this is really about the spirit of Peter Jackson's trilogy and the bonds that were formed. It's just a really sweet and endearing little film with some astonishly big names attached to it.
  • gummitch-216 February 2003
    I loved this short movie, it's funny and sweet at the same time. The message of the story may be simple, but it's also universal.

    The short is very well directed (hey Sean, you're pretty good!) and the actors are priceless: just look at Andrew Lesnie's face!

    Of course, LOTR fans will enjoy it immensely: if you've bought FOTR, the extended edition, you're obviously going to recognize everyone: Lesnie is LOTR's wonderful director of photography, and the other two characters of this short movie are stunt doubles.

    Don't miss the closing credits, they're hilarious.
  • It was a typical weekend in Wellington, New Zealand when Sean Astin borrowed a camera or two from the "Lord of the Rings" set to shoot a short film he had written.

    This is hardly on the scale of "The Lord of the Rings" - especially when one considers that it was made with some materials borrowed from the epic for one afternoon. Nevertheless, it is a very nice short film that is well worth five minutes of anyone's time.

    I found the making of documentary to be quite humorous, with Andy Serkis describing his plot - even more insidiously evil than Gollum's plan to steal the One Ring - to rise through the ranks of the production crew :).

    I would give this film four out of five, with the fifth star always being reserved for the films that are unspeakably wondrous, so there's no shame in not getting it, especially as small a picture as this.
  • This is a sweet, compact little film about the way total strangers can impact on each other's lives. Coming in at about four minutes and choreographed to the aria "Che Gelida Manina", it involves a simple but heartfelt story, a touch of humor, and puts forth the notion that everyone can have a role to play in the world -- all they have to do is look for the opportunity. I look forward to more work from Sean behind as well as in front of the camera. LOTR fans will recognize many of the faces here, and for those who have the Two Towers DVD, watch the 'making of' featurette on the short -- it is a riot!

    I hope this little film met the criteria for inclusion in the Oscar race -- I would be delighted to cheer this to a win in the spring.
  • spaceblunt12 September 2003
    When I saw The long and short of it I was feeling a little bit down but after the screening I felt A lot better. It's this kind of story that gives you A warm feeling inside, and we all can use some more of this. The story itself is simple, and the moral after it is good. It shows that if we all work together we can achieve almost everything. I hope to see more of this kind of movie's.
  • After I watched this, I had a big smile on my face. It's only about five minutes long, but it brings across an important message that should be around more where I am. It's about when a 'grizzled painters' trying to paste a poster up on the wall, but his ladders broken and he's struggling to get it up properly. Then a 3 1/2 foot tall woman and an 8 foot man help him. Just imagine a place where everybody stretched out there empty hands to help other people. It's inspiring. I love Sean Astin's acting and I hope he goes further with directing. It's exactly like what happened to make this, cast and crew working on the Lord of the Rings giving up their spare time to help. It's great! 10/10
  • TuomoH22 December 2003
    Nice little film with the message of helping each other out in a hard situation. You can almost touch the friendly and sympathetic atmosphere. Visually, it wasn't that special but still you can see that there's much more professional film crew behind it than with your average short films. And I think the music suits this one well. Of course we wouldn't know of this if it wasn't on the LOTR DVD but it made me smile, maybe even chuckle a bit and that's enough. Worth watching it again some another time, especially as this doesn't really take that much time out of your life.
  • although the music behind the story gave it an annoying feel the moral of the story was put across really well and it kept me entertained! the directing was nicely done and the story well written for on screen. credits to Dom and Sean for putting together such a great little piece!
  • An added feature to the Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers this very short film is a hidden gem.

    Poignant music and a gentle, direct story make this a delightful short film. Through the use of very expressive faces and good camera work, Sean Astin gives us a little jewel of a short film, focusing on the value of cooperation and the idea that each person, no matter how small, (or tall) may have an effect on the world. It also portrays simple kindness, given and returned.

    A great little film for us all, but is especially well suited to showing children how we can all lend a hand to accomplish more than each could individually.

    Many, many thanks to Sean Astin and all the wonderful Lord of the Rings folks who added their talents to this charming beauty.
  • lindzjoy_8626 May 2004
    I've always admired someone who wants to try something new and that's exactly what Sean Astin, a brilliant actor, was doing with this film. He has a passion and incredible talent for acting, but thought he would try making a film while in New Zealand, which turned out to be a wonderful, sweet, warm-hearted film. True, it is only 5 minutes long, but for a first-time director, the film was awesome. :) I don't think many of us realize how difficult it is to write and direct even a sequence as short as this film. There's a lot more to it than you think, so film critics, go try it yourself before criticizing. For this fact, I admire Peter Jackson more than almost all people in the film business. He has captured the art of film, through writing, directing, cinematography, and practically all that film is. For all we know, Sean Astin could follow in his footsteps. So again, great film, Sean Astin, it's one of those "feel-good" short films and definitely worth watching.
  • When I picked up the Two Towers DVD I was very pleasantly surprised when I noticed in the extras this gem. I found it quite amusing, I suppose to the heights of the certain characters and how when you all get together, you can accomplish anythingÂ…even maybe just putting up a car advertisement that none of them could really afford, anyways. Besides that, I think the storyline was the best. It was clever, witty, and so similar, if not really, a silent movie, and just let the actions do the talking. The music was well received, also. One of the writing successes had to be the title. That was one of the wittiest titles for a short film I have ever seen! Or a full feature, to be precise.

    Although, the best part had to be when Peter Jackson was the bus driver, and there was so many references to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It never really hurts to pimp yourself, does it?

    Sean does an excellent job, and I do hope him much more success in his film making endeavours. Sean is quickly becoming one of my favourite movie actor's, never mind writing and such. Amazing! I love this!

    Kat =^..^
  • grahamsj36 January 2004
    It seems that Sean Astin wound up with some time on his hands while filming the Lord of the Rings, so he decided to make a film of his own. He enlisted Peter Jackson, Director of Lord of the Rings and some other cast and crew members. This is about 5 minutes in length and is a tale of cooperation and collaborative effort...symbiosis, essentially. When a workman has a problem hanging an advertisement, some people of differing sizes lend a hand (unbidden). The result is a properly done job and new friends for the workman. A creditable job by all. Peter Jackson took time out of his busy schedule to be the bus driver.
  • I heard that Sean was making a short film for the Two Towers DVD, and I was excited to see how it would turn out. And it was really good! It was cool that he used the three people of varying heights to accomplish the goal, and that he used Peter Jackson as the bus driver. That's awesome! The music on it was cool. And I also thought the fact that they didn't talk was cool too. Watch the making of "The Long and Short of It" on the DVD, too. It is really funny! I hope Sean makes some more short films, or maybe he'll be a director someday. Anyway, congratulations on your first film, Sean. Good luck in the future.
  • This short film was extraordinary in its simplicity and brilliant in its portrayal of the rarely seen softer side of human kind. The actors were wonderful and the writing superb. I hope that those responsible for this splendid work continue their writing short films as well as feature-length works in the future. It's really too bad that there aren't more short films like this one. Not having been a fan of short films in the past, this one has changed my mind. The Long and Short Of It was a pleasant viewing experience. Bravo to the writers and the rest of the crew! Fantastic, Simple Brilliance! It should be put on DVD or VHS all by itself and a feature-length version created.
  • The length of this short film is no longer than a long commercial, which you, if you notice the characters product, can have a little laugh about.

    But the film is probably about the Movies all members of the crew is From ,LOTR. And as the tagline says "it's all about Collaboration", and Astin give it a twist, it's not Viggo, Elijah, Liv, Sean, Cristopher or one of the Ians we see in the film. No he takes the crew, the unknown people behind the camera, or wigs and makeup, and makes them the stars and makes the Stars from LOTR crew, great fun. Even Peter Jackson has a cameo in the film.

    The Film is with out words, just people thinking alike and helping each other with out exchanging words. Collaboration.

    I enjoyed it, both because of the story of the crew and cast, and because it is a short and lovable story.
  • A lot of times, filmmakers and film students try to complicate things too much and end up creating a big mess of a story. Astin took a very simple idea and theme, planned and shot it well, and ultimately created a small work of art. Simplicity and great execution tend to be the characteristics that create really good short films. Think of all of the Pixar's shorts. Maybe that's why they bring home the best short film Oscars most of the time?

    Cinematographer, Andrew Lesnie, does a great job in his acting debut as the grizzly painter! The part fits him well! Fon Chansantor is perfect and brings a smile of your face the first time you see her on screen. I can't forget to mention "Tall Paul" Randall who does delivers a fine wordless performance as well!

    Congratulations to Mr. Astin on such a fine short. I've seen a lot of short films, but this is on of the best and my most favorite live-action short I've seen to date.

    NOTE: Look for a cameo by Peter Jackson. It's pretty obvious which one he is!
  • My summary pretty well describes my feelings for this: It's a touching short film. It's of a surprisingly good quality (seeing as how they used the set cameras from their filming The Lord of the Rings). It presents a fairly simple problem that is overcome with the help of passing pedestrians; nothing too complex. It has an endearing quality about it, something to remember in the back of your head after the credits cut out. There are much better short movies out there, but this is still a deserving mention.

    This movie are for fans of Sean Astin and short film. People who like silent film will enjoy this dialog-less story as well. It might also be of note to anybody with The Two Towers, where this film is planted.
  • I was pretty sceptic, when I saw it as a Special on the Two Towers-DVD. But I think it is a really nice, quiet (in the best sence) and wonderful movie.

    A pity it is not on the Extendet Edition but it's worth looking it!
  • For me The Long and Short Of It it's a perfect example of what a short-movie should be. The simplicity of the plot hides a powerful metaphor. A metaphor about the importance of the role that each and everyone of us plays in life. A metaphor about helping other wanting nothing in return but a smile. A metaphor about friendship....about life.

    I think it also shows how tight were the bounds created during the shooting of the Lord of The Rings, not only between the actors but actually between the whole crew.

    It's 5 minutes of a sweet and touching movie
  • A sweet little film, no question. The message "Help others for a change" becomes quite clear pretty early on.

    But what I really liked about it was the story behind it: All of the cast and crew were on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and cut their spare time short to make this idea of Sean Astin possible. That amazes me, but it also shows that the togetherness of the Lord of the Rings crew was really there big time and is not, like so often, empty sales-babble and evasive interview answers. I am absolutely sure that this film is a small gem for those crew members who were concerned with it and that it conveys very intense emotions and memories from the time the Lord of the Rings was shot. The film is dedicated to the late Brian Bansgrove, who inspired it, as Sean Astin says on the Two Towers DVD, and I think that he can be very proud of being remembered in such a sweet way.

    From the technical point of view, criticism can be given in some areas (for example there's nobody to sell the fruit or the whole no-lines-attitude might be interpreted as film school sneer), but who am I to criticise such efforts? The circumstances under which The Long and Short of It was made clearly leave not much space for improvements, and the director's performance in the Lord of the Rings shows his talent. So my point is clear: A precious little side dish, small nut nonetheless delicioius, a must have seen for PJ Fans, a should have seen for many. And its message is one that should be heard more often these days.
  • This very small film has some pretty big names attached to it, all related to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is a very sweet little story about big and small passers-by helping a man, and just the cast alone make it worth watching. The very simple story tells something about the making of the Lord of the Rings, and how the cast formed bonds of friendship, and Sean Astin shows the world that he is also a director.
  • angelgirl204212 March 2003
    The plot behind this short film was excellent! It was nice to see someone else in the directors chair for once! Sean Astin did a wonderful job. I actually got to see the making of it on the Lord of the Rings Extended DVD. I then was linked to it online. A wonderful short film!
  • gadfly6316 February 2003
    I thought it was adorable, and all of the faces will be familiar to anyone who watched the DVD of The Fellowship of the Ring. It has a very simple and positive message, and the choice of music is a nice touch. I hope to see more from these folks in the future.
  • The story is short and sweet, using what I think are extras (a hobbit and human) to help the painter. I won't give the story away (it's only short, I won't ruin it but some of you might not wanna know so...) it doesn't have any speech in it, just the music of an opera blasting away. What else can I say? It's short and sweet! It's showing at the Sundance festival but you can see it by going to TORn's website and watching it there
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