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  • Jack is the office loser – unappreciated, unnoticed and not really getting any joy from his job. One day he leans against a lamppost, frustrated because nobody will stop to give him a light. However, when he leans against the post he finds that people just stop and give him a light, a handshake or indeed anything that he happens to be wanting at that moment.

    The idea behind this short film is simple but just don't expect it to make a great deal of sense, because it doesn't. Essentially a small little man finds himself popular and noticed seemingly because he just stays in contact with a lamppost. It produces an amusing little short film even if it really milks the one joke before moving onto an ending that does seem like it was added on just to produce an ending. You won't find many belly laughs in it but it is amusing (as well as perhaps a little bemusing at times). Marsan is enjoyable in the main role – a place he is not often in and he wears it well producing a hang-dog look that works well within the context of the story.

    Overall this is an amusing short film that won't stick in the mind or do much more than amuse but it is enjoyable even if it isn't worth seeking out.