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  • bkoganbing31 December 2007
    With such recognizable stars as Stephen Baldwin and Eric Roberts in it, Six, The Mark Unleashed has quite a bit more production values in it than you normally get from a Christian film. Note the producer is Paul Crouch, Jr. of the Crouch family of Trinity Broadcasting Network so it's not like they're short of funds.

    The creative end of this film is Kevin Downes and David A.R. White who are the Ben Affleck and Matt Damon of the Christian film world. Note their respective credits, you'll find it almost exclusively in that genre.

    Both of these two are getting a little old to be playing juveniles although Downes has quite the baby face, just like Matt Damon. They're a couple of petty criminals who get caught with some stolen items, but more important than that, they're caught with a counterfeit mark. The mark of course is the mark of the anti-Christ and it's a computer chip planted for thought control. That's an automatic death sentence.

    In prison they're tossed in with Jeffrey Dean Morgan who neither buys into the thought control of the world 'Leader' who's come to power or with the Christian apocalyptic theology. He's a former cop and that makes him a good candidate to infiltrate the Christians and kill a new 'prophet' with the shegetz name of Elijah Cohen. Morgan's ex-wife Amy Moon dreamed up this assignment. Morgan escapes with White and Downes who has now become a believer. The rest of the film is what happens to the three of them.

    Baldwin and Roberts lend their names to this project in strictly minor roles for box office. Usually these films immediately go to the Christian television circuit with a limited if any kind of run on the big screen.

    If you're a believer this film is better than average, if you're not the story will be silly and trite. Reviews for these kind of films are wasted because the audience is a built in one, dictated by religious beliefs. Kind of like a Star Trek movie in that way.
  • I saw this at the 2004 Greater Orlando Christian Film Festival. Most Christian movies have a well-earned reputation of being terrible on just about every level from acting to directing to writing to production. They look like your average church youth group with a dv camera ran out and shot a movie. As such I was braced for more of the same but Six (not sure why it is named that) actually is a cut above normal Christian films. The writing, while not always the smartest, definitely keeps you guessing what will happen next. I had some issues with things that didn't make a lot of sense, such as why in a prison where they are executing prisoners if they don't convert to the antichrist, they are allowing the inmates to have Bible studies and write Bible verses all over the walls. It seems contradictory at best. Also the backstory is given short shrift as to how or why the Leader came to power. There is some mentioning of purges and that's about it. Other issues have to do with things that happen for no apparent reason. Like there is a character that recalls how he got saved. So we see him driving his car along a road mocking a large group of people that are walking for some inexplicable reason to some unexplained or unrevealed destination, and then he gets yanked out of the car and beat up. This scene has no context. Just because it is a flashback does not mean that within the flashback, context is optional. So that's the bad, or what I can remember of it. Now for the good. Six has some of the best acting that I have seen in a Christian film, notably on the part of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Tom Newman. He delivers his lines in a nice deadpan way and never goes over the top. Stephen Baldwin(!) has a great turn as the prophetic Luke. Baldwin puts that menacingly creepy little whisper delivery that he used in The Usual Suspects to great effect here with his moments opposite Morgan. Writing, directing, and starring is Kevin Downes as Jerry the hacker. Downes does an admirable job and in all of these roles but is best at his ability to hold back the film from spiraling out of control into the realms of the ludicrous with his even direction. While it has a solid Christian thriller vibe, it doesn't ram the "you're going to hell" message down your throat. It's more complex than that and expects its audience to think critically. While not a big screen level of quality (this is to be excused because it isn't being made with a massive budget), the movie is definitely the equal of your normal made-for-tv fare. Firmly anchored if not always rock steady, Six is a film that you can watch and not be embarrassed with if you are a Christian. 3.5 stars of 5.
  • wntuc30 September 2006
    Its seems that most of the heavy critics of this movie have a problem with Christianity anyway and what in the world does the Bush Administration have to do with it? Basically one should realize that if its a "end time" Christian movie--expect bible quotes, prayer and good natured characters. I think the movie could stand improvement in its writing. Some of the attempts in humor was weak and I just have problems in attempts to create popular one-liners. Its one of those movies where you comment on how you would re-write that scene while its occurring. The mind control Nazi like soldiers are getting old also.

    On a funny side, why would I want a Porche if it cant out run an old police car on straight roads? The driver says thats OK--we'll out run em on the hair pin curves. Thats why you need 150+ on the speedometer-- Folks just lighten up, have fun watching. If you don't like Christians and the their words "burn your very soul", don't watch Christian movies (duh) just as I don't watch movies with a gay theme because I don't approve of the lifestyle.
  • Six is well done picture. I am glad to see that the movies that can be labeled "Christian" are improving. The plot line of six is mostly believable.

    The actors do a good job with making you feel as though you are with them in their experiences.

    The movie covers a time during the reign of the Anti-Christ. It does not attempt to cover more than just a narrow time.

    There are a couple of things that are not really believable. The writing on the walls will not be something that is allowed during that time period. Bible Studies are definitely out.

    This picture did leave me wondering until the last minute of the ultimate disposition of the main characters. That really enhanced the value of the movie. It does not beat you over the head with Christianity and allows you to see a different view and see what you think.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm an atheist. I favor evolution and secular humanism being taught in parochial schools, big-breasted cheerleaders being forced into homosexual marriages, convicted pedophiles teaching elementary-school sex-ed classes, and televangelists' wives (and girlfriends) being subjected to mandatory abortion when they get pregnant.

    (Just kidding.)

    My girlfriend (Christian) and I (see above) caught this movie on TBS today. I was expecting writing and acting that was heartfelt but amateurish. I found a story that gripped me quickly and moved me more than I would like to admit.

    It's a movie I enjoyed, and could even recommend, regardless of the fact that it's Christian. "Six" is better than the two "Left Behind" movies, and loads better than the NBC travesty "Revelations."

    My only objection to the story is that all the Christians in it are goody-two-shoes: they pray, they read Scripture (or even write it on walls), they witness, they listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, they are not in the slightest tempted to take the Mark, and they walk jubilant to their guillotines. I've met maybe five people like that in my whole life; whereas churches are filled with phonies who, given the choice of The Mark Or The Axe, would sell out in a heartbeat.

    The basic idea of the story: Sometime in the future (calendar years are never mentioned), the Antichrist (aka the Leader) has come to power. There is no mention that the Rapture happened, or else that it will happen later.

    Anyway, those who take the Mark become brainwashed drones of the Community. (How do we know that they're brainwashed by the Antichrist? Nobody in the Community mentions that he's Republican. :-) ) Those who refuse to take the Mark are thrown into prison for 21 days. If during that time they choose to receive the Mark, they are tagged, "indoctrinated," and released -- but otherwise, at the end of 21 days they are beheaded on a platform with six side-by-side guillotines.

    Tom Newton is a godless man who has not taken the Mark, who is still in love with his wife Jessica (now an evil drone). Tom Newton is also a former cop. He is tortured (in a scene that is guaranteed to creep out any hetero male) into agreeing to whack a Christian prophet, Elijah Cohen. To do that, Newton has to be thrown into the Markless prison, then to engineer an escape along with one of Elijah Cohen's followers, who presumably will take Newton to Cohen.

    The prison is bursting with Christians, and every inch of every cell has Bible verses written on them. Newton is scornful of the Christians.

    (Now, at this point, let me address those Bible verses. Other commentators here have found it unbelievable that the anti-Christian prison guards would allow such writings in the cells. I had no problem with that -- the guards are programmed by their "holy implants," and anyone who knows computers will tell you that programmers don't think of everything.)

    Besides Newton, also thrown in the prison are two young men who were caught driving a stolen Porsche.

    These three men must make a hard choice: take the Mark, which means Assimilation plus burning in hell for all eternity; refuse the Mark, and be beheaded in a state of sin; or accept Jesus and become a Tribulation Martyr.

    Don't think that all three men accept Jesus. The screenwriter surprised me at the end.
  • This is without doubt the most boring film I have ever seen. It is nothing but an attempt at religious indoctrination which fails miserably as far as I am concerned and, I suspect, judging by the number of 1 votes that this film has received, that I am far from being alone in this respect. It is all just sickeningly goody goody and makes Plan 9 from Outer Space look interesting, exciting, realistic and relevant. There is no way in which this film is going to appeal to anybody other than the commercially and publicly religious. Any real Christian is going to be horrified at the public washing of their ideals in public - all the film does is to emulate the brainwashing that it purports to abhor. If this holier than thou attitude is how Christians see themselves (and believe me, most of those I know do not, I am pleased to say) then it would be the most hypocritical of religions - and most religious fanatics are hypocritical in the extreme. This is a tremendously bad advertisement for Christianity, will make no converts and will even lose it a lot of friends.
  • This movie is the secret love-child of a Jack T. Chick tract and one of those "heartwarming" Christian propaganda anecdotes that have been circulating on the internet since the nineties. You know, the ones in which a mean, cynical atheist makes fun of a poor, oppressed Christian using a pompous, verbose argument which sounds impressive because it contains big words, but doesn't actually make any sense, and gets his come-uppance when his "argument" is "refuted" by some emotive sound-bytes from the Christian.

    There is in fact a scene exactly like this somewhere in the first half of the movie, which is all that I could endure before flipping to the end of the DVD to see if anything exciting happened. Nothing did.

    As science-fiction, the movie is ludicrous and unbelievable. It sets up a completely implausible and illogical view of the future. Setting aside the gimmick of the "implant" (which has a powerful, magical effect on your *brain* in spite of being implanted in your *hand*), why is someone in a maximum security prison run by a society which apparently practices rigid censorship allowed to have a bible, supposedly a heretical work? Why are the prisoners allowed to decorate their cells with beautifully and neatly executed graffiti of biblical quotations? Where do they get their art supplies? How did the evil implanted stormtroopers manage to massacre huge numbers of people in armed attacks if they appear to value personal self-preservation above everything else, including *defending the very survival of their society*?

    The evil society is simply not believable, because it is a caricature of everything that modern fundamentalist Christians disapprove of blended with symbolism from the Book of Revelations. Are we supposed to be disturbed by the drones because they are sexually promiscuous? With *gasp* partners of both sexes? Oh, noes! The horror! I bet they've also massacred half the planet!

    If you are the sort of person who reads those chain letters and thinks "Oh wow, that is such a well-reasoned argument! Let me forward this to everyone in my address book!" then you will probably adore this movie. If you are the kind of person who thinks "Who sent me this crap *again*?", then I suggest you stay away.
  • If your IQ is higher than the IMDb ranking of this movie, AVOID WATCHING IT AT ALL COSTS.

    This movie actually makes me consider requesting "negative votes" on IMDb's scale of 1 to 10. I want the 10 minutes of my life which were wasted fast forwarding through the movie back.

    As you can tell by the extreme contrast between voters comments, fundamentalist Christians will LOVE this movie. Calling it Science Fiction is an insult to the genre.

    The movie is pure, unadulterated, blind faith indoctrinated salvation bible propaganda. It reminds me of the South Park episode where Cartman makes a Christian rock band so he can get a platinum record, because they'll buy any crap as long as you mention Jesus.

    Any intelligent Christian (ha-ha get it - an oxymoron) will also be disgusted by this movie. I wonder how it received funding, then I take a look at the current US administration and wonder why they're not showing this movie in all schools yet.

    I actually hated this movie enough to write a comment about it, which says a lot. You know that feeling you sometimes get when bile tries to climb its way back up your throat? Yeah, that's what I felt at the end of the movie.
  • gwydion-728 September 2006
    Can't believe there's people who gives a 10 to this movie. The USA are starting to scare me really, people like this, who claim to love this stupid, stereotypical pamphlet are the ones mass voting G.Bush and his preventive wars against the infidels, the axis of evil and those other fairy tales. So so sad.Talking about the artistic part this is probably the worst film ever made.

    We find very bad acting, a car who seems to appear through the entire movie (with different owners). Enough plot holes to swallow the whole galaxy and crappy ideas who could fit the worst sects out there. I almost identified myself with the bad guys that being pure crap aren't swimming in the wide sea of idiocy at least.

    And yes, i'm Christian, but this is not what i was taught since i was a child. Neither Christians are theatrical lunatics nor illuminated people disconnected from reality.

    Sorry for my English
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I won't actually honor this thing with a comment on it's value as a movie.

    What really shook me actually is the indifference between the "Christians" and the "Community" in the movie. They both are completely like each other. Actually the quotes in the beginning can easily apply to both parties of the movie. And what's with the black and white attitude? The movie stands on a fine line between delivering a message and an insult, stating every non-believer to be mindless drones. No one stands in the middle.

    I should also add that I was unbiased while seeing this. I had no idea it was a Christian movie so I watched until the end because when it has something post apocalyptic, I buy it. It has been so since Mad Max. I watch even the worst. But this...
  • CeeBeeNO11 September 2005
    I think I've hit a rock bottom. This movie is one of the worst movies i've ever seen.. And I'm including all the "skischool movies, include the "best" scene in giggli and all the local norwegian movies( witch is not any good)

    Please do NOT watch this movie.!!!

    I'm NOT religious, but this made me HATE Christianity. This movie has NO meaning , no context, no action and extremely bad acting. The movie it self is altso in a very bad shape, with its " matrix inspiration. LOL! And its twelve monkies inspiration. Witch I'm still looking for..

    In result.. I'm going back to the store and asking for my money back..
  • I had no expectations from this one, I simply sat to watch a (preferably) good movie. Instead, this one turned out to be Christian propaganda in a worst way imaginable. Characters are not only non-believable, they are really boring. And the acting of the lead actors is really appalling! The script must have been written in about four hours. Including the minimalistic dialogs! All in all, I am very glad that at least I didn't pay a dime to see this disaster that someone calls a movie. That would also be my advice to all of you - do not pay for this - its a ripoff!! The entire production of this one must have cost max 5$ including the Baldwins fee. He must be getting desperate if he is accepting roles in this kind of ... well, in order not to be rude, I shall call it a movie.
  • I had to fast forward sometimes, because the bible monologues were that boring ... minutes of minutes of bible recitations from the self proclaimed messiah in prison, who already knows the future.

    He is preaching all the time and smearing his cell walls with bible texts. Which is a major offense in that "future" civilization. But no one cares.

    This is about half of the movie. Listening bible psalms and more hardcore Christian fundamentalist stuff. Sure, "future" society harbors the "anti-Christ" because people are not monogamous.

    The movie has no sci-fi elements at all. Everything is like todays world. The guns, the cars, the houses, the dresses. It is a year 2000 movie. The label text is misleading in many areas.

    They had no budget, and even less creativity for workarounds.

    German synchronization is pathetic. Often you hear the voice without lip movements and other way round.

    I brought the movie back and said I want my money back. I never asked for that in my whole life. But I refused to pay any money for this crap.
  • This propaganda film ought not to be sold pretending to be a genuine piece of entertainment.

    The acting, photography and script are around the worst I've ever seen! It is simply a vehicle for god-bothering propaganda.

    It is good that it is so bad, most propaganda is - at least it will, if anything, put people off god-bothering.

    The make-up has to be seen to be believed.

    This is not one of those films that is so bad that it becomes good - it is just an utter bore. The first few frames of the film give you the impression it might be a bad SF film, but you soon realize that it is far worse than that!

    Avoid at all costs.!
  • RandomGuy-220 July 2004
    I regret seeing this film, not because I disagree with the message that the film is conveying, but because the film is truly, truly bad. One might give the excuse that the film has a low budget, but many good films have low budgets.

    I don't know where to begin. The editing is amateurish. Some of the dialogue is cringe-worthy, and the tone, contrary to another user's comment, is quite overbearing, especially Stephen Baldwin's character, who comes across as smug and unlikeable in spite of the fact that he is supposed to be one of the most sympathetic characters in the film. Elena Lyons and Amy Moon are surely two of the worst, most wooden actresses I've ever seen. I thought that David White put in a good performance, but otherwise I really have very little of a positive nature to say about this film. Avoid it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I expected a "not-to-distant-in-the-future-sci-fi-thriller" - because that's what the label said - and with "big" names like Eric Roberts and Stephen Baldwin I thought it couldn't be half bad - even though my gut feeling told me to leave the DVD in the shelves.

    We've all made mistakes like this in the 80's, right? When we rented films because of the extremely cool artwork and those totally misleading plot summaries.

    But I have been taken by surprise by "small" flicks in the past (Hardware, Ghosts of Mars etc.) - and I decided to chance this one because; a) I love science fiction b) Eric Roberts and Stephen Baldwin have delivered good performances in major films in the past (before their careers fizzled).

    As for Eric Roberts - max two minutes of screening time before he's taken out of some bar and shot in the street. And Stephen Baldwin? He's not even the main character - just a name to support the many weak unknowns desperately in need of acting classes and talent.

    And what's with the berets? Without revealing too much - there's is a semi-Nazi core roaming around in black uniforms and berets - enforcing the words and laws of "the great leader" in this "futuristic" world. I've done my year of duty in the Norwegian army - and if I ever showed up for assignment with my beret looking like a melted frisbee - my sarge would've chewed me a new a..hole and sent me to detention. Why can't they EVER get this right? The film has a strong Christian theme - which I don't mind at all. I am sure there are those who loved this flick because of it. But why "lie" about it on the back of the cover and cheat sci-fi lovers like myself out of hard earned money? This movie is ALL talk and NO action - nothing ever happens. "Just say no".
  • If you're not a total believer of Christianity don't watch this movie. It's the worst s... I have ever seen! This one really hits the bottom! But what should I expect with Kevin Downes as director. That man should never have had the chance to make movies! When I rented it I thought that a movie with Stephen Baldwin should contain just a little bit of action! But I was totally wrong - what's going on Stephen??? Why participate in this religious propaganda! I really don't get it. That man definitely sold his soul to God - in fact I wish it would have been the Devil instead! And IMDb rated this movie with 4 stars - what is going on??? Anyway, DO NOT see this movie!
  • I have been watching Christian films for many years and as they go, this one is not too bad.

    It is hard to have a blockbuster without blockbuster money or names but then again, many good movies never went on to be blockbusters.

    The writer is presents his version of the end times and while a little confusing, I was not sure if this was pre- or post rapture, is simple and too the point.

    Although liberties are taken with traditional Christian theology, it presents the story of those who are left behind and the choices that they must make.

    I enjoyed the film because the actors are natural and attempt to portray their characters as real people with all their faults in a difficult situation. For those who are familiar with the story told in Revelations, their actions are understandable, i.e why they become Christians, still search or chose not to become Christians.

    I would recommend this movie to Christians and non Christians because of the avenues of discussion that will be opened.
  • The guard who locks in the head of Tom Newman into the guillotine - looks just like the character Scotty from Star Trek (James Doohan). Is it he? Thanks. I happened to see this movie on TBN late one night when I was up by myself. I'd heard about it first on Jack Van Impe Presents, and was pleasantly surprised to catch it that night. I was so impressed that I got online as soon as I could to buy it. We have three teens and a younger one too that I thought would benefit from seeing it. It seems like a privilege to own such a well-made movie with such an excellent message. I am especially thrilled with the sincere characters of Christian believers; they are like what a true believer will have to be like during those grievous days of the Tribulation. And, who needs any other Baldwin family performers when we have Stephen!?!
  • See I was laying in bed, and flipping through the channels and I came across the "Christian" channel, if you will, and there was a movie playing that looked interesting, so I kept on watching it, but I never found out what it was. Well, one day I was looking up Stephen Baldwin's filmography and I came across "Six: The Mark Unleashed" and I clicked on it. I went to the official site and read about it, and watched the trailer. Well, guess what? It was that movie I watched on TV! I thought it was so funny that that happened. So, I rented the movie and watched it and it was one of the best movies I have ever seen!! And to tell the truth, before this movie I wasn't a Christian, but after I watched it, I became one. And I am very happy that I was up till about 3 or 4 in the morning watching it because that was the outcome! definitely a 10/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have to say, that after I learned that this was a Christian movie I was a little surprise, because the writing is very intelligent and the acting is very good.

    The movie has several lower points, the initial presentation is rather weak and there are a lot of scenes that don't make much sense, but the script is good, the inner struggle from the inmates, at one point the movie was almost ruined and almost renamed "Hackers 3" when one of the characters tries to destroy the cult shutting down the satellite network, hey, if they are already changed, what it will happen, they will simply wake up like if they were hypnotized?? that part of the movie was pretty ridiculous and lame, but served well to explain the relationship between two characters in the story, Tom and his ex-wife.

    Another thing that didn't convince me was Tom's conversion, he seemed a very strong character, one very willingly to resist cult like ideas, where they come from some "Leader" or from Jesus himself, so that was also one of the lower points of the movie.

    But overall this movie is very good, specially because it doesn't try to portrait the followers from Jesus like goodie goodies and everyone and everything else as villains, but just tell a history, and in the end people make their choices.

    This movie can be seen by some as Christian propaganda, after all, it has a huge Christian label in the beginning, end, in the cover and in the back, but still it is say less Christian than "Saved!" is anti-Christian.

    I also should point out that I'm not saying that because one movie is Christian and the other is anti-Christian, I analyzed the movie, and also I'm an atheist, this movie didn't change any of my beliefs in logic and evolution and the fact that religion is opium for the masses, but still it is a good movie and it doesn't look like Christian propaganda to me.

  • This movie was horrible, I hate how Christians try to somehow deceptively scare you into their religion with a cheesy sci-fi movie.

    I also really hate how they make all the atheists look deranged and insane as the Christians actually are. This movie was so horrible unless you want to turn sissy I'd not waste my rental fee or time on this earth watching this horrible stale piece of cheese.

    This film actually made my Christian friend feel really stupid so thats one good plus. we gave him so much crap about it he hasn't gone to church for months now I think its opened up his eyes of how irrational his silly cult is.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There is no such word in this universe to describe how deeply this movie sucks. the plot is a complete ripoff taken from different sources, among those "equlibrium". the start of the movie fails to captivate their audience, and even though i made an effort to pay attention, through the film I was struck more and more by this movie's failure as the movie involved. It can not be blamed at the actors as there are several or at least.........a couple of good actors in this movie. any actor with integrity would never make a movie of this standard, I'm sure my brother by the age of two could direct the movie better.

    seriously, this director sucks. an example of this is perhaps.......where to start?........the scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger, trinity and bold undead guy comes quite "entuistically"(yeah right) into the room and makes an breathtaking performance shooting with maybe 1 shot a second while the sound is set at 6 shots.........and the people "dying"???? it looks like their simply taking cover in their beds.........but no folks.......this is people being brutally shot.......

    I could go on forever but I will suffice to mention just one other..... you know the end where the real main guy shots the three guards protecting the ULTIMATE EVIL. well that scene could not be directed worse. and you know in the Fancy shoot-down you'll see two of the three guards fall when two seconds later, one of them is magically on his feet again only to fall another time...... I think I've proved my point..... I watched this movie basically because Stephen Baldwin was in it as presumably the main character on the front and all. but No,,, in the actual movie he ain't got nothing but a small bi-role Crap...crap...Waste of time.:::
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There is one problem with Christian movies: They are NOT labeled as Christian movies ("CH" rating or something like that). I have bought this movie discounted, but I still feel like I was robbed. I have expected "immense SF thriller" from "near future, about the mind control and the heroes who are the only hope to remove the dictatorship". What I got is almost two hours cheesy Christian propaganda, way too long, boring, cheesy, single dimensional, no effects, tragic dialogs. If I would be interested in such material, I can get plenty of this for free. There is NO action, NO SF (even Space Truckers are more SF than this!) The view of "God's" or "free" people to "dictatorship" is not even naive, it is complete off track. The "1984" seems absolutely great and thrilling in comparison with this piece of crap. "1984" is depressive, realistic, chilling view into communistic-like future with no chance for individualism and no chance to victory. Here you have totally unrealistic view to dictatorship - enemies are allowed to talk and encourage those who should be terrified by punishment, prison cell walls full of Bible texts, prisoners are dressed clean and allowed to pray etc. etc. The dictatorships DO NOT work that way. If you want to see how real dictatorships work in their "correctional facilities", watch Gray Zone, Killing Fields or Katyn. This is just very neat, very boring, generic Christian brainwash with very standard message: Ye shall be evangelized to the exquisite death by love of Christ and the boredom! So: I want $3 back and 2 hours my life too!
  • Bantam6 December 2004
    Okay, so here I was thinking this movie would be something along the lines of "the early lion gets the Christian", but I was mistaken. The story starts off quite okay, but unfortunately it does not develop any further and degrades into blunt propaganda.

    We are introduced to a totalitarian system, lead by -eh- The Leader, where all subjects are wearing some sort of mind-control device, that makes them all easy-going, in essence, committing sins by biblical standards, especially when it comes to 'fruitless attempts of procreation', if you catch my boat. The man, namely Tom, who's adventures we follow, is forced to do some assassination on a religious figure. Well, his ex-wife, whom he still loves is with the Gestapo (as I would call it), he is all bitter; the usual mambo-jumbo. Now it is where the story begins to get really crappy. Tom is imprisoned, on death row, and meets Luke, who is some sort of preacher, who knows a lot about Tom, his wife and his plans. He (Luke - check the name) hears the voice of God, now, that's some feat! This Baldwin brother should be legally forbidden to play movies, I tell ya.

    Still, it could have been a good flick. But noooo, we witness really silly dialogues, bad, bad, bad acting and some really awful editing of the movie. At times I was thinking, the person responsible for the cut was drunk. Anyway, the whole Christian thing has some mystical touch to it, and all Christians in the movie are happy, happy to die. What kind of message is that? And yeah, let's not forget to mention Elijah's magical powers, where he makes a car to be invisible and marches right into a high security building. Without a reason to be there in the first place.

    So, what is it, that the movie would like to tell us? Heck, if I only knew! Are Christians the better ones when it comes to suffering, as they do it with a smile, or what? Where is the difference between The Leader and Elijah? Both their 'teachings' are the same, except for the ones are 'persuaded' by the device (mind you, you have to take it freely!!!) and the other do it by free will... wait, it's the same. I'd rather have such chip and enjoy a life of stupor, but without noticing it, rather than to watch another movie like this. Gee, was I ever mislead and wasted valuable time! Do not watch it under any circumstance!
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