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  • i wish i could find some good things to say about this animated sequel(but not really a sequel)to "Atlantis:The Lost Empire"but this would be a very short comment.the magic that the first one had is nowhere to be found here.the animation is pretty poor all over,the characters themselves are not very well drawn.the backgrounds and the foregrounds are also not good.there's very little attention to detail here.and instead of a compelling and engaging story,we have 3 short stories which are boring and don't make a lot of sense.i swear,even the characters sounded like they were bored,and would rather be somewhere else.which says that the voice actors were bored and wanted to be someplace else,at least that's the impression.some of the same actors return for this dismal effort,but an integral par of the success of the first one was Michael J.Fox as the main hero, Milo Thatch.i get the distinct impression this movie was just thrown together to capitalize on the success of the first one,without much thought or care.but at least Cree Summer returns as the voice of "Kida".that's probably the only good thing about this movie,and even she doesn't seem to have her heart completely in it.mind you,i guess you couldn't blame any of the cast for not giving their all,considering what they had to work with.or rather not work with.this is a straight to video movie(and i use the term loosely)which should have went straight to the nearest landfill.anyway,shame on Disney.consumers deserve much better than this.this one gets a 0/10 and a well deserved one at that.p.u
  • If you've seen Atlantis 1, then you'd know that what made that film truly great was brilliant animation and a good script. This movie was SO sloppily drawn and animated. The story is also dopey. I was so disappointed in this half-baked drivel that I couldn't make it past the first hour, and MAN did I try! The one thing this film had was that it expanded the "mole" character, making him both more sympathetic and three dimensional. Take it from me, judge this junk from the cover on the video box. The cover is poorly drawn Disney schlock, clearly grabbing for an easy buck from an unsuspecting parent. If this was a stand alone flick, it wouldn't be so bad, but riding on the coattails of a brilliant piece like Atlantis makes it utterly inexcuseable.
  • I haven't seen 'Atlantis' but when I got the DVD of this one, I didn't think it would be as bad, in spite of being skeptical. Thankfully, I didn't buy it. 'Atlantis: Milo's Return' hugely disappoints. It doesn't even look like a Disney film to begin with. The animation is very weak and looks to be done in a lame fashion. If it were playing on TV, I probably wouldn't have guessed it to be a Disney film. The film itself is extremely slow paced and the story is uninteresting. The voice actors do not impress much. There are but a few funny moments e.g. the humour with the glass and spear. Disney sequels have hardly been memorable and 'Atlantis: Milo's Return' is certainly forgettable.
  • My main criticism with the movie is the animation. I totally agree with everyone else it was very poor. Some of the characters seemed to have darker skin tones than they did in the first film, which is much better. Also the background colours looked rushed and somewhat static. It is also a shame that Michael J.Fox didn't voice Milo, he did such a good job, and James Arnold Taylor wasn't sure whether he was supposed to sound like Milo or Aladdin. I have also taken into consideration the lack of a good storyline. the third story was confusing and clumsily told, and the second story suffered from poor scripting. To make things worse, the first one I can't even remember, other than a fishing village being haunted or something like that. However, there was some nice music, and good voice talents from John Mahoney, Cree Summer, Clancy Brown and Tom Wilson, that saved the film from total disaster. All in all, a disappointing sequel to a surprisingly good film. 4/10 Bethany Cox.
  • When I put this movie in my DVD player, and sat down with a coke and some chips, I had some expectations. I was hoping that this movie would contain some of the strong-points of the first movie: Awsome animation, good flowing story, excellent voice cast, funny comedy and a kick-ass soundtrack. But, to my disappointment, not any of this is to be found in Atlantis: Milo's Return. Had I read some reviews first, I might not have been so let down. The following paragraph will be directed to those who have seen the first movie, and who enjoyed it primarily for the points mentioned.

    When the first scene appears, your in for a shock if you just picked Atlantis: Milo's Return from the display-case at your local videoshop (or whatever), and had the expectations I had. The music feels as a bad imitation of the first movie, and the voice cast has been replaced by a not so fitting one. (With the exception of a few characters, like the voice of Sweet). The actual drawings isnt that bad, but the animation in particular is a sad sight. The storyline is also pretty weak, as its more like three episodes of Schooby-Doo than the single adventurous story we got the last time. But dont misunderstand, it's not very good Schooby-Doo episodes. I didnt laugh a single time, although I might have sniggered once or twice.

    To the audience who haven't seen the first movie, or don't especially care for a similar sequel, here is a fast review of this movie as a stand-alone product: If you liked schooby-doo, you might like this movie. If you didn't, you could still enjoy this movie if you have nothing else to do. And I suspect it might be a good kids movie, but I wouldn't know. It might have been better if Milo's Return had been a three-episode series on a cartoon channel, or on breakfast TV.
  • I will not say much about this film, because there is not much to say, because there is not much there to talk about. The only good thing about this movie is that our favorite characters from "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" are back. Several of the bad things about this movie are that it has horrible characters, it has horrible comedy, horrible animation, and James Arnold Taylor trying to copy the wonderful, one and only Michael J. Fox as Milo James Thatch. The reasons for my criticisms are that all the characters are changed into something that they never were, and never should be, animation that has been downgraded to the lowest extent possible, and finally, why would somebody who did wonderful voice-over work for Obi-Wan Kenobi in "Clone Wars" want to copy Michael J. Fox? I happen to have an answer to this. Because they are the same person who thought he had to copy Eddie Murphy from Mulan in Mulan II. Yes, sadly, it is true.

  • What the (beep) is going wrong with Disney the last years? Are there totally run out of good ideas? Where is the magic? Where are the good animators, the good songwriters, the good directors, the good... Okay, i know, Walt himself and the famous "nine old man" can't come back. But is this a reason to crank out countless of those cheap sequels and slowly but surely destroying the ideals of Walt Disney? I never rent or bought a Disney-sequel of what movie however. Because i had read much enough about its (absence of) quality. But "Atlantis: Milo's Return" was aired today on TV in Germany and so i watch it. It confirmed my doubts about sequels. It was absolutely boring. Flaw animation, primitive color-rotation, simple characters, some unsuccessful tries to simulate the famous Multiplane-Camera with CGI, mediocre music and a patchwork of different, simple stories. It looks absolutely not like Disney! Not like Disney i know! It looks like one of the countless, cheap and simple animation-series like "DragonballZ", "Beyblade" etc. that aired every day on TV for children.

    My first reaction after showing this crap, was to load "Bambi" in my DVD-Player, to see Disney's immortal magic, depth, spirit and charm again, to see Disney on its climax again, to see the awesome art of handmade animation again. "Bambi" was the first (and until today the only) movie that i give 10 out of 10 stars. But "Atlantis: Milo's Return"? No magic, no depth, no charm, no spirit... It deserved only 3 out of 10!
  • This movie was horrible, and it doesn't even deserve to be called a movie. The way I look at it, it's more like three mediocre day-time Disney cartoon episodes strung loosely together to make a single video that pretends to be the sequel to the first Atlantis movie, which was way more well-made and enjoyable. And where do i even begin with the problems of this DVD? The story? The characters? The pictures/animation? To me they're all bad and unwatchable. Firstly, the story in this direct-to-video DVD is ridiculous and pointless. The only good thing about it is that it is consistent--that is, consistently bad, from the beginning to the end. After the film's over i still don't know why Milo has returned and how the incidents occur in the three small stories are related to each other or to Atlantis itself. And all I could remember about this movie was how bad it makes me feel after seeing it. The characters feel wooden and lack personality, and the drawings look a lot different than that in the first. You can tell they're obviously not from the hands of the same animators from the first one. As the DVD played on, i found myself caring less and less about what might happen to the characters and just hoping the film would end soon. Besides the story and the characters mentioned above, the picture quality is poor in this one too, probably one of the worst in those direct-to-video products that Disney has ever released. As a fan of the the original Atlantis: the lost empire, I couldn't be more disappointed in Milo's return, which is a total waste of time and money. Thank goodness I rented it first instead of buying it. Even so, I still wish I'd never seen this crap or even known its existence.
  • Sometimes people should wonder whether there are two Disney corporations. There's the Disney that moviegoers love and that consists of the classic titles that revolutionized the way people saw family and children films. Then there's the other side of Disney where it acts as a sellout / cash cow that churns out Direct-to-DVD sequels of their various popular films. Most of which these particular sequels either nobody asks for or just end up being despised by fans of the original. It makes no sense how such a well- respected company could have such split personality in goals. This is not to say that all of their DVD sequels are terribly made but to some, it would seem the mouse house operates solely on monetary impulse. The other odd thing is when sequels are produced to films that didn't even perform well. Of the early 2000's, Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) was one of them. Originally its sequel was for a TV series but was scrapped. Thus, this sequel feels more episodic in storytelling than a movie.

    Directed Victor Cook, Tad Stones and Toby Shelton (who have all worked on various Disney DVD sequels) and penned by six writers from various TV shows and genres, this sequel is okay but that's all that it is. Although the title suggests it's "Milo's return", the story is actually about Milo's original crew having him come back to the surface in order to understand and resolve strange occurrences happening with no reason in the country. Kida's thoughts are that they are somehow connected to Atlantis; once weapons of destruction that her father had locked away hoping modern day man would not find. These events in question are that of a small town being terrorized by a deep sea kraken, a dust storm of spirit wolves and a mad man looking to start the end of the world. Of these separate cases, none of them truly give any explanation to how their Atlantian connection affected history. They're really just lazy tie- ins with Atlantis and nothing more.

    The voice cast behind the characters thankfully help make the viewing relatively tolerable. There's only a few replacements; for Milo, James Arnold Taylor takes over Michael J. Fox and instead of Jim Varney, Steven Barr fills in as Cookie. Every other character remains the same. Cree Summer, John Mahoney, Jacqueline Obradors, Don Novello, Corey Burton, Phil Morris and Florence Stanley all return to reprise their roles and their exchanges are still commendable as the slew of personalities they make up. There are additional voices too and they consist of Frank Welker playing Obby (a three legged volcano dog,...precious), Jeff Bennett, William Morgan Sheppard, Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman, Thomas F. Wilson and Clancy Brown. The unfortunate part is that with these new additions, somehow not all the main characters make it into every story. Characters like Vinny and Sweet disappear at times with no notice and don't come back until another story finishes. Strange.

    Another component to the writing that doesn't exactly make sense are some of the character motivations. Some of which these motivations completely contradict beliefs from the prior movie. It's another thing to also think that sharing the gift of Atlantis will bring about good and everyone will be accepting of it. If this were a real world event, the newbies to the world should think twice. Animation was handled by Toon City, a contracting company that has frequently worked with Disney in several animated TV show spinoffs and direct- to-DVD sequels. For what it's worth, the animation is nowhere close to its predecessor's quality but it isn't garbage either. There are few relaxed scenes that have some decent fluidity to them and the action scenes are engaging too. For the action there are explosions and various other character movements (kraken, dust storms or protagonists) that have natural movement to them. The difference in quality to this is more texture display than anything else.

    Of the animation, if there's one thing that really stands out, it's all the continuity errors that litter the screen. There are a considerable number moments when these problems develop. Parts of it show up for certain sections of backgrounds, while other times it's as simple as animating characters' mouths when clearly there's voice over work being played. It's moments like those that just feel sloppy and cheap. Also when Milo's friends come back to Atlantis, they arrive via plane. However the first movie had everyone go underwater; great job guys. The music to this feature is adequate though. Don Harper, who normally is the conductor to score recording sessions and who's best work would come later in The Lion King 1 1/2 (2004), composed the music. Occasionally, Harper does reference James Newton Howard's theme from the original but it's not around for long. The music itself is also not as grand but this is probably due to the constraints of the budget itself. It's just okay.

    Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) was one of those Disney films that didn't need a sequel. Is this worth any of your time - not really but it's not a total disgrace either. The music, most of its animation, and voice acting is praise worthy. Its weak plot threads are more of the problem.
  • I am finding that I get less and less excited about Disney's sequels to movies. Yes, I do understand that the budget for the direct to video movies are not the same, but these movies don't even try. Some examples are Hunchback II and Tarzan and Jane. If anyone has seen the previews for Stitch-The Movie, you will see my point. But I digress, this movie reaffirms my point. The animation is sloppy, the story lines resemble Saturday morning cartoons, and not all of the original voices are there. I was very disappointed not to hear Michael J. Fox's voice. It was so glaringly obvious that the person doing Milo's voice was trying to sound like Fox, but didn't come close to succeeding.

    If it says anything, my children ages 10 and 6 didn't even sit through the whole movie.
  • Because Disney more often than not, ignores the animation quality and a need for a good plot in their sequels, this was actually a nice surprise. I don't know why Disney does not pay more attention to their sequels. The graphics quality is always inferior; no backgrounds worthy of the name Disney, inane plots, and worse dialog, with little or no attention given to the actual story, and the caricature drawings are almost always worse than Saturday morning cartoons in detail and quality.

    The animation quality is still poor when compared to Disney originals, and the dialog is quite trite, the story line and overall execution was really quite enjoyable.

    While it is not as captivating, it does not completely fail to capture the charm and/or mystery from the first. There is some hint of it, tucked away here and there.

    The children will like it, at any rate.

    It rates a 4.5/10 from...

    the Fiend :.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Atlantis Milo's Return is supposedly a sequel to the 2001 film Atlantis The Lost Empire. Movie picks of from the first one with more mysteries to unfold. The guy who voices Milo sounds exactly like Micheal J Fox and the animation is nice. But storywise couldn't get my head around it at all. Felt choppy in a lot of places and it was very bland.

    Go watch the original instead.
  • Some basic info: I am 21 and decided to watch this movie with my girlfriend out of nostalgia for the original Atlantis I watched as a kid. While I love watching the characters doing what they do, the story line had very little to do with the original and actually broke away entirely from the story line and the ending of the original (which did not make any sense). The animation was not nearly as good as the original and the characters, outfits, and scenery were much more poorly drawn. When watching this movie, I felt as though I was watching Scooby Doo. The illustrations and animations were comparable and the way the entire movie is laid out was exactly the same as watching several episodes of ScoobyDoo (for those who do not know, it was about a mystery solving group of friends). This all being said. If you watched the original, do not watch this movie for it will absolutely kill the story line for you. I mean, if you're too young to be a critic, by all means go watch it. But if you older and looking to relive good old movie, do yourself a favor and pass.
  • Where's the touch of magic Disney studio's used to have with every movie they made? I don't know. If you know, tell me! New movies like Nemo still reach the public, but even there I see a constant repeating of things I have seen in movies before. In every Disney/Pixar movie they seem to need to show toys laying around from Toy Story. And every new movie has the repeating thing of Simba in The Lion KIng. As for the video's and all the sequels, this is the last one I have bought. All these numbers II, I will ignore from now on when I walk through the store.

    Milo's return is nothing more than 3 short stories, which misses the charm of the first movie Atlantis. The only reason to make such sequels seems to me to get some money easily out of the pockets of ignorant parents who are willing to buy anything 'disney' for their spoiled kids, without even thinking about quality. Why is Disney leaving the 'yellow brick road' they were walking on? There are numerous stories around the world that have the magic Disney used to bring to us in it's classics.

    I will always be a Disneyfan in heart and soul, but at the moment it only means that I play the old classics over and over again, eagerly waiting for the day that Disney 'comes back to it's senses' instead of bringing us such bad sequels as 'Pocahontas II', 'Hunchback of Notre Dame II' and 'Cinderella II'.
  • I recently rewatched the original Atlantis film, which made watching this sequel impossible. The illustrations are extremely simplified, the voices are no where near the same quality, the framing and direction is laughable in comparison - it feels more like a long TV show episode. One reviewer described it as a Scooby Doo-type production and I have to agree 100%. It's exactly what I thought as I was watching it myself. I forwarded through the movie to make sure that it was the same the whole way through as I couldn't believe it wasn't some kind of "dream" scene. Disappointing...
  • I was really interested in seeing more of the Atlantis universe. This "movie" is clearly three episodes of the cancelled TV show and it shows quite painfully. It just made me wish for the actual TV show and see more episodes. Each part of the movie is based on a different mythology and they combined their research with good visuals. This raises some potential cultural issues with the hyperdiffusionist theme but nobody really watched this anyway.
  • Raylotic216 November 2013
    What an awful sequel! I've had my fairy share of bad sequels, but I mean this one just topped them all! Within the first few seconds I just knew it wasn't going to be good. Yanno, I decided to put it on after I watched the first one the night before mainly out of curiosity. And I regret that decision now. The script was sub par, full of one liners and an excess of slap stick humor. The plot itself was pretty weak, I understood it perfectly well, but the story didn't unfold as nicely. The animation was cheap, stiff, and not as nearly expressive as its predecessor. I feel like this movie wasn't taken as seriously as the first. It was like watching a marathon of bad scooby doo movies! Not to mention the female characters are significantly weakened. Remember how awesome Kida was? Kicking butt and also being a rad princess at the same time? Yeah no, not in this one because of course the guys had to come and save the day. The reason so many people love the first movie is because of its diverse characters and interesting story! Lets not forget the beautiful artwork, expressive animation, and fantastic diversity between all the characters. This movie way obviously a way to make a quick and easy buck off of the public. If you have any appreciation for the first film, just watch the first one and steer clear of this catastrophe of a movie.
  • r96sk14 July 2020
    Terrible, which is very disappointing given how impressive the original is.

    Michael J. Fox's departure as Milo immediately lowers the expectancy of the film, as does the instant sign of the animation being inferior. The plot starts off mildly interesting, even if it does feel like a 'What's New, Scooby-Doo?' story, but quickly loses it with two poor plots.

    It is one rounded off premise, though it's practically still that annoying multiple stories rolled into one thing that Disney so often do for sequels. The film takes place, almost entirely, away from Atlantis which is utterly pointless. I had expected we'd see more of the world we left in the 2001 production, sadly they immediately revert back to the 'real world' which is massively less intriguing.

    None of the voice cast or the characters themselves are memorable, they force a new one called Obby, a lavadog, into the mix which doesn't work whatsoever; he is just used to advance the plot at one particular point.

    As you can tell, I didn't like 'Atlantis: Milo's Return' at all. Everything from the animation to the pacing is just so bad, in my opinion of course.
  • I'm sorry to say this but I didn't enjoy this movie at all. It was just too boring. So boring that I couldn't watch the rest of it. It's not as interesting as the Lion King or Aladdin. That's why I hate this stupid days because these days are just not what they used to be. The movies that Disney have released lately really sucks! I miss the old days when they used to produce good movies like the Lion King, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Cinderella, The Aristocats, and Robin Hood. This movie is really awful. I really tried my best to be interested in this movie but I just couldn't. I don't think I could recommend this film to anyone. I would recommend the ones that I just mention above.
  • 7/8/9 out of ten, you people have something wrong with you in fact if you gave it above 3 something ain't right The voices were so far off, 2 years after the masterpiece that was 1 and we get this It is scoobydoo like The opening almost gives you hope, look is not the same but think, this could be good Then BOOM Milo's voice Cute...they went cute...thats enough to throw it away, the first had impact, brilliantly placed humor that felt real, emotional trips This was an insult to the creators of the first movie. Colours, animation my god they were good, 13 years later,and still wonderful to watch. It does not feel like it was made for 4 year olds Atlantis 2 feels like it's a kids movie, real little kids who cant remember a plot anyway so why bother with one
  • Vladko13 May 2003
    Hi there. I watched the first part when it came out, and I don't remember having left such a bad impression on me as this one.

    First, the animation is choppy, wooden, not worked on, lacks naturality - I understand the drawing style was to be of some 'atlantean' kind, but, it could be done with the usual Disney finesse... see "Tarzan" to see what I mean. If I didn't see the DISNEY logo in the beginning, I would never say it was a Disney movie.

    Second, the plot was more like a PC game style, like a good old quest. Not that it was bad, but it lacked a story that binds the viewer to the characters and their goals. It was inconvincing, at least. The film was meant for children, but this was waaay to childish at times.

    Third, the music... I would say it was improper, but it just fits the whole scene with the plot and animation...

    Overall, I think this was some kind of an amusement, just by-the-way kind of project by several apprentice animators, just to fill in the count for Disney movies. Sorry to hear that from myself, a big Disney lover...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved Atlantis: The Lost Empire. It wasn't Disney best Movie ever made but it's Handdrawn (and part CG) Animation was stunning, I would call it Disney best looking Animated Movie. It's Characters were more mature and darker and so was it's Story. That's why it's one of my favorite Disney Movies. Atlantis - Milo's Return takes everything we liked about the first Movie and smashes it. The Animation is awful, the Characters are Parodies of themselves and the Story is so lazy written it's unbelievable. The first thing we see is Queen Kida flying over a Sea of Magma, in which Animals are Swimming. There are Animals SWIMMING in MAGMA, 100 Seconds into this and the Movie already lost me. And it didn't get uphill from there. The Team from the first Movie visits Milo and Kida, to ask them for help dealing with a Sea Monster called the Kraken. So our Heroes travel to Norway to slay the Kraken and about 20 Minutes later they Win. And that Point you realize instead of one long Story they crammed three Incredible Bad Stories into this. It feels More like a Pilot for an Atlantis: The Lost Empire TV-Show, a bad TV-Show. The other annoying Part is the Characters. They got almost everything about those Characters wrong, as if they did't see the first movie. Vinnie for instance, he was the funniest Character in the first movie. I liked his dry sense of Humor and some great lines like:"But, nobody got hurt. Well, maybe somebody got hurt, but nobody we knew." He's not nearly as funny now. You can see they tried to target the Younger Kids with this. To me this Movie was was just a massive waste of Time, Money and Electricity. 70 Minutes of my life i'll never get back.
  • No, I didn't see the 1st Atlantis movie(Mainly because I heard it wasn't a major success) but I'm sure it was much better than this pathetic excuse for a movie. This "sequel" was just plain awful, the story was boring, and I definitely noticed something weird about Milo's voice. Every time he spoke, I was so confused on whether he was being voiced by either Scott Weinger(voice of Aladdin) or Jason Marsden(who voiced Max in "A Goofy Movie" and Kovu in "The Lion King 2"), it was just kinda annoying. Not to mention I had no idea Milo was originally voiced by Michael J. Fox, who I think is quirky as the voice of Stuart Little. I also had no clue that Disney linked 3 different planned episode stories together, and they had the nerve to call it a movie. The stories in this "film" are really boring, and out of any Disney direct-to-video sequel, this one has the 2nd worst animation(behind "Hunchback of Notre Dame 2"), and just as with every Disney production like this one, It will never recapture the magic and beautiful animation of the original theatrical film. 1/10.
  • JokerMichel14 May 2018
    This is the typical exemple of how bad sequels can be. The plot was boring, weak and pointless
  • The sequel to the Disney "flop" is a direct to video that seems more like three episodes of the never produced series more than a movie. The animation is on the whole a bit better of than the normal TV fare with moments of sheer brilliance.

    That said the movie is a much better than average adventure that would have been classic had it not been flawed by the episodic structure and the fact that it was abandoned by Disney and left to rot in the video backwaters and so had many hands writing the story.

    This is not the disaster that many have claimed. It is a decent 75 minutes that will leave you wanting more. Granted this is a rental and not a purchase, but its still something to see.

    The use of color is mind blowing in the film and the colors as reproduced by the DVD are almost painful.

    Three stars, especially if you want to see even more stolen Mike Mignola-like art.
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