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8 August 2016 | lor_
Ambitious sci-fi/fantasy series, could have been classic
Antonio Adamo's "Virtualia", spanning six volumes on DVD (mostly out-of-print) is typical of his epic work: full of interesting ideas, striking design work, but ultimately unsatisfying. He suffers fatally from the familiar Adult Industry syndrome: over-reliance on the Prime Directive.

We know from Gene Roddenberry's "Star Trek" creation the importance of the Prime Directive -in his case similar to the Hippocratic Oath, to do no harm to civilizations one encounters in space exploration. For porn, the Prime Directive unfortunately is "Never overwhelm the hot sex footage with an iota of anything else", a concept I have utterly rejected from the beginning of public porn in the '60s, but which is adhered to by nearly all practitioners in recent times.

So "Virtualia" starts off with great promise; the beautiful discovery Lynn Stone plays the title character, a girl with ESP and other untapped powers who is the key figure throughout: in the 2-part sci-fier that "Cyber Sex" kicks off; in the middle fantasy trilogy "Dark Side"; and in the police procedural thriller finale "Lost in Sex".

Focusing on Part 1, she is a type of android, whose Temple of Love provides virtual sex for a population in which the men have lost their virility after a nuclear holocaust. Philippe Dean starts the saga in the lead role of Damian, searching for Virtualia and her Temple hdqts., in atmospheric location footage shot in Spain, while abstract futuristic sets (depicting 2018, reality nearly having caught up with the story) were used in Budapest studios.

Some other terrific beauties including Nikki Anderson, Loureen Kiss and Asian Shan share the screen with Lynn for eight hot sex scenes, and just as things get interesting, Adamo falls back on his PD crutch -let's get on with the mechanical sex. He has one of Adult Cinema's most recognizable and copied styles: the girls eyeing the camera almost constantly for an intimacy that certainly fits this "cyber sex" premise. Recall that these films were shot during porn's "Interactive" fad, in which many companies like Metro, VCA, Vivid and even Adam & Eve suddenly added "Interactive" to their company name, only to abandon it soon after.

I enjoyed the sex footage, the smoky sets, girls in fetish gear and the fairly interesting plot turns, but as I will describe in reviewing Episode 2 ("The Final Truth") the show doesn't end up as interesting as it began.

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Adult | Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller


Release Date:

April 2001



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Budapest, Hungary