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  • What can you say? 'Blood and Bone' is a pleasant martial arts/drama surprise that handles us a pretty enjoyable ride during it's 90 minutes and a Michael Jai White in top form.

    Directed by the one who wrote the infamous failure that was 'Dragon Ball Evolution', Ben Ramsey, the movie tells us the story of Isaiah Bone, an ex-con that takes the world of underground fighting by storm, in order to keep a promise to his late friend in prison.

    With an interesting plot that explores the martial arts world combined with the underground fighting game and a 'surprise effect' sustained until the last twenty minutes of the film, Ramsey achieves to maintain the spectator on his chair until the end of the movie, mixing action and drama.

    The fighting scenes are awesome, and not only Michael Jai White knows how to act, knows how to fight: he kicks ass (and also Van Damme's and Segal's ass too).

    This is one of the best low budget action movies you can possibly watch in your life and if you're a martial arts fan then this will serve you well. It has excellent underground fighting matches that will blow you away. Michael Jai White rocks, and he IS the movie.

  • Isaiah Bone (Michael Jai White) is released from prison and immediately enters the world of underground fighting. With the help of Asian manager Pinball (the super annoying Dante Basco), Bone wins several fights easily and attracts the attention of local crime kingpin James (Eamonn Walker). James is suitably impressed and wants Bone to fight for Mr. McVeigh (Julian Sands). Of course, the avid chess player/head smasher Bone has been planning all of these moves carefully as he has his own agenda.

    With a three word title, cliché story and style that sends me back to the early Steven Seagal flicks, BLOOD AND BONE is about the best early 90s action flick made in 2009. The plot is straight up Van Damme territory (it actually resembles Jean Claude's LIONHEART quite a bit) and the film more than delivers in the action department. Jai White, an incredibly talented martial artist, is given lots of time to show off his moves. Thankfully, director Ben Ramsey allows for some long takes that really highlight his flow. The final battle against "Pretty Boy" Price (BLOODFIST 2050's equally talented Matt Mullins) is probably the film's highlight. Acting wise, Jai White is very good as the stoic Bone. The film's top acting honors, however, go to Eamonn Walker as the gangster who loves his dogs and refuses to curse. He is a real revelation. Julian Sands puts in about 10 minutes as the stereotypical "evil white guy" and he has quickly morphed into mid-to-late 90s Malcolm McDowall. The supporting cast is rounded out with lots of MMA fighters including Maurice Smith, Gina Carano, "The Beast" Bob Sapp and Kimbo Slice, who will surely get a nod for Best Supporting Actor for his turn as jail house thug J.C.. It is really a shame to see Michael Jai White only getting a chance to shine in lead roles in low budget action flicks. Ryan Reynolds gets big films, but this guy can't?
  • ericthered017 September 2009
    "Blood and Bone" is one of the best low budget martial arts films I have ever seen. This was a perfect movie to showcase the talent of the very underrated Michael Jai White. Great fight scenes throughout that are really shot well. None of that shaky camera stuff where you can't tell what is going on. I just happened to watch this movie after watching the movie "Fighting" and I have to say that "Bone" is ten times better. The fight scenes, the music, and even the acting is better. "Fighting" had very little fighting and the little it had wasn't that great. The camera was too close to the actors and too shaky to tell what was going on. They could have been playing poker for all I know. "Bone" should have been released in theaters instead of "Fighting". If you are a fan of martial arts films and like fight scenes where you can see all the moves, check this one out.
  • This was easily one of my favorite martial-arts movies in the last 5 years or so. Michael Jai White plays the part perfectly, and his tough yet concerned persona is great. I honestly couldn't think of a better person to fill this role, and his beautiful martial arts style makes it all the better.

    It does suffer from some lackluster acting jobs outside of White. I thought Dante Basco (Pinball) over acted quite a bit, and i don't think he was the best actor for the role.

    Other than that the movie was terrific, and i would recommend it to any martial arts fan.
  • First, this is not one movie but two. The first is a standard drama about a mysterious stranger that comes out of nowhere to extract vengeance for .. whatever. No offence to the writing team, but we've seen this before. I think Van Damme alone has done this about a dozen times. It's not bad, mind you, but there is nothing in the drama portion of this film that would make you stand in line to see the movie. Which brings us to movie no 2, the fight movie. Now a martial arts is an entirely different kind of movie, and its success rests with two factors, the building of the suspense and the quality of the skills of the lead. Bruce Lee understood this perfectly and if you do your homework you will find that the film he was working on at the time of his death was about "structured" fights where each fight built on the next to a grand finale. The best fight films of our era -- the first Rockies, ONG BAK 1 (not the rest), and the early Van Dammes all understand this principle. Ever Warrior, a great fight film, gets it. (The Chinese don't and many Kung Fu films from China miss the boat). Now, if you are still with me, you probably suspect that BLOOD AND BONE has one of the best fight structures in film, therefore putting it as a contender for greatness. Which leaves the lead actor. To make this one of the best fight films ever, you would also need an actor who is not only credible but moves like the wind and gives the impression he could actually make the moves in real life ... if he had to. And that brings us to Jai White. Why this guy never become a fight legend, I don't know. Hell, Stallone is still fighting on the way to pick up his pension checks, so it can't be age. But he is the real deal, and this seems his best star performance. Actor plus well structured (pyramided) fights equal one of the best fight films of all time
  • ... though not in the field of karate... ;)

    I decided to write this comment because I'm very thrilled about "Blood and Bone" and decided to give it 10 stars. Not that I haven't seen better acting performances and scripts before but this movie is just the ideal of BRILLIANT Sunday-movie-entertainment.

    I think we've all been waiting for a replacement for the old kick-ass- actors like jean-claude van damme and jet li. We have it now, his name is Michael Jai White and in this movie he is a mean mother-F, an ex-con with a big heart and an attitude.

    This movie is NOT bad acting like many fighting movies and the script is simple but its working.

    I HARDLY RECOMMEND this movie because of it's high rate of entertainment.

    By my reckon the only people being disappointed about this movie is people who are more in to the Hugh-Grant-is-running-around-in-pyjama- and-is-in-love-with-a-girl kind of movies. Not that there is anything wrong with that. :)
  • Violent film plenty of killings and brutal bare-knuckled fighting in the slums . Exciting picture full of brawls by means of fierce bare-knuckled struggles staged in nauseam . In Los Angeles , in a world where street gangs collide with the law , an ex-con named Isahia Bone (Michael Jai White of Spawn and Universal soldier 2) takes the underground fighting world by storm in his quest to fulfill a promise to a dead convict . There will have place the ultimate fight - the one for power , pledge , vengeance , and honor. This thrilling movie deals with a tight-lipped fighter who introduces to the world of underground street fierce brawling . He's an expert on martial arts to survive and take different sides to fight and hooks up with small time promoter Pinball (Dante Brasco) . Bone attempts to come up with a way to get enough money to live , but there emerges a dangerous contender versus kingpin James (Eamonn Walker) who arranges the bare-knuckled bouts . Bone attracts the attention of local crime boss who is overtly impressed and wishes Bone to fight for Mr. McVeigh (Julian Sands) . Bone is soon fighting various contenders -ranging from bouncing wrestlers to Oriental fighters . Bone decides that he has something worth brawling for and sets everything on the line to vanquish in these no-holds-barred , bare-knuckle fights . Although Bone only wants to defeat opponents long enough to gain enough money , he is reluctant to let tricks in combats on the fighting . Every knock-out brings him closer to the existence he's always wished , but also carries him in a deadly cobweb he can't getaway . At the ending , the protagonist is forced to fight in a deadly confrontation .

    This thrilling picture well written/produced by Michael Andrews contains violence , thought-provoking drama , thrills , and lots of brutal brawls plenty of punches , kicks, and knockouts . Acceptable performance from Michael Jai White as impulsive ex-con becoming a professional street-fighter and battling a variety of contenders . Jai is the complete show as one army man fighting a group of heinous nasties and as always he makes his own stunts like is well proved . Michael White holds Black belts in 7 styles of martial arts as Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Okinawan Kobudo, Goju Ryu, Tang Soo Do and Wushu . He has 26 titles including U.S. Open, North American Open, and New England Grand Champion . Two females , the singer Nora Gaye , daughter of soul legend Marvin Gaye, and Michelle Belegrin give surprisingly good acting as landlady and mistreated woman respectively . Special mention to Eamonn Walker as cruel villain and brief appearance of Julian Sands as racist big-time promoter . Appropriate musical score fitting to action by Nicolas Pike and adequate cinematography by Roy Wagner . The picture belongs to sub-genre about street combats as ¨Lionheart¨ with Jean Claude Van Damme and whose maxim representation turns out to be the classic ¨Hard times¨ by Walter Hill with Charles Bronson and James Coburn ; furthermore , recent adaptation titled ¨Fighting ¨ by Dito Montiel with Channing Tatum and Luis Guzman . It's a colorful but strong entertainment that results to be well directed by Ben Ramsey . Ben is an expert screenwriter as ¨Big Hit¨ , ¨Dragonball¨ and occasionally director as ¨Love and bullet¨ and ¨Blood and Bone¨ his best film . Rating : 6,5 , good but very violent .
  • sappdaddy021 August 2009
    I saw this movie last night and I thought it was a pretty good movie. Michael jai White plays his role pretty good. The fight scenes to me were good compared to some of the other fighting movies that are in theaters. Overall, I enjoyed the movie. This is one of those movies that I would love to have seen in the theaters. If you enjoy enjoy martial arts pictures or just plain ole fighting movies, then you won't want to miss this one. The story line made sense unlike some others that are sometimes hard to follow. The only thing that I would loved to have seen be different is the lines from Pinball. I think his lines were a little overkill. The writers could have toned it down a little because he wasn't really funny if that's what they were trying to portrait.
  • I saw today Blood and Bone and I was surprised because it turned out being pretty good. I this saw because I've been a fan been a fan of Michael Jai White since Spawn. Anyways the movie is pretty low budget but who really cares when the fight scenes are really well done considering that I didn't see any wires. Storyline is good considering it's a fighting movie and Eamon Walker (Oz) comes out in the film which is cool because I never see him in anything the only other movie I've ever seen him in was Shopping with Jude Law on IFC. All in all a very good action film, Michael is a bad ass in the movie. And hopefully Michael Jai White gets some recognition and starts coming out in more movies.
  • I have a great gift in the ability to enjoy exploitation cinema and genre films. When a movie like "Blood and Bones" comes along, I am able to watch and hopefully enjoy it for what it is.

    "Bone and Blood" stars Michael Jai White. White, one may remember, played the titular character in self proclaimed bad boy Todd McFarland's kid friendly send-up of the demonic "Spawn." White branched out to TV and voice acting after the nearly career killing clownish "Spawn" movie failed to generate much positive buzz. White, however, is an accomplished martial artist primarily in the Kyokushin style – a brutal full contact form of karate (though he also dabbles in Wushu which is much more screen friendly) – and film loves high impact martial artists. So White has been given another chance as a leading man with this movie, the upcoming fantastically buzzed about blaxploitation tribute "Black Dynamite," and a rumored involvement in Robert Rodriguez's developing mess, "Predators."

    White plays Bone, an ex-con with a heart of gold. After his release, Bone finds himself immediately drawn to the illegal street fighting scene where he hooks up with mouthy small time promoter Pinball (Dante Brasco). Bone's motivation is indistinct at first and that gives the first part of the movie a rushed feel. However there is a Reveal about half way through that explains Bone's motivations and helps tighten up the not-too-surprising storyline. Otherwise Bone is a bit of a mystery in that his crime, his time, and his history is left completely unexplained for the duration of the film.

    Once Pinball realizes Bone's talent, he quickly concocts a scheme that will get Bone a shot at the local street fighting champ Hammerman (played with corny endearment by former MMA champ Bob Sapp) arranged through Hammerman's bigger-time promoter James (Eammon Walker – "Oz" jailhouse Muslim leader Kareem Said).

    This comes at around the halfway point where the film shifts gears from a tournament style martial arts flick to more of a revenge flick. Bone's personal motivation is brought to the forefront and momentum leads to one final fight with, inexplicably, David Aldridge, of whom I know nothing about. I say inexplicably because the film is draped in cameos and roles by past and current MMA stars from various leagues. Aldridge has, literally, less than five minutes screen time and that role, it seems, could have been handled by one of the MMA guests.

    The martial arts throughout the film look powerful and brutal but the choreography is not inspired. White is a gifted martial artist and it would be interesting to see him in the hands of a stellar fight choreography team. The fights were entertaining enough, though, due to what many a child of the 90s martial action films would called the Seagal Factor. The Seagal Factor is, simply, when the protagonist is such an incredible bad ass that he is never – not once – threatened in the film which leads to a kind of maniacal hand-rubbing glee. None of White's fights are competitive in "Bone and Blood," but they're still quite interesting due to the Seagal Factor.

    From a tech standpoint the film has numerous flaws. There are many cues that are missed and mis-fired gestures that are stopped and started by the actors awaiting their cue in dialog scenes. The music is horrible. The score somehow alternates between syrupy sweet Bill Bixby Incredible Hulk piano music and NIN-like industrial riffs. The effect is jarring.

    But this is not a movie to watch for its technical merits. It's a movie to watch for martial arts bad assery and in that way it works. It does not score high in finesse or creativity, but there is a certain primal element that White taps into that makes the movie a worthwhile popcorn flick.

    It seems that "Black Dynamite" is a can't miss and working with Hollywood darling Rodriguez can't be bad for White's career, so White may finally be on his way to stardom. If not, Bone ended in a way that could easily lead to sequels of "The Equalizer" type story lines. Or maybe White will take off while Bone makes his way to the small screen. When's the last time we had a prime time martial arts series? I think Bone could work there.
  • I am not going a great rating, because this could have been better. Don't expect high end acting, because there is just two names worth mentioning - Michael and Eamonn Walker. The other cast of full of MMA fighters. So, just expect fight. It is there. Eammonn is very good as James. The movie's plot has lot of holes. They could have devoted more time to the relationship between Danny and Bone, but they didn't and the reasoning doesn't seem personal.

    Michael Jai must be cast in some big budget action movie... He's a next JCVD.

    Make no mistake, this ain't undisputed 2. Undisputed 2 just felt right. But this ain't bad at all. Better than most action flicks. I would see this movie more many of the high end bull-crap movie these days.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Isaiah Bone (White) gets out of prison and ends up renting a room at an L.A.-area house run by Tamara (Gaye). Bone is a quiet and mysterious man, and we don't know much about his past. What we do know is that he's an outrageously talented fighter, and he proceeds to get involved with the illegal, underground Punchfighting circuit. Immediately recognizing that Bone is head-and-shoulders better than the normal street thugs, charismatic fight promoter Pinball (Basco) takes him under his wing and Bone moves up the ranks. This puts him in the sights of James (Walker), a high-class thug with aspirations to join the ranks of the ultra-wealthy, as represented by Franklin McVeigh (Sands). James also recognizes Bone's fighting talents and wants to use him to break into the really big time. But Bone has his own reasons for doing what he's doing, and only his strength and personal honor and integrity guide him through his mission. But will he make it out alive? Blood and Bone is as good a movie you could possibly hope for in the world of the modern-day Punchfighter. There's just enough depth and interesting things going on with the plot and characters to raise it above the muck and mire of the "I-punch-you-you-punch-me-and-that's-it" Punchfighters out there. Seemingly, it's a movie out of time, as we felt this could have come to the movie theater, had it only been released in 1997 or so. The only things that mark it as new are some brief - but still unfortunate and unnecessary - uses of CGI. Otherwise, the plot has a nicely familiar feel, and Michael Jai White makes a powerful hero.

    As for MJW, we've always been huge fans. His Martial Arts abilities and screen presence have only continued to improve since Ring of Fire III (1995) and Ballistic (1995), which is rare. It's a joy to watch him execute his moves. One of the great injustices in life is that Steven Seagal is more of a household name than White. White deserves to be in the action pantheon with Dolph, Van Damme, (and unfortunately, Seagal). His appearances in two of the Universal Soldier movies make sense towards that aim, but it seems MJW is primarily known in the action community. We feel he deserves wider recognition. As for fellow fan favorite Gina Carano, she has a criminally small part. It would have been awesome to see her team up with MJW to take down the baddies. Maybe someday that will happen.

    As for Julian Sands, you might ask yourself what he's doing in an urban-themed modern-day Punchfighter. His one scene where he verbally faces off against James should answer all your questions. One of the things that make Blood and Bone a worthwhile movie, besides its pleasantly surprising spurts of intelligence at times, is its sense of humor, which is well-portioned out. We don't know if this was on purpose, but in a throwback to the Blaxploitation movies of the 70's, all the Caucasian characters are just lightweight, silly, stereotypical whiteys. The Punchfighter "Cowboy" is just a "redneck" stereotype, the white family that eats dinner with James wear sweaters around their necks and listen to Wang Chung, and Julian Sands is the whitest person on earth. It's hard to discern whether the tried-and-true plot line and some characteristics of the movie are homages to the past, or just a simple lack of originality. That's the danger of homages, the audience might misunderstand your intentions. The Hitter and Lionheart seem to be primary influences.

    But just as in all great movies, Blood and Bone gets its own title song during the end credits. Seeing as how it's a competently-made film with just the right amount of depth, and you really have a hero to root for in MJW, we feel that Blood and Bone is one of the better modern-day Punchfighters out there.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    we've seen it all before over and over, but rarely have i enjoyed a straightforward martial arts film so much as i did when i watched 'Blood and Bone'......

    Michael Jai White is an amazing martial artist and a very decent actor, up there with such natural talent as that of recent stars like Tony Jaa and the more veteran Donnie Yen - all, still, yet to become big Hollywood stars sadly....

    despite being clichéd to all hell, it is a fight film let's not forget!!, the storyline for 'blood and bone' is JUST engaging enough to hold your attention for the brief periods between the fantastically executed fight scenes. nobody will rent or buy this movie expecting anything more than a run of the mill low budget actioner and if i were to rent it again not knowing, i'd hopefully think the same - only then will you genuinely be surprised at just how good a fight film this is - all the acting is pretty damn good for a film in this genre and the supporting fighters do a great job of keeping the action ticking over nicely throughout.

    i agree with an earlier comment, its definitely a re-hash of well trodden territory first covered (to my knowledge) in van dammes lionheart/A.W.O.L around twenty years ago... but this doesn't take away from the fact that within the film there is an immensely talented martial artist putting everything he possibly can on the screen - for probably not a lot of money. tthe film is gritty, hard hitting yet not taking itself too seriously all at the same time. it was also refreshing to see camera-work going back to basics in this movie and letting you watch the fight unfold in front of you rather than trying to make it seem frenetic by throwing the camera around violently and cutting away every 2 seconds - this is how you know whether the people 'in camera' genuinely have the skills as a martial artist - something glaringly obvious in white....

    all in all, a fantastic movie thats gets ten out of ten from me, just because it more than satisfied my appetite for a fight film - therefore, it achieved EXACTLY what it set out to do.

    more of this please mr white!!!!! and to anyone watching the movie, don't switch it off when the credits roll - wait to see the bad guy get whats coming to him ;)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There is absolutely no plot in this movie character climax...nothing. But has a few good fighting scenes that are actually pretty good. So there you a movie overall is pretty bad, but if you like a brainless flick that offer nothing but just good action scenes then watch this movie. Do not expect nothing more that just that.Decent acting and a not so bad direction..A couple of cameos from Kimbo and Carano...I was looking to see Carano a little bit more in this movie..she is a good fighter and a really hot girl.... White is a great martial artist and a decent actor. I really hope he can land a better movie in the future so we can really enjoy his art..Imagine a film with White and Jaa together...that would be awesome
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I rented this flick from Blockbuster just a couple of nights ago and it was so good, that I ended up purchasing it to add to my collection! Michael Jai White hadn't been seen in a lot of martial arts movies after Undisputed II, but when I saw this in the New Release section with his face on it, I jumped at the chance to check this bad boy out. Man, I was so amazed at the story, the characters, the Eastern philosophy and the fight scenes that had been put together...this film was a work of art and a stroke of genius.

    The story starts off with Jai White's character Bone, who in the opening credits, shows a bunch of thugs in prison who want to shank him for not being there 'you know what', why he shouldn't be messed with and he gets his point across pretty damn well. Later after getting out, he finds himself a nice place to stay at and enters an underground fight tournament. We the audience later on learn, that there's more to Bone than meets the eye and he's really in the 'fight game' to help out a con named Danny who he befriended while in prison.

    The interesting part of this story is Bone's silent, stoic no-nonsense exterior and his wise guru like ways. Michael Jai White was an excellent candidate to play this part and he puts on a superb performance. I also liked how the events of the story was in favor for the protagonist, as opposed to the antagonist who holds all the 'Aces' because of wealth, position of power and their connections to other underworld figures. Here, Bone uses the 'Art of War' elements to mess with his opponents and put them in compromising positions. He even has a sidekick in the form of Pinball (Dante Basco), a street hustler who sets up fights and hangs with Bone for the money but in-between all that, he still wants to help Bone out cause he considers him his homeboy. Dante was extremely funny at certain points in the movie, whether he was talking trash, smokin' a blunt or holding two Glocks on the bad guys saying stuff like 'What's up b**ches?!' LOL! Needless to say, for anyone that's into martial arts flicks with an Eastside philosophy meets Urban westcoast story, this one is for you. Pick this up today and you'll want to add it to your collection too...I guarantee it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After seeing Michael Jai White in «Undisputed 2» getting head to head with Scott Adkins, I am sure many were extremely impatient for his next upcoming movie Blood and Bone. And here it is! Blood and Bone is a simple story of an ex-con Bone (White) who keeps his promise to find his friend's wife and kid when he gets out. Since the friend got butchered in the prison, Bone has a personal score to settle. And boy, he settles it…

    For all you martial art fans – this is the movie to watch. It does not have as much fights as «Undisputed 2» had, but offers better acting (special thanks to ex Warlock – Julian Sands, and Eamonn Walker), and more drama. This is what this movie is – a drama with martial arts. As for the fights, and whats more important, people who fight – there's plenty. There's Kimbo Slice, Maurice Smith (from the «Bloodfist 2» fame), Matt Mullins, Bob Sapp, Gene LeBell, hell even Bob Wall from Enter the Dragon as «O'Hara»(!!!), what else could you ask for?

    Anyway, if you like martial arts – watch this. Its worth it. If you like Michael Jai White – watch this, he gets to fight, to act and looks very cool. If you've seen Channing Tatum's «Fighting» and thought it wasn't good enough – again, watch this. Lower budget, but better understanding of action, better martial arts and lots of familiar faces. Good midnight entertainment.
  • I have had "Blood and Bone" laying around for quite a while, just never got around to watching it, as I thought it was a boxing movie. Don't know where I got that notion from. It wasn't before a friend of mine mentioned the martial arts in the movie that I picked it up and actually got around to watching it. The reason for me acquiring this movie was because of Julian Sands, but it turned out that he was not in the movie all that much, much to my disappointment.

    "Blood and Bone" is about Isaiah Bone (played by Michael Jai White) who comes out of prison with a promise to fulfill to his friend from inside the jail. And in order to do this, he becomes a street fighter with his ambition set on one thing only.

    Story-wise, then "Blood and Bone" is fairly average and generic. There is nothing overly impressive or creatively new to be seen here. But still, it works out well enough, because the storyline (however generic it might be) is spiced up with some really nice fighting scenes.

    I must admit that I was thoroughly impressed with the fighting skills of Michael Jai White, I never knew he was this good. So that sort of made me want to see more of his movies, as I have only seen "Spawn" and the "Universal Soldier" movie he was in.

    As for the people on the cast list, then people did good jobs with their roles. Again, Michael Jai White impressed with his performance in "Blood and Bone". But he wasn't carrying the movie alone, Eamonn Walker (playing James) also did a really great job, as did Julian Sands (playing Franklin McVeigh). Dante Basco (playing Pinball) was a bit out of his element here in this movie, but it was fun to see him in a role such as this one.

    "Blood and Bone" is a great action movie, and well worth watching if you enjoy a good fight or two.
  • There has been two movies that has really blown my mind this year, first it was Ong Bak 2 which got me thinking. "Well this is it, now we have come to the limit of what is possible" Tony Jaa served us with every fighting style out there in perfection.

    Now Michael Jai White has broken the limit and stands alone as THE most perfected martial artist i have ever seen. This guy got my attention in Undisputed II. He has incredible talent and has a fitness level i thought wasn't possible.

    So yeah, this movie has incredible action that gets you on your feet. Michael Jai White is playing with his styles, you laugh, you clap, you have adreanaline through your body. This is the greatest experience in martial arts you will ever see and i have seen it all. On top of that you have a good storyline with incredible great music and actors. I loved it, this is 10/10. This is THE reason you are watching movies.

    (Out going to the gym)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bones is released from prison, but he promised his friend inside that he would protect his wife and child. He seeks lodging from what appears to be from a totally different film and ends up at some strange fight club/disco, ran by the leader of the lost boys from Hook.

    Unbeknown to everyone, he is a genius at martial arts, and it isn't long before he gets the attention of the scarily sounding James, who just as it happens, has his friends wife as his girlfriend (forcibly by the looks of it).

    So Bone goes from fight to fight, making money, and vexing the crime lords, and all the while Julian Sands is hamming it up as the films über bad guy. We know he is because he sits across the street in a car, and sits in his garden with all his friends.

    Ignore the plot, it isn't really much, and admire the wonderful fight choreography that this film has. Jai-White may be a hulking presence, but his skills are almost balletic, and if he continues to make films like this, and Black Dynamite, he, along with Scott Adkins could be the future of Direct to DVD action movies.

    The film harks back to the eighties, and is very reminiscent of the Van Danme movie A.W.O.L (or Lionhearted if your outside the UK), and with each opponent, it becomes more and more difficult, until Bones finally reaches the end of game boss.

    So for action fans, its a step up from martial arts films of recent memory, for the casual film watcher, it won't be anything special for you.

    And for people who grew up in the eighties, and loved films with the words American, Kickboxer, Eagle, China, and Ninja in their titles, this is a wonderful hybrid of Bloodsport, AWOL, Game of Death, with a hint of Fast and Furious thrown in for good measure.

    And it has the best reference to Enter The Dragon ever featured in a movie.
  • Michael Jai White is the only hope I have for the next great action hero. The man is a beast physically and his athleticism is amazing. He deserves better roles and bigger movies. Blood and Bone stands out from other STV martial arts/fighting films because it has some nice plot twists and well choreographed fight scenes. Plus you get your standard over-the-top bad guy, goofy sidekick, love interest, and some pretty good one liners. I was surprised by how much i enjoyed Blood And Bone. If you liked White in Undisputed 2, then you'll enjoy this flick. It kind of has a "Lionheart" vibe, but every street fighting movie does. Rent it.
  • Michael Jai White simply rocks. He's the one great thing about this film. He's perfect as a tough guy in martial arts movies, and in this he almost takes it to another level. The fight scenes are superb, they're what makes this movie the great gem of a martial arts movie it is. In fact, that's the only reason why this movie should be watched. The rest of the movie is so-so. Some of the lines are poorly delivered, there's so much mumbling which makes it hard to understand what people are saying at times. Luckily there's lot of action all the way through, it's great, and frankly it's no use worrying about anything else. That is because the fight scenes is the only reason to watch such a movie in the first place. And believe me, they rock.
  • Michael Jai White really showcases his MA talents in this one. The plot is fairly simple, White plays the titular character Isaiah Bone, a reformed thug out of jail on a mission to keep a promise to a friend. It is very similar to Van Damme's Lionheart, but makes more sense. I noticed a couple of people pointed out that the fights seemed unmatched and that "Bone" seemed untouchable, but that was the whole point of his character. Thats what made him likable as a character. Here's this guy that seems pretty easy going, but get in his way and he'll roll you down a hill. Thought it was funny that they chose Bob Sapp as Hammerman. Seems to be a lot of MMA fighters in this as well. Would've liked to see the final fight go a bit longer, especially seeing as Matt Mullins character was supposed to be the best in the world. But considering he knocks most of his opponents out with one move, I guess Mullins lasted as long as he could. All in all this was defs worth the watch, and I've watched it a few times since, and will probs watch it a few times more.
  • Kelchubordnor8 March 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    So I see an advert for a Michael Jai White movie and I see that the cast is a who's who of the martial arts world. I like my cheesy American straight to video/DVD titles so I figure why not. Okay wow the choreography is superb and sharp and the guys in this movie know exactly what they are doing. The making of literally states that pretty much everybody in this movie has martial arts experience. Many years of.

    The story is simple guy gets out of prison and looks to make some cash with his fists, well and every other part of his body that can inflict pain. The story unfolds well and Michael Jai white is a brilliant actor who plays the "warrior well". The premise of the story has been done a hundred times but this is one of the best that I have seen so far. Personally I tend to be entertained when I watch guys who have no martial arts background whatsoever as they genuinely have tried. Matt Damon in Bourne as a prime example. With Blood and Bone the guys are genuinely talented and trained, and there combined years of experience shows in what they can do. Enjoy this movie and please make Blood and Bone 2.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A great role for Michael Jai White. The storyline and plot reminded me of one of my all time favorite films, Hard Times (1975) with Charles Bronson in a very similar role as a street-fighter set in the 1920's. Bronson also knocks out opponents with one punch!

    In fact Dante Basco is doing the James Coburn role, Eamonn Walker is doing the Michael McGuire role and if that's not enough, the final fight of White vs Matt Mullins "Price" is just like Bronson vs Nick Dimitri's "Street"! Plus both films have a character named "Hammerman"!! The difference of the Hammerman's is that in Hard Times, the Hammerman played by Frank McRae was a big enforcer type and in Blood and Bone ,he is Eemonn Walker's top fighter played by Bob Sapp.

    Though in Hard Times, Michael McGuire had a bald top fighter named "Jim Henry" played by the late great Robert Tessier. And in this one,, Eemonn Walker's "James" also has a bald top fighter ! All in all, I enjoyed this remake/re-imaging of Hard Times. If you are into some good Martial Arts action, then check this one out. And also check out the original!
  • chris198730 October 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    The opening scenes in the prison alone were enough to grab my attention of the under-rated Michael Jai White.His acting was believable and decent performance.Loved the inclusion of Kimbo Slice in the beginning fight.Although i rank him as just being a street fighter and not a U.F.C fighter.His acting was average.Michael's was excellent.He has come along way since Universal Soldier:The Return.Michelle Belegrin and Gina Carano were beautiful and easy on the eye along with the Asian woman at the table.There was also a big black dude who could move fast and his muscular size captured my viewing imagination.I also enjoyed seeing the women fighting instead of just the men.Michael is bad-ass in this movie.There was broken bones to prove it.This is a movie i would never tire of watching again and again.The storyline was simple and realistic.Michael is absolutely BAD TO THE BONE.
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