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  • I should preface this review by stating that I'm a Ferrari aficionado and own a 1986 Ferrari 328. So I bought this for the same reason I own lots of other Ferrari memorabilia and such - I'm a big fan of all things Ferrari.

    I really wanted to love this movie. But on balance, I felt it just falls short of what it could have been. The life of racing icon Enzo Ferrari is told through flashbacks, with an enigmatic journalist being the vehicle to pull the story from Ferrari's past. Visually the movie is quite stunning - cinematography you'd expect from a Spielberg or Cameron film, with many sweeping panoramas and unique camera angles.

    But several serious flaws in the end waste much of the beauty of the movie. First is the dramatic soundtrack; it runs almost CONTINUOUSLY. Heavy dramatic violin passages should be reserved for those critical moments of high drama. But instead the strings sigh and cry and emote to such excess that when you finally get to a scene where such drama is warranted, it just sounds like the rest of the film. There are a few moments where the soundtrack ceases, and they actually caught my attention due to the LACK of music for a change.

    Secondly is the acting. It's just simply sub-par. Some of the characters (young Dino for example) just make me cringe in embarrassment for the poor acting job. It's almost as if it was considered more important to have actors that LOOKED the part, rather than actors that might be off in historical-visual sense, but had greater skill.

    Thirdly, it's just too bloody long! At 215 minutes, it feels more like double that. Many scenes are very slow and many could have simply been left on the cutting room floor to no detriment. (And just as a footnote, the DVD has a very odd menu structure - you will see the credits roll after chapter 12, and most likely do what I did and hit 'stop' and go looking for 'part 2'. Turns out it's just some sort of intermission where it LOOKS like the movie ends. Very strange and annoying - simply bump the chapter button and the movie continues at chapter 13, but none of this is explained - you just get a message saying 'end of Part One' with no explanation of where Part 2 might reside!).

    Lastly, if you are wanting to see Ferrari the car, instead of Ferrari the man, this is NOT the movie for you. In the entire film there is probably less than a half hour of footage involving cars! This is very much a biopic trying to explain the inner feelings and turmoils of a famous man; it does not concern itself much with the cars that bear his name. There is still plenty of glimpses (1930s Alfas, Ferrari 125, and a few others - including a 400i and 3x8 near the end of the movie) to satisfy us car guys.

    Summary: Beautiful cinematography marred by poor acting and 40 minutes of unneeded plodding story line, Enzo Ferrari is still worth the view if you are a fan of the marque. 3 Stars
  • If you ever wondered why the passion about Ferraris is, you have to see the show. Sadly, I don't see a DVD release, but it would be a darn shame if a producing company would not put it on DVD...

    The story is, in the end - about the passion. Passion for something higher, a dream to achieve more than people around you can achieve. Enzo took the brave step and moved forward with his dream, from being a small-time mechanic amongst the greats like Alfa Romeo and FIAT, to setting up a small shop and going to produce marveleous cars.

    Ferrari is a synonym for everything great in automotive industry, not a rich man's dream like DeLorean, Lamborghini or Porsche.

    Do you dare to dream?
  • PeteRoy11 April 2004
    This is the story of Ferrari, his personal life and the way he started as a racing driver and then founded the Ferrari company.

    Yes, this story is about the famous Ferrari sports cars, about the men himself who made Ferrari what it is today.

    In the movie we see the old Enzo Ferrari tells the story of his life, his women, his children and the people he worked with.

    This movie is pretty good, just a bit too long at some parts.

    I'm a bit troubled with the way it ended, they should have done the ending more clear.

    Watch it if you like the Ferrari cars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Individual icon biographies always has this notorious reputation of being loosy and not focused. This one is definitely not.

    Having a brand as "Ferrari" in your hands might oppress your mind on cars instead of the soul. Carlo Carlei did a great job on what to emphasize, with a great act by Sergio Castellitto.

    As I can understand, this movie was based on a personal confession which doesn't involve Enzo Ferrari. I believe Piero Ferrari (his son) did his best of being honest while helping the writing credits, maybe too honest. But you can easily get the spirit of the challenge and the suffer for creating a glorious legend.

    A must see.

    ------Might Contain Spoiler--------------

    I personally understood that the journalist character was the alter ego of Mr. Ferrari's after i checked the cast list on IMDb. They could have done a better job on that.

    ------Might Contain Spoiler--------------

    One last thing to say is about the soundtrack of the movie. I wish there were some information about the scores and the composers. Great Job.
  • marksp19 October 2006
    If you want a movie about Ferrari who better to hear it from than Italians themselves,in fact this movie is an Italian production. It shows how Enzo Ferrari started the company which nowadays build the best cars in the world. The movie is narrated through an interview of an aging Enzo Ferrari has with a reporter. He goes through the sacrifices,joys and sorrows he had to pass through since he was a child to realize his dream. Sergio Castellito plays a magnificent part as Enzo. If you love cars (and Ferraris) do not miss this one.It is a joy seeing the Old cars, Fiat , Alfas and Ferraris racing in this flick.

    A Must for Car lovers
  • This is the supposed story of one of the most famous characters in auto-racing from his childhood in the early part of the last century to the his death in 1988. The film seems to have been shot in English with Italian and American actors.

    Having seen a number of films starring Sergio Castellitto, I was expecting this to be an in-depth study of an interesting and conflicted person. Instead I was treated to embarrassingly bad dialog and clichéd situations.

    This must be the worst film Castellitto has ever done and certainly the worst film I have seen in many years.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    but worth a viewing, especially if you'd like a quick primer on the history of Enzo and enjoy viewing old race cars. Movie is not about his automobiles, but focuses mostly on Enzo's life.

    First, film is not the usual Hollywood big budget production, but more calm like British / French films. It does seem to go "long" in some places, but watchable anyway. Some crazy camera angles in race car scenes.

    Film is narrated by "Enzo" who is describing his life to a reporter. Flashbacks start with Enzo's first experience of race cars as a child to race driver, marriage and mistress, Alfa race team, children, World War II, his own factory, and failed Ford merger.

    Goes back and forth from present day to past. Reporter aspect is weird, never figured him out.

    I read Enzo's autobiography twice ( which I recommend to really get a feel for Enzo) and this movie does not cover much of what is in his book (the history of his "Prancing Horse", specifics of the 1957 accident at Mille Miglia) Still, the movie brings to the screen most of his book's spirit, a kind man with a dream and determination who created a wonderful legacy.

    Grazie Enzo
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'll admit it, I haven't been watching too many films lately. When I picked up the Enzo Ferrari DVD, I was expecting it to be a brilliantly expressive foreign Italian film (in Italian) with subtitles. Cameo appearances of his cars would be desirable but optional, and above all, I wanted quality.

    The storyline itself winds through Enzo's life well enough, but there's certain details there that I wish hadn't been omitted, for instance, the origins of the Prancing Horse logo, how he felt about his customers, his relationship with Fangio and so on. The narration via the reporter is clever, and charged with emotion.

    There was, in a number of points, too much background music was playing where was meant to be key dialogue elements that were frequently lost. At times the fake Italian accents broke into American ones. The film I got was in English! Not that I understand Italian myself, but when a film whose soul and emotion is quintessentially Italian is transcribed in a foreign language, the magic is lost in translation. Imagine passing off The Last Samurai as a bonafide Japanese film, and you will get my drift.

    No comment on acting, it was good but all in all I expected better.
  • chaakch28 October 2004
    Warning: Spoilers
    Warning: Spoiler ahead.

    I've seen this film quite recently and enjoyed watching it.

    This is the story of Enzo Ferrari and his deep down emotions and pain even he isn't aware of. That's why his alter ego appears as a reporter and helps him to face himself.

    His sorrows and regrets come secondly in this movie because of the dream-like atmosphere and the music that creates a mythical world. I guess the director is really a big fan of Ferrari. It is good watching material but can't be a superb biography.

    Also I really liked the music.
  • to be honest, this is one of those movies you just come across on TV and watch it just to kill some time.

    at least, it was that way for me during the first couple of minutes but then i realized it was more about the man behind the cars.

    enzo ferrari is one of the most powerful figures for racing and one doesn't become as powerful for no reason and this movie is all about him.

    people who want to see lots of cars and technical stuff shouldn't watch this movie but there is the struggle of a man trying to create a company that will eventually become a legend.