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  • mathos2220 February 2006
    I don't see why this movie didn't get tens across the board. I loved the bond that Latios and Latias share with Ash. I also love how Pikachu zaps the crap out of the bad guys (girls, really) with thunderbolt ( ow). I came close to crying when they caught Latios. It also makes all the other movies shrink in comparison. The Pikachu movie was also very good (only topped by Pikachu's Rescue adventure.) It was without a doubt one of the best Japanese animation I have ever seen. Come on, people! Why don't you get up and give this movie a ten. The graphics have also gone vastly up from the last film. And the music is also so much better. Also notice, Ash and Misty will always have that little bond that no one talks about. The voices are also major parts of the rolls. If you had Jude Law do Lorenzo, yuck!
  • As it should be. This movie continues along the concept of the original movies: to further the sales of the games by expanding upon their concepts. For those of you who actually play the game, this movie makes complete sense. For everyone else, I suggest you start by playing the game to get some background before delving into the Pokémon Universe (and giving this movie a one).
  • Woooaaahh!!! wonderful...This movie is awesome, adorable. Every scene, smells "design". I adored the creativity of the design of the atmosphere, from city to weather. It really makes the audiences feel that city and event. The computer graphics brought a new level to Pokemon. I couldn't even imagine how it could fit perfectly to Pokemon. Every details in the city worked incredibly well and well-thought. Beside, just establishing a movie, artists, it seems, revealed their creativity and design talents onto this movie. Thats why it seems different than others. City is so beautiful, so mysterious. Sceneraio is well settled. It has some resembled issues to Disney's Atlantis such as Latios' having sacrificed for the city, but it is perfect idea for this movie. Action, is at the high level that this movie seems like it goes forward and back between limited animation and full animation. Tsunami at the end was the highest level that prove this. Musics are the best. If this movie had soundtrack, it would be the best. I really need it. Especially the one that was done via accordion. It really gives the atmosphere of the city and properly fit. Whatever they say about this movie -though I don't believe they understand anything about animation art or even Pokémon- this movie is one of the bests with its everything. This movie must have been the first Pokémon movie since the first one is terrible -although I like mew-two so much.

    Me, as an animation artist and designer, I am thanking to the animators and director and everyone that helped to create this movie. Thank you all.... you created the best...
  • At 70 minutes (as timed at a press screening), POKÉMON HEROES is the shortest Pokémon movie yet. This may be a relief to parents and Pokémon-haters everywhere, but it leaves Pokémon's target audience hungering for more. The big action climax never quite delivers and the great triumphal note the earlier films ended on never quite comes. This is especially disappointing because the film's first half offered a most exciting build-up involving two spectacular new Water Pokémon and two clever and attractive new villains. Thanks to these elements, the film is still worth seeing but you may want to wait until the DVD release, when it will be accompanied by the Pikachu short that played with it when it ran in Japanese theaters last summer.

    The film does at least make its new Pokémon characters, Latios and Latias, a little more powerful and more layered than most Pokémon get the chance to be. Shaped somewhat like dinosaurs and able to both fly at high speeds and swim underwater, they're colorful, graceful creatures, a brother-and-sister team who are thoroughly devoted to each other. Aside from Ash's faithful Pikachu, they get the most screen time of any Pokémon in the film.

    Annie and Oakley are the new bad girls in town and they completely blow their colleagues, Team Rocket, out of the water (well, actually, INTO the water--a running gag throughout the film). They're fashionable, if somewhat snobby, teen villainesses with eye-catching outfits and hairdos who get ample opportunity to wrap the audience (at least the older male part) around their little fingers before their ill-fated (and somewhat rushed) attempt to take over Alto Mare, an island city that hosts the annual Water Pokémon Festival (the draw for our heroes, Ash, Misty and Brock). As master thieves, Annie and Oakley seem to be a lot more efficient than Team Rocket and should be given more to do in future Pokémon entries.

    The design of Alto Mare deserves note for being the most extensively detailed urban setting yet seen in the entire Pokémon series. Largely created by CGI, and modeled after Venice, Italy, it's quite visually stunning and deserves greater attention from anime fans than it's likely to get.

    The big mystery surrounding this film (and the previous one, POKÉMON 4EVER) is why Miramax has chosen to distribute it in theaters without the 23-minute Pikachu short that normally accompanies each Pokémon movie (and did so for the first three Pokémon movies when they were released by Warner Bros.). Certainly, given the short running time of this one, the addition of the delightful "Pika Pika Starlight Camp" (as it was called in Japan) would have gone a long way to giving fans their money's worth.
  • Here we are at "Pokemon Heroes," the latest installment in the Pokemon movie series. I know the naysayers among you are thinking, "What? ANOTHER Pokemon movie? Why are they beating this 'dead' franchise?" Though it's far from the powerhouse that it once was, Pokemon still enjoys a level of popularity in the U.S. that justifies the release of a new movie every year (the cards and videogames still sell briskly to this day). Cross the ocean to Japan, and you'll see that Pokemon is STILL going strong after all this time; the 6th Pokemon movie has just been released over there, and Japanese Pokemon merchandising continues heartily.

    "Pokemon Heroes" finds our protagonist, one Ash Ketchum, his ever present Pikachu, and pals Misty and Brock traveling through the Venice-like city of Alto Mare. It is said that Alto Mare is guarded by the spirits of Pokemon siblings Latios (brother) and Latias (sister), whose father, long ago, brought water to the city and saved the people from rogue Pokemon who had been terrorizing the city. Once again, Alto Mare is in danger, but the threat comes not so much from evil Pokemon, but from the ever dangerous Team Rocket. However, it is not the blundering Jessie, James and Meowth (and now also Wobbuffet) who pose the threat, but the graceful and stylish Annie and Oakley who look to rule Alto Mare (and eventually the world) and capture Latios and Latias to present to the Team Rocket boss as prizes. Latias, who has been roaming the city disguised as a local girl, takes a shine to Ash, who inevitably becomes involved in the siblings' struggle against Annie and Oakley for the fate of Alto Mare. Can Ash and his friends help Latias and Latios protect Alto Mare from the evil of Annie and Oakley? Will Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet ever be more than just comic relief? Will Brock ever get the girl?

    As with the previous 4 movies, those who are already Pokemon fans will derive the most enjoyment out of "Pokemon Heroes." Those who are not already fans may still enjoy the movie, if they let themselves. I know what it is like to not have any emotional investment in a movie, to the point of apathy or even distaste for the subject matter or the actors within, yet I have seen and actually enjoyed quite a few movies in spite of my initial impressions. Why many people, including kids who once were rabid Pokemon fans but now for whatever reason claim to now hate it, do not approach Pokemon in the same way is quite unfortunate.

    What is also unfortunate is Miramax's marketing strategy for "Pokemon Heroes." As with "Pokemon 4Ever," Miramax has decided to release "Pokemon Heroes" in only a handful of theaters (196 on opening weekend) with a minimum of promotion. I am guessing that it is because they are trying to bolster sales of the future VHS/DVD release by firing up anticipation for it, and what better way to get anticipation up than by making the movie available to only a small number of theaters? Personally, I think it's a lousy way to market a popular franchise, and I hope that 4Kids Entertainment will find another distributor for the 6th Pokemon movie, because this so-called "dynamic" marketing strategy Miramax claims to have had for "Pokemon 4Ever" and "Pokemon Heroes" is a bunch of hooey.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love Pokemon. It is my #1 favorite hobby. This movie is as good as it gets. The highlight of the movie was, of course, Latias and Latios who were portrayed even better than I imagined them. Yeah, the movie was a little short the way it was seen in theaters, but that's not the movie's fault. It was supposed to contain a half hour min-movie as well, but for some Unown reason, it was not included. The main thing I like for in a movie is quality, not quantity. This movie certainly has quality.

    The streets of Alto Mare were rendered to look amazingly realistic. A Pokemon movie has never looked so good! The new villains, Annie and Oakley, were also a very clever, crafty, colorful duo. Though Jessie and James are still the BEST Pokemon villains ever!

    This movie does have a very emotional scene at the end where the courageous Latios sacrifices himself to protect the city. It was among the best movies I have ever seen in my life!

    Pokemon is truly awesome! I look forward to the sixth movie!
  • Poke50429 November 2008
    Pokemon Heroes is fun. It's action packed, full of suspense, and everything a Pokemon fan like myself could want. Some may tell you different, Pokemon is known for being hated on for things every movie has. It may be short, but it will leave you entertained. My fourth favorite out of all of them, watch it yourself without a negative output, as most people who watch this movie do. Another example of why Pokemon is not for little kids, this movie will be entertaining to any fan of the show and people who don't watch the show might like it as well. Probably the most underrated out of all the films, give it a chance and you will find some soft-spot for it. Fans love it, others give it a try and you might like it for yourself.
  • mrusty57 May 2008
    My second favourite Pokemon film. This film is set in the city Altomare, based on Venice. The city is guarded by Latios and Latias, two dragon and psychic Pokemon. They also protect the Soul Dew, a jewel said to contain the spirit of their father. However, two thieves come to steal the jewel in order to power the DMA (The Defence Mechanism of Altomare), although the reason why is never explained. Once again, coincidentally, Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Brock are visiting the city and get involved in the race to save the city. There also a wonderful bond between Ash, Latias and Latios, which seems to be the main support beam which prevents this movie from turning bad. As a nice point to Mario, the curator of the city's museum is dressed in his attire.
  • This is a great movie, one of the movies I grew up with. It was excellently done, a decent story, and great characters. I love the bonds shown or developed throughout the movie, especially Latios and Latias. These two are the closest Pokemon duo I have seen, and they were quite well done. So you ask, why is it 9 stars if you enjoy the movie so much? Well, I have quite a few problems with the movie. First, I would like the clear up that this is the shortest Pokemon film released so far, and will probably stay that way as long as Pokemon is running. If you skipped directly to the race and watched to the part where 2 Latios and 1 Latias fly towards Alto Mare, it would be about 30 seconds under an hour. This leaves Pokemon fans hungering for more, and I myself wish this was a longer film.

    My second problem is that the English version should have had a more similar story to the Japanese version. The Japanese version was a very successful film, with a brilliant story. So why, just why, was this all changed up? This isn't a question I've seen many people ask, but I am wondering. Why was Latios's voice changed in the English dub. It helped distinguish Latios and Latias's differences better, which is one of the things I liked about the Japanese version.

    These are only three problems, but they are big enough to knock the movie down a star for me. But the movie is still kid-friendly and entertaining. I love it until this very day, and the movie itself was very emotional. Latias and Latios are adorable and cool at the same time, just the Pokemon I love the most. Latios's death set a new course for the Pokemon world, and it still affects some today. Annie and Oakley were funny and unusual villains. I like both of their characters, Oakley's desire for power, and Annie just the more girly of the two, wanting to steal pretty things and wear nice clothes. I wish they were given another role in the future.

    I am not denying that this was a great film, but it could have easily been better. But this movie is unique for its design focus. I like how Alto Mare is loosely based off of Venice, which is a gorgeous city. Latios and Latias will always have a special place in my heart, as well as this movie.
  • I enjoyed this one. Better than the 6th Jirachi movie.

    From the start you could see the villains were much smarter and well prepared, their pokemon quite strong. You still see the other two Team Rocket members Jesse and James who are useless.

    I had to rewind the part I thought Latias got captured, after a few rewinds Latios got in front of her otherwise it didn't make any sense. It was a bit hard to make out it definitely looked like she was captured.

    The ending was sad, a bit confusing to see 3 latios. If you're going to see a poké movie this is the one.
  • This, the 5th Pokemon movie, is a step down from the previous entry in the series but is still better than a 5th movie ought to be. Ash, Misty, and Brock arrive in a Venice-type town called Altomare for a water Chariot race involving their Pokemon.

    The town is protected by legendary Pokemon siblings Latios and Latias, who can assume human forms. Meanwhile, Annie and Oakley, a couple of cat burglars from Team Rocket (this affiliation is only in the Western dub) attempt to steal a special jewel called the Soul Dew, which powers the city.

    It takes just a little too long to get going. Jesse, James, and Meowth are featured, but they don't really have much to do. However there are still some lovely moments, a bittersweet ending, and in the end they do add up to more than the sum of their parts. The animation and architecture of Altomare echoes the look and feel of Koriko from Kiki's Delivery Service. I just wish that Miramax didn't tamper with it before releasing it to Western audiences. There is about 5 minutes missing and its inclusion might have made the film a little bit stronger.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is what I look forward to see ever blue-moon on Encore Family or Starz. As of now, Pokemon is a mess of an anime, and I refuse to watch or, nor any of the new movies which brings nothing but disgust to me. The new movies doesn't appeal to me at all, it has the same plot, the new higher quality doesn't appeal to me at all (it appeals more to HD users, and looks different from Pokemon Heroes movie), and you can literally compare it to the last movie, being the same, but held in different towns/cities with different plots. I'm tired of hearing Pokemon talk, which is getting old and overused (Jirachi, Victini, Shaymin, etc). The animation quality in this movie differs from what it does in current movies, it looks more detailed and beautiful, and Pokemon Master Quest in general, the series which this movie was currently being held in as far as time period. I love the connection that Ash had with Latias, the terrific music in the movie such as "secret garden" and "hot on the trail". The soundtrack should've won multiple awards, the genres was slammed packed with emotional, action, and beautiful music. It appeals to any Pokemon fan, the action music is probably the best out of the entire series. This movie is my childhood,I watch it til this day with pride and gets excited every time it's on TV, jumping for joy. If anyone from a TV station such as Starz or Encore Family is reading this, please re-air this movie more often. I LOVE it, and out of Pokemon the Movie, Pokemon 2000, Pokemon the Movie 3, and Pokemon 4ever, I love this the best, all are GREAT movies, and this is the last. I don't care if this movie is short or not, it's irrelevant, when you watch this movie, you will forget about time. To me, this movie feels like it's 2 or even 3 hours long. And I'm glad this is the last good Pokemon movie, others like Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker was ALRIGHT, but I mean perfect and fitted well with the plot and scenery. Also, the scenery for this movie was PERFECT, I can tell they put a lot of effort into it from the scenery, like the secret garden, the model of the city, and the docks. This is a much watch. Thanks for airing it on television!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Pro's: . Epic final battle scene . Epic Opening song & scene Cons: . Lack of appearances from Ash & Co's Pokémon
  • In my ongoing quest to destroy my childhood I have set out to (re)watch all Pokémon films, and see how they hold up now that I am an adult. After disliking "Pokémon 4Ever - Celery: Spice of the Forest" as much as I remembered disliking it, I was looking forward to "Pokémon Heroes: Latias and Latios." It is often considered a step forwards for the franchise, and rightfully so.

    The difference in quality immediately shows during the opening: The usual boring exposition is relayed over an actual artistic effort. These stylised backgrounds are not stunning by any means, but indicative of the increased effort on display.

    The film wastes no time introducing the antagonists, Annie and Oakly. In the Japanese version, they work independently; in the dub, in service of Team Rocket's Giovanni -- presumably because the translators feared viewers wouldn't get that these scheming thieves are supposed to be the enemy. Whatever their motivation, Annie and Oakly stand among the more enjoyable of Pokémon antagonists, vigorous yet not operatically evil.

    The two travel to the city of Alto Mare in search of booty, whilst Ash and Co. happen to be in town for the annual water race. This livens the spirits somewhat. Alto Mare, a combination of Venice and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, is a very pleasant setting, complimented by some sunny artwork and fluent animation.

    After the race, Ash comes across a girl who appears to take a liking to him. As he approaches her, however, she turns out to be the Pokémon Latias in disguise (inspiring generations of horrifying fan art). Together, they are chased by Annie and Oakly through the city's picturesque alleys, and manage to escape when Latias flies into the air and disappears. You would be forgiven for thinking this to be a gender-swapped rip-off of "Howl's Moving Castle", but that film was made after this one. Pokémon vs. Studio Ghibli: 1 - 1,000,000, I guess.

    For the next twenty minutes, barely anything happens that furthers the plot, and yet these scenes are quite enjoyable -- just pleasant interludes in a beautiful location. There is a holiday-vibe to the entire film that makes for comfortable watching.

    The second half, as usual, is mostly action, but done better than before. Instead of stakeless Pokémon fights, most of it features Ash himself, including an honestly entertaining chase scene through the canals. Indeed, good use is made of the city's geography. Its narrow streets, waterways and ancient machinery provide plenty of spectacle to refrain from boring. Although none of this may be especially original, everything gives off a sense of agreeable competence.

    This is also apparent in some of the writing. Not the dialogue, obviously, but foreshadowing is clear, and more subtle. Latias' and Latios' 'mind sharing,' for example, provides initially for an appealing trip through the city canals, yet later for a means to find the antagonists' location. Such set-up and pay-off is basic scripting, but laudable in a series that often feels like it is making things up as it goes along.

    The film's climax validates these touches. Its consequences are far graver than the first or fourth film's, without attempting to pluck at our heartstrings as desperately. This nicely balances out the story as a whole. Pokémon films up to this point have generally had an atmospheric set-up followed by a mind-numbingly boring second half, but not "Latias and Latios". The action does not overstay its welcome, and the ending feels appropriate and deserved.

    Earlier in this retrospective series, I gave "Mewtwo Returns" a positive note, remarking that it was quite good for a Pokémon film, although 'in terms of either entertainment or depth it barely holds up on its own, and it is still not recommendable to anyone but Pokémon fans.' That does not go for "Latias and Latios." Despite some typical shortcomings, it is a well-paced and genuinely entertaining interlude, that I reluctantly recommend.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As you can guess, this movie was my childhood, in fact every Pokemon movie up until Lucario, was mine and my siblings childhood, these Pokemon movies were just so engaging, endearing and awesome, despite being corny ( come on its Pokemon), i always felt i would never be the same without these films. I love this movie and all the others so much, my siblings and i always try to watch them at least once year. But enough about my childhood, lets get on to the review. So this movie takes place in a city called altomare which is basically Venice in Pokemon world, but just as gorgeous, you could tell the animators took their time designing the city. There is a story, that legendary Pokemon called latios and latias, would protect the city from evil people with evil Pokemon, and that they had to flood the entire city, drowning the evil Pokemon ( yeah dark right), and there were only 2 survivors, a brother ( latios) and sister ( latias); from the get go this movie establishes some very interesting lore, and i only wish there was more of it. The movie starts off with ash and misty in a water Pokemon chariot race, with the master quest song playing ( This song and this moment is so awesome and memorable, i got into wake boarding just to try to replicate it), through the race you notice that latios and latias have the power of invisibility and watch over the city, latias is revealed to be able to look like a human girl. Ash and his friends then explore the city and visit the museum which has the fossils of the evil Pokemon, and a weapon that was used to protect the city using the soul of a latios ( very rich lore). Meanwhile we follow 2 sexy cat burglars who work for team rockets boss Giovanni, these 2 women are named Annie and Oakley; let me just say that these 2 became some of my favorite Pokemon villains, just their intro is awesome ( its a spy car that can turn into a jet!) their spy like style is very cool, they even have cool Pokemon; a espion and ariados who also become antagonists. Annie and Oakley's goal is to capture both legendary Pokemon, find the crystallized soul of a latios, and use the city's weapon for their own agenda. The 2 end up being very intimidating as they ruthlessly pursue latias through the city, ( they can even see through the Pokemon's invincibility, using spy glasses). The movie is very short, and cuts right to the final climax very quickly, Annie and Oakley use the weapon to control the city and resurrect the evil Pokemon, making ( gasp) ZOMBIE Pokemon!!! So... as always ash is the only one who can stop them, and there is a very impressive chase scene involving ash, latias and the zombie Pokemon. And just when you think the day is won, the weapon actually causes a tidal wave to occur, as it comes closer to destroying the city, latios give up his life to stop it ( yes an actual death in pokemon!) This leads to a bittersweet ending involving latias saying goodbye to ash, which unsettling leads to a kiss from latias to ash ( in human form, Brock was really jealous), the movie then ends with ash seeing the ghosts of latias's family in the sky. Also it shows Annie and Oakley in prison looking at a book with a picture of the collector from Pokemon 2000, establishing continuity between these movies. The story is simple but engaging almost whimsical in fact, but the music is awe inspiring, it haunts me, the end credits sequence doesn't have 1 but 5 different songs that are all very good songs. The animation looked good but nothing special, there was a lot of CGI used in this ( that wasn't very good), but as your traveling through the CGI halls of altomare, there's this beauty and atmosphere about it, i think this sort of CGI worked really well with this movie. i love this movie, and despite it having its flaws like being too short, i couldn't imagine living without it! May it touch your soul as it has touched mine.
  • This movie not decent or bad to watch and the problem for its visual effect, special effect, and dubbing are poor. Story slightly better than previous film. Better thing is "the space- like vehicle" could be its one of several creativity that should doesn't exist in this condition.

    Well unlike another anime in 2000s and before 2000s, i cannot find the main focus of this movie. Like 1997 Princess Monoke which related its story and quality of effect. This is only for children and children will entertained. Other audience cannot do anything except for watching this film or hearing horrible noises. This is will be a bad nightmare for adults.

    So I prefer you wait till next year and sit down the next movie and like what that movie. Being better or worse?

    SHORT REVIEW END i m sorry if my English is not good
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Pokémon films are the only Japanese films that I would always go for the English dub because I am used to it as it is the most common version available in stores near me. I also thought they wouldn't differ a lot from the original Japanese version since Pokémon is a renowned franchise but now after reviewing them in 2014? That thought have been proved completely wrong especially from this film.

    Pokémon Heroes: Latios and Latias (2002) is beautiful, it sets in a refined city and it has great music. It feels romantic. It feels otherworldly at times. Unfortunately in the English dub, the entire backstory introduction has been removed and ultimately making the whole story altered. It is a wonder why the Pokémon company allows this or the production company decided to do this for the English version but it is evident that their "creativity" isn't fruitful.

    In the beginning, it appears to have an interesting storyline. It also seems that they have played more with camera movements and angles which are refreshing and fun to watch as the city is beautiful. In the end, the story and concept is not and it isn't satisfying. They could have been done so much better. I won't say there isn't story, there is but it isn't well developed. There are female villains that appears to be promising too, but well, the overall character and story development is just unfortunately terrible.

    Sad to mention, the last half of the movie seems like casual work. There are a lot of thoughts put into the visuals and music but certainly not the story. There are several scenes that are quite sudden too. For instance, what happened to all the other citizen? They just disappeared and even the Alto Mare city is facing doom, no one even comes out panic, ever. It seems like as if people from the entire world has vanished. I understand it is night time when that happened but it feels like as if the whole movie is about these several characters only.

    Honestly, the story could have been so much better if they put more effort into it, did not decide to alter it completely and remove the introduction segment from the original version. This animated feature could have been one of the best Pokémon films out there with its beautiful music and settings but it just didn't make it.

    Ending this post, if you are not bothered by the lack of depth and weak story, Pokémon Heroes: Latios and Latias (2002) should be good. I love to watch Latios and Latias and all the other Pokémon coming to life through animation but I will be honest with you, it may disappoint if you're watching not solely for Pokémon.
  • I honestly don't get the critic bash for this movie. This is not the next critically acclaimed highly anticipated blockbuster from Christopher Nolan. This is not a interesting concept that has the potential to redefine cinema. This is Pokémon.

    Pokemon Heroes takes place in a city of Altomare obviously inspired by Venice where the trio of Ash, Misty and Brock goes into a plot to destroy the city in the world of the iconic little cute monsters: Pokemon. The characterization fit the bill finely. The characters and the legendary Pokémon: Latias and Latios are given reasonable background information to build you familiarity into understanding Altomare's secret. Latias and Latios are a beautiful combination of tender love and charming style. Many people don't like the sounds they make but I personally reckon they're the cutest and most endearing sounds you'd wish your puppy makes more.

    Many of the ways this film is presented has implausibility and childish overtones but then again this is aimed at children before they go to high school. Animation and background art is superb and only a few steps behind Studio Ghbli. However the CGI is quite a nono, they stand out and do not look all that natural at all.

    In my opinion this story has great style. It presents action that does not feel too forced and an emotional drama that did hit me when I was a little boy. Just the other day I suddenly thought of Pokémon and having a watch, the nostalgia sounds wonderful sensations throughout your body. The soundtrack also fits well to this film's environment and gives it a great natural wonder.

    For dedicated Pokémon fans, this film is actually slightly more disappointing due to the lack of Pokémon action. Ash doesn't use his Pokémon and gets magically saved by the Pokémon of Brock and Misty as they just so happen to find Ash in trouble in a city that spans a thousand streets and creeks.

    However Pokémon is a fun film for kids. It gives them that wonder that makes them wish to escape into an alternate universe and the voice acting and characterization does a fine job in conveying a story. Although the mums and daddies would snore before this film hits its first quarter, Pokemon Heroes does its job and that's exactly what it should do.
  • This is one of quite a few films based on the cartoon anime Pokemon TV series.

    Ash, Brock, Misty and their pokemon are in a town called Altamar for a big water race. Ash comes in the lead - but takes a wrong turn. It turns out Misty wins! The person who came second, a boy just older than Misty, takes her and her friends on a Gondola around the town.

    Meanwhile, two baddies working for the same person as Team Rocket are, are looking for two rare pokemon in Altamar, Latias and Latios...

    I think this Pokemon film is very good, due to the well-structured plot, the characters, the pokemon and the setting, which is based on Venice.

    However, there are often distracting songs in the background of the film and Team Rocket are very silly and most of their content is slapsticky jokes.

    Overall, a good film for Pokemon fans or just for people who like animated children's films. Enjoy! :-)

    7 and a half out of ten.
  • This Pokemon movie was not as good as the 4th one, but it's great. I liked the part where the "Pokemon Heroes" are about to save the city, Altima (?) and eventually, Latios had to give up his life to save the whole city. That ALMOST made me cry, however, so this movie wasn't as great as the 4th one. I just hope people like the next two movies, because they're great! I agree with others that the 5th Pokemon movie is good, but not great, because it has some flaws in it. Sorry, Pokemon! I feel sorry for you, but if you could just improve some things in this movie, I would give this movie an 8 or a 9. The music for the Pokemon movies are great, too. Although it sounded almost the same as the music that you hear in the Pokemon series, the music in the movies were a bit more "improvised," so I give all the Pokemon movies two thumbs WAY up for the music criteria.
  • ...and I still haven't watched a full episode of the television cartoon show. The previous films in the series were top-notch in every way. I remember seeing the first one and being completely blown away. I am a die-hard supporter of Pokemon. I'm also a grown man. I haven't been this interested in a cartoon since the days of He-man in 1983 and 1989. The animation in Pokemon was good for what it was as well. But what really sets it apart is the storytelling and the appeal it to the kid in all of us. ***** (five stars).
  • it was a decent movie but definitely not as good as the 1st movie. in fact the movies have declined pretty much in order from 2 on down. if you are a poke-fan you'll like seeing Latios and Latias. but the story doesn't live up to the build up it takes most of the 1st half setting up. if you are a poke-fan you've already seen it, if you are new<where have you been?>JK. see it for the short which was cute. the graphics are also awesome especially the beginning during the song and the water race that is running. they introduce another 2 team Rocket members "Annie and Oakley" cute names like other western names "Jesse and James" etc. anyone else think they should get new villains and get rid of Jesse and James?
  • Wisesoldierthe620 June 2019
    Latio and Latia were so weak.

    They story was boring.

    Ash is Ashcringy.

    Team Rocket once again is just used for terrible cheap laughs.

    Those 2 girls i didn't understand their motives.

    A must skip movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film has some nostalgic value for me. In the summer of 2007, my parents and I flew to Los Angeles to visit Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Glen. One day while we were there, we watched this movie. Rewatching it brings back memories from those years ago, but judging it on its own, I still think this is a stellar Pokémon movie.

    This, in my humble opinion, is one of the top 3 Pokémon movies. It does everything right. It's not quite as big in scope as some of the others, but yet it's a more engaging movie. It has everything you could want in a Pokémon movie and much more.

    The story is very interesting. Team Rocket members Annie and Oakley are after the jewel that protects the city of Altomare and it's up to the guardians Latios and Latias and Ash and the gang to save the day. Annie and Oakley, while a little ditsy at times, are above-average as far as Pokémon villains go.

    Latios and Latias are wondrous Pokémon, and the bond Ash grew with Latias is one of the best the series has to offer. I thought Lorenzo and Bianca were really nice supporting characters (although I would have liked for them to be a little more developed).

    The animation still today is breathtaking. There is wonderful scenery in Altomare. It gives you a sense of wonder, and even at times feels like a Miyazaki film. It also has some of the best music and one of the best soundtracks in a Pokémon movie, which also adds to the movie's feel.

    There is plenty of action and excitement, from the opening race scene to the climax. The ending where Latios sacrifices himself to save Altomare is genuinely heart-wrenching and has the kind of emotion rarely seen in a Pokémon movie.

    Along with "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew," this is my favorite Pokémon film. This is an essential viewing for anyone remotely interested in Pokémon.

  • Let's make a few things clear:

    1. Yes, probably only Pokemon fans will be able to enjoy Pokemon movies.

    2. Pokemon feature films are not stupid, but they are made so when dubbing. For example, in the first movie, during translation, the entire plot was dumbed down and changed and a twenty minute sequence was deleted.

    3. The names of the characters were changed in the English adaptations to appeal to younger audiences. Name of the main protagonist is Satoshi, a normal Japanese name. But we got a boy called Ash. That is just epic fail.

    4. The names of the movies themselves were almost always changed(for the worst). This one was called "Guardians of Altomare", not "Heroes".

    5. The music in the original versions is very good. But in the dubs usually we get some really low- quality stuff.

    6. Don't complain that the whole Pokemon franchise is "cockfighting". Don't say the concept is immoral. Remember that it came from Japan, where they have a different view of the world. There, friendly battles are considered a key to individual's growth (Karate, anyone?). "We fight each other to win, only to give a helping hand to the defeated opponent". That's not so hard to understand.

    7. In the end, Pocket Monsters (Jap. name) movies are great and should interest any anime fan out there.

    P.S. We should do something to stop animation in from being aimed towards small children only in the US. Teenagers and adults should be able to enjoy it too. American companies must leave the original music and plots intact to keep foreign animated movies interesting to us as they were originally made.
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