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  • Warning: Spoilers
    A pretty terrific entry in the "Abused Women" porno genre. Mason, a cute California hottie who looks like a college girl, has been doing some sterling hardcore porn similar to that done by the delicious Belladonna and her perverted cohorts. This vid features a number of scenarios in which hot, young women get violated by other hot, young women and the odd man. There is a lezbo emphasis here, which I appreciate, and the abused girls have fun, too. Unlike Khan Tusion's "Meatholes 3", which is like watching the graphic depiction of horrendous sex crimes, Mason's vid throws in all the abusive mainstays such as spread anuses, stretched vaginas, slapped labias, choking, suffocation and forced penetration, but the actresses always look like they're loving the nastiness. In my book, that makes this one volcanic little video. Though Part 2 is not listed on IMDb and I can't get it listed, it is that that I am reviewing. The DVD includes am amazing behind-the-scenes feature and a great commentary by Mason and her sluttish, slit-hungry, anal-obsessed girlfriends. There is an ocean of unbelievably crappy porn out there, so avoid all that and make a date with Mason and her filthy-minded collaborators.