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  • I've seen several of these hedonistic videos from the VHS era recently, all set at some remote man-made lake, with folks escaping to a free-love, no-cares vacation. This one from Bud Lee for Adam & Eve is no great shakes, but pleasant porn, with busty ladies pleasuring themselves on a houseboat.

    Taylor Moore is quite impressive in a rare leading role for her. She gives the all-sex show some context by voicing over background narration in the form of a letter to her sister Jessica, who couldn't make the trip. She gets to hump all the girls, and in a memorable orgy scene at the end performs deep throat on a huge dildo, looking to be 18 inches long.

    Sound recording is rather poor for the opening dialog scene, probably as this was conceived of as an all-sex show, not the Couples Romance that A & E and director Lee are best known for. Anita Cannibal is terrific in the supporting cast, along with long-time A & E actress Alexandra Silk.