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  • If you need a reason to watch this film, here's one: if you're a fan of Hema Malini and her graceful dancing in any movie, you'll love the songs of Sharafat, which exploit her talent excellently.

    The plot is not anything special. A lot of Hindi films from this era follow the same plot conventions, like losing familial connections. This, in the end, is also what Sharafat is also about.

    Otherwise it's a story about a good man (Dharmendra) and an "indecent" girl (Hema Malini), and their love. Hema's character is a naach girl (dancer/prostitute), which serves as a good reason for her to dance in Bharatanatyam-influenced numbers. These are naturally a joy to watch. Dharmendra both looks and acts youthful and is very charming. This is one of the first, if not the first film with the legendary jodi of Hema-Dharmendra and the chemistry is visible from the get-go.

    Ashok Kumar has a nice performance, but Jagdeep's somewhat separate comedy track gets old very fast, though it may be funnier to those understand Hindi.