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  • Each week Harry Hill comes to our screens to pick over the bones of the week in popular television. Looking mainly at the soaps, the popular dramas and various specials Harry looks for the more unusual touches that may have been overlooked by the casual viewer. Of course many reviewers will recognise this as the same technique used by people like Jasper Carrot and Chris Tarrant who do the same for adverts and television clips from around the world, so how is this better or cleverer?

    Well, simply it comes down to your opinion of Harry Hill. Personally I think the guy is hilarious and his unique sense of humour is what makes this programme work. He rarely goes for the easy gag and he is genuinely imaginative with even the basic sight gags he does in regards things in the TV shows. Whereas Chris Tarrant's clips generally don't require much delivery, Harry Hill's jokes are more about his delivery and imagination than about the actual content of the clip and is never just 'oh look how funny other cultures are'. It does depend how much you like Hill of course but I find his unique sense of craziness to be a blessed addition to Saturday night line-ups that are normally full of derivative stuff that lack imagination.

    One problem with it is that fans of Hill might not appreciate the fact that his humour has been watered down for a primetime audience. Certainly the heavy use of clips means that about a third of the 25 minute running time is taken up by the TV clips and this is not as good as Hill's other shows where he had the full running time, lots of characters and all sorts of craziness going on. But this is the price we pay for a primetime and we can just hope that he will get another show later in the evening to do what he does best and, until then, I'll be going to see him live in 2005.

    Overall this is a very funny show that is lifted out of its ponderous unoriginal premise and made something much more inventive and off the wall than the usual Saturday night servings would allow us and, if he manages to get a wider audience for his fuller shows and crazy sense of humour then that can only be a good thing.
  • ethanrunt18 February 2006
    For four years Harry Hill has been consistently funny making fun of TV and re-editing things to look different. A hero in my eyes, as in the last year i've started doing the same, but no one can do it as well with the best deadpan, well almost, and quick witted comic timing around. His innovative views of TV shows and little sections of them, like this week when dot from eastenders steps out in front of a taxi, and he edits it with footage taken in which he hits a doll mildly resembling the same person, making it so funny and unexpected that it'll make you laugh for half the episode, but by then you'd have seen thousands of other jokes in similar vein or better, so you'll be laughing for a week, which is when the next episode was on.
  • Great news - Harry Hill's has finally begun another 13-episode series! He kindly watches all the soaps, 'reality' TV and dramas so we don't have to watch them ourselves to find out how bad they are. Hopefully his prime-time slot will win him some more fans, so we can see him on the box more often. I miss the Harry Hill Show a lot, but this comes very close and is a much better use of his talents than "You've Been Framed." This show is a beacon among all the Saturday 'entertainment' that has clearly run of ideas in recent years. It is also one of the few real comedies that ITV produce, although they have a few coming up that make me cringe just from the trailers. How much you enjoy TV burp will depend almost entirely on how much you like Harry's sense of humour as it can be an acquired taste, but if you are a fan you should find this show priceless.

    The quality of the show is somewhat dependant on what has been on television in the UK in the week running up to the show, but his delivery and the fact he is very imaginative in the way he uses the clips can usually overcome any shortcomings in the material. He is also good at spotting things happening in the background or noticing parallels between shows. An example of this is where he showed two car crashes - one from US drama CSI with high production values where a car smashes into a restaurant at high speed, people, tables and glass flying everywhere - and the other from soap Emmerdale where a car ploughs into a haystack at about 5 miles an hour. However there are too many examples to give a real flavour here and besides the jokes just aren't the same without his trademark deadpan delivery.

    A good deal more original than other clip shows which usually focus on television advertisements or 'bizarre' foreign television programmes. This feels fresher because it is so topical in comparison. Besides which all the advertisement shows end up using the same old clips eventually, whereas TV Burp gets new ones every week.
  • Harry Hill came back in a great series in which he takes a funny and surreal look at the past week's TV. Just one image from Casualty or one scene in Emmerdale can be a comedy gem. It does seem he's making fun of certain people's acting and the scripts but everyone notices that about TV dramas. It will make you laugh out loud, something an ITV show doesn't usually make you do but ITV is getting better at comedy now with Hardware, Ant and Dec and Harry. So watch it, it's a great show.
  • the choreography, mannerisms and silliness of this show, make even the people who don't watch the shows he's talking about laugh. i'm not saying there aren't parts that i don't laugh at. but there are at least 10 good giggles per show. and for someone as cynical and husk-like as myself, that is an incredible achievement! it's harry hill himself that makes the show. if they continued this without him (whatever reason) it just wouldn't be the same.

    another achievement is that the show is completely family friendly. i think this is even on at Saturday early evening? good lord! i mean, have you ever even so much as smirked at any other show being shown at this kind of time? well, yes, i have, actually. you know what it is? "you've been framed". and before you write me off because of that, before harry was presenting that particular show, i absolutely HATED it! if he can make you've been framed seem even slightly funny, then he's a total comedy genius! no wonder this keeps getting renewed. it's one of the only funny things left on TV
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just love this show, it is simply the best comedy show I have ever seen with the wild and eccentric but excellent comedian Harry Hill. I am just always wondering which programme will be joked about on this programme. Basically he takes clips from recent shows in the last week and turn them into the joke. He takes the soaps (EastEnders, Coronation Street), the dramas, the documentaries (Wife Swap), the reality shows (Big Brother, I'm a Celebrity), he just takes everything you can think of on TV. He always says something before or after the clip, and when it shown that is the joke. Harry Hill is brilliant and deservedly won a British Comedy Award, and the show won Best Comedy Entertainment Programme. There was also a Christmas TV Burp in 2006. Harry Hill was number 26 on The Comedians' Comedian. Outstanding!
  • This is one of the few jewels in the ITV schedule. Not known for doing anything other than a total banker this little gem popped onto ITV screens several years ago and has quickly become a weekly staple of people who are fans of all types of comedy.

    The format of mostly, just Harry sitting and giving glib comments of the weeks T.V. showing the clips concerned is simple enough, but the delivery and timing makes the interaction between viewer and presenter into a 'conversation in the pub' arrangement. This appears effortless but must take huge preparation.

    Harry Hill's ability to get a bizarre angle on something which passed everyone else by is key to the comedy.

    Most of all it is truly funny family entertainment, and let's face it, family comedy is usually only funny for the younger generation.
  • On ITV there is almost no comedy output. That is except a few 30 min latenight comedies. One of which is this gem. Each week Harry Hill casts a eye over what has been on TV. By using his unique brand of humor he does it in a very funny manner. Highlights include comparing everyday objects to the appearance of a TV star and fights to decide topical issues. This has caused me laugh out loud a number of times. Though this is not for everybody's taste if you like comedies, which tend not to be mainstream then this is worth a gander.
  • scones_099126 November 2004
    I'm rather sad that tomorrow (27th November, 2004) is the end of the current series of Harry Hill's TV Burp. Now, I can't call myself a great fan of Harry Hill, but I classify his comedy as a bit hit and miss.

    In this show, he takes moments from TV shows (in Britain) and makes fun of them. For instance, Hill might say, 'Let's see the man who chews his coffee.' an then we'd see a clip of a man from some soap opera taking a sip of coffee and then chewing away as if he was eating rock cakes!

    On the other hand, some things don't appeal to me. But I do find TV Burp a great Saturday tea time thing. It ranks quite highly on my list of current comedy, and if you are a fan of Harry Hill or TV bloopers style things, you will enjoy this unique blend of humour.
  • Once a rich source of popular television comedy, I.T.V. seems to have thrown in the towel. The jewel in its crown in recent years has been 'Harry Hill's T.V. Burp' in which the eccentrically attired Mr.Hill pokes fun at the week's television. He would not be the first person to do this; the B.B.C.'s 'Saturday Night Clive' had Clive James up to the same kind of mischief in the early '90's.

    Harry Hill is the nearest we have right now to a Spike Milligan or a Kenny Everett in that he also uses surrealism as the basis for his humour. Of course he is helped by the sad fact that British television in the Noughties is a bad joke, and thus a perfect target for comedy. Try watching a soap opera with the sound off ( the grimaces and leers of the cast are hilarious ) and you'll see what I mean! Quiz shows and documentaries also come in for similar ribbing.

    One of my favourite moments was when Harry did 'If...British television continues to get worse' in which he led an assault force against the television studios where much of the pap we have to endure is made. There's an unmistakable anger lurking behind the gags. Rather than get mad, Harry has decided to get even. He has fashioned a good show simply by laughing at the bad ones.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Harry Hill is acquired taste, you either love him or hate him, there isn't any middle ground, I for one find him hilarious.

    The show is such a simple idea...taking the p!ss out of various TV shows on over the course of the week, which aren't necessarily funny the first time you watch them, but when Harry and his various writers have had a look, they twist them and they become hilarious - TV Burp has now become a huge hit, and is among the most watched shows on what is a graveyard night for TV Channels - Saturday Night - but then It doesn't really have much quality competition.

    It won a BAFTA (British Equivalent of Oscar) last Year for Hill's Performance & has won the NTV = (National Television Award) two years in a row now for Best Comedy Programme, and both deservedly so

    Great series and long may it continue

    ***** OUT OF *****
  • Warning: Spoilers
    How on Earth did this show win two BAFTAs yesterday? It is god awful! They is no intelligence or originality involved; the show is basically taken the mick out of programmes and clips which people across the country can do a lot better. Harry Hill is an unfunny host, he looks like a poor imitation of Eddie from Bottom and unable to make witty comments or intelligence jokes he ends up having to use over the top zaniness which would make children embarrassed. I saw some of his speech on the BBC News and at best he sounded drunk or he was just a complete idiot. Harry Hill's TV Burp is just cheap, lazy, bottom of the barrel comedy and I have to ask where are the quality comedies or sketch show? Its no wonder that ITV's viewing figures are falling. If you want to watch good watch something Have I got News for You or Mock the Week which are many better with intelligent, funny people, or watch Peep Show which is starting up on Channel Four very soon.
  • studioAT27 October 2010
    Although this show has been milked by ITV it remains a staple part of their weekend scheduling.

    This show is consistently funny with the format never getting stale or boring. Sometimes the series' go on a little too long but to keep the standard so high for so long is a testament to everyone involved in the show.

    Harry Hill is still one of the countries funniest men and this show really plays to his strengths as he mocks one show after another with ease.

    A great source of entertainment for all the family. Long may it continue.