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  • cjay75720 September 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was as the header clearly states better than i thought. most straight to DVD comedies are completely asinine and unfunny wastes of time and judging by the box i thought this would be the same. but since I'm open minded and get it for free since i work at Hollywood video i gave it a chance and was pleasantly surprised. sure its completely cheap and as some way to long, pg-13 rated,and completely unnecessary oral sex scenes (suppose its where the title is derived from) but majority of the movie has some genuine laughs. i wouldn't go so far as to say better than any American pie movies or most other mainstream teen sex comedies mostly because it borrows too much (kid acting crazy due to drug overdose, diarrhea, and the aforementioned oral sex scenes) but it does contain a couple of its own scenes that i hadn't seen 18 times before that had me laughing. overall i say its worth a rental (especially if you get it free like me) if you like teen sex comedies.

    PS this movie has the most random and belated and unnecessary nudity scene i have EVER seen in a movie. (no nudity the entire thing and then randomly the girl who was topless the last third of the movie w/o showing anything streaks topless during the beginning of the credits)
  • adslhkrk7 October 2004
    This movie was HELLLA funny! I don't know why so many people are giving this movie a bad rating. It was just a fun movie to watch. It did not have "oscar" material for sure and had some pretty cheesy stuff in it... but that's what it was SUPPOSED to have in it. Every film does not have to have great acting to be funny. Go out and see this movie if you just wanna have a good laugh at some funny situations. I was laughing the whole way through this movie. This movie is jam packed with funny situations and funny characters the whole way through. It has everything, sex, drugs, beer, a hooker, a wacko Policeman, kung-fu, dead people! Wow, it has it all!!!! Watch it!
  • I have to say that when we first got this movie in, I thought it was going to be horrible. So I read the back, and thought "hey, this is going to be worse than I thought from the cover". But after about a half hour, I noticed I had been laughing out loud and just sat back and enjoyed it. Sometimes a movie catches you off guard, despite its pathetic reviews, horrible cover (US cover has a chick's stomach with a belt buckle stating "Going Down"), and just about every other mark against it that it could possible have, and still be funny. It wasn't a pothead movie, it wasn't an excuse to see a topless chick, it was just funny. I'm not going to say it was the best movie I've seen or anything, but its definitely worth watching if you don't want to invest too much thought into something.
  • scooterbrowne27 August 2005
    "American Pie meets Risky Business only better," that is what it says on the box of the DVD. Well if you mean there is a hooker and some clothed oral sex scenes then yeah I see the similarities but NO!!! The movie is low-budget so I look past the lack of star power, Ed Begley Jr., Dennis Haskins, and the beautiful and underrated Christine Lakin. I look past the poor camera job as many of it looks as if it was shot with a home video camera and I look past the pretty much direct-to-video release (it was released in the US to select theaters) and what do I of the worst "teen sex comedies" I have ever seen, but at least the film sticks to its story.

    Two buddies, Jack and Travis, throw a party for Jack on his 18th birthday party while Jack's parents are out of town. Well this must have been one hell of a party as the house was trashed and two party-goers are "dead," too bad we don't get to see any of this outrageous party. The boys wake up from to a phone call from Jack's mom informing him to be at the airport to pick her and his father up because they have decided to end their trip early. So the boys have 3 hours to get the house clean and the bodies out of the house. That's when the girls, sex starved Jamie (super sexy Christine Lakin aka Al from Step By Step) and Laurie (Hope Riley),who's in to whips, show up and they are ready to party, they thought the party was today. Well the boys try and hide the bodies without the girls knowing that they are there so as to not freak them out. They hide the two bodies in the bathroom and let the girls in, that's when one of the bodies starts walking around the house, not dead just badly wasted from the night before.

    What later ensues is the arrival of Jamie's ex-boyfriend (and eventually his jock buddies) who wants her to take him back, what an idiot how do you screw things up with such a hot girl, a hooker sent by Jack's uncle Frank (Haskins aka Mr. Belding from Saved By the Bell), the boyfriend of one of a "dead" guy, this character is classic as he gets drunk and just starts going crazy, and a cop, who's gun is taken by said gay guy. There also is a stoner loose in the house. Once they get rid of everyone, it's time for Jack to pick up his parents but he isn't at the airport so his mom calls and says they will take a taxi home. Jack, Travis and the girls now have to get the house cleaned up and they do just before the parents arrive. Does this mean Jack pulled off the "ultimate" party...well you'll have to watch to find out.

    Two of the best parts in the whole movie is the sex scene with Jamie, where Christine pulls off a better pleasure sequence then Meg Ryan did in When Harry Met Sally, yes it's that good, well until the last few moments where it just goes overboard and becomes less real. The other part again is the gay character who just becomes so funny when drunk, he gives about 10 good laughs in a film that pushes 15 total.

    Also of note Hope Riley does a great job on the song "I'll Kiss Yours, If You'll Kiss Mine," which is really catchy.

    Overall 6/'s worth a rental.
  • weberpr11 June 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    Going Down is the story of one blow out party, one trashed house, two college guys, three hot girls, four Dumb Jocks, A hooker and 3 hours to clean up the mess. Starring (Jay Michael Ferguson) as Jack Earnest also (Josh Blake), (Christine Lakin) and (Hope Riley)

    For your typical teenage comedy it was up there very funny and enjoyable, not quiet as good as The American Pie trilogy but close. Good to see a young, attractive cast in these roles, great punk rock soundtrack getting some of those unknown artists out there.

    Unpredicatble and a lot of twists for a comedy film, thoroughly enjoyable it was actually different compared to your normal teenage comedy.
  • I could crap a better movie. This is a waste of time and money. it makes me sick that movies like these are actually getting made and the people making them actually think they're good. I happen to like teen comedies, when they're done well. This movie, however, takes this genre to a new low. With movies like this, people think it's actually okay to make this filth and ask unsuspecting people to pay money to sit through it. It's sadism.
  • mrmazda26 August 2012
    It's hard to believe any sober person could have given this a favorable review. The story is inane. The acting is incompetent. Stupid dialog is overabundant. The acts of "going down" were reminiscent of cheap cable-rated porn, with little but tops of heads seen below downee pecs, and copious facial closeups of wincing downees. I laughed not once, but did give it one point for absence of gratuitous gore. It probably deserves another point as a good example of what not to include in a movie, but the multiple appearances of vomiting and sloven, easily frightened constable are too memorable to justify a higher rating than 2.
  • moritz222 July 2004
    Okay, so the guy or girl that said this movie was great clearly stared in it or made the horrible thing. Trust me, never ever see this movie, not even if your life depended on it. Where do I start? The directing? Horrible, seriously, there is no excuse for the lack of effort that went into this movie. Second rate casting and a poor director are a bad start Mr producer, what were you thinking? The script had some moments that you could see were dying to come out but were unfortunately crucified by the severe lack of comedic timing on the part of the cast and the director. Comedy is hard, don't try it if you can't do it, maybe soap opera is better? Sterile claustrophobic "sets" aka someone's house (guys, paint the walls next time) made it even more unbearable. All in all give me Jaws 3 with a little bit of Return of the Jedi and Jason X rolled into one and I'd be happier than watching this rubbish!
  • bill-39115 April 2004
    Had me laughing from start to finish! This was the first comedy where the girls were not only hot but smarting and having a better time than the guys. To see Principal Belding in a hot tub with babes was hillarious. Once scene after the next I couldn't start laughing. The story got more and more outrageous. The hooker was funny. Travis and Jamie were great. My favorite was the mom. What a funny bit#@h! Oh, and don't forget the cop. A bunbling idiot. Is that what LA cops are like? Finds this movie. I know it's playing in some local theaters (I saw it here in Florida) but if you can't find it in a theater then RENT IT!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My mom brought me this movie on a DVD. A guy in a rental recommended it. But in fact, this might be the worst movie I've ever seen. You know, I didn't expect much from this film, but it didn't have a good story, it wasn't even funny and it was senseless. I was looking forward to see Christine Lakin in this movie because I loved Step by step. Even she was a huge disappointment. The story was completely unreal. One of the party guys is dead (he wasn't dead in fact, he woke up later), the house looks like there exploded a bomb and there are 2 guys who have 3 hours to handle everything. But then there comes a homosexual, policeman... There is a total mess till the end and the guys managed to tide up and everything in like 15 minutes??? Come on, just be realistic at least. Waste of money. Really...
  • thegoldenboy2120 February 2005
    This has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life. I can't believe people actually a) write scripts like this b) have a budget to make a film c) actually expect it to be successful. Words can't even describe how horrible this film is. I enjoy my fair share of teen movies, but this didn't even come close to being funny. In fact, it was funny for the sole reason that it was so horrible. I can probably count one (maybe two) parts in the film where I even managed to squeeze out a chuckle (other than the laughs regarding how bad it was).

    Renting this was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made. Its been a day since I've seen the film, and I'm still in shock regarding how horrible it was. Avoid at all costs.