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  • This is a great movie, although a lot of people in the movie do have mullets and the title is Mulletville. The true nature of the move is friendship, love, and moving on in life, not mullets. It perfectly depicts a group of friends not ready to let go of high school and there youth. Still caught up in old nicknames roomers and habits. The characters are very real, and the situations they encounter are true to life. The movie also offers a lot of insight into the "quarter-life crisis" that all these Twenty-something's are going through. An area of life I feel is poorly represented in film. But this move captures brilliantly. The time between high school and marriage when some people don't know what to do with their lives and eventually revert to acting as if they were still in high school. The only problem I had with Mulletville is that there are parts that seem to have nothing to do with the overall plot or sub-plots. Probably put there to fill up time. But overall this was a great movie and I would recommend this movie to everyone.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie was stupid / funny. I'm not say it was good but it did have its moments of being funny. It did remind me of some parties I went to in Kent, Wa. so in that aspect it was realistic. If your from the northwest or partied in some of the hick town's in the 90's, it does have that feel to it, then I would say its worth sitting through the whole thing. The dude that played the drummer in the band and his buddy were pretty funny. Bob was a lovable charter. The person that played Jiffy, I seen her in some show before, but her charter in this movie got on my bad side. The wigs in the movie could also been better. All I have to say is Slayer rules!
  • Despite a few genuine laughs at the beginning of this video, it just doesn't go anywhere. I was, however, interested in the premise. Recently, television has recognized this segment of America's red-neck population. I don't know if this is good or bad but besides filling the seats at monster truck events, "mullets" have in fact been neglected in film for far too long. I guess what was most disappointing about this "dv feature" is the fact that it leaves you with the feeling that real, live "mullets" actually put this thing together. The performances are public access quality. I got the dvd for free, and I still somehow feel ripped-off.
  • I watched the whole thing - or more to the point let the entire movie play. It's one of those that you can go get something to eat and don't feel to bad about not pressing pause. I was disappointed that it didn't quite fit into any category, i.e. it wasn't a documentary, it really wasn't a comedy, and it sure wasn't drama. I guess I expected a silly comedy - not a documentary.

    It had some humor from the perspective that I knew/know people like those portrayed. There are some totally different worlds in these United States and the movie tries to depict one - the trailer park crew.

    I guess if it does anything it can make you feel better about your own surroundings (hopefully they are better than those shown in the movie). Worth it for a diversion, but to pay any major money for this film would be a waste. I can't see where you would watch it again unless you lived in that type of environment.