Wanda's TV station WHDC 11 is named after the show's main character and her state of residency (Wanda Hawkins, District of Columbia).

The show's theme was written and performed by Mathematics and Method Man.

When the show was renewed for a second season 13 episodes were ordered and made, but only eight of them were aired.

The call sign of the radio station is named for the lead character. WHDC-TV: Wanda Hawkins of Washington, D.C.

All episodes of the first season start with one of Wanda's segments from the show, The Beltway Gang.

It is hinted throughout the series that Wanda and Bradley may have a romantic connection. However, due to the show's abrupt cancellation, this was never given a chance to play out.

Bradley is shown to not just be a moderator for The Beltway Gang but is also a news anchor for WHDC.

Wanda is shown to be an avid drum player and even has a set of drums in her apartment. However, she is never seen or heard playing them.