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  • You kindly post this Malayalam movie on YOUTUBE HD along with RATHI and ENQUIRY.I watched this movies when I was in college.The performances of Sathar and Jayalalitha and TG Ravi are unforgettable Iwould like to watch it again.In RATHI Jayalalitha is a model and Ravi varma a photographer. They are the hero and the heroine.I don't know the story of the movie AVAL ORU SINDHU,but Rathi I can remember some what.I think they were then separated.At that time she remembers her past romance with the hero.The songs in Aval oru Sindhu and Rathi are also excellent.I except the song too in the movies.The shooting scenes of her are also great in Rathi.In Aval oru Sindhu also Jayalalitha is the heroine. But I have never seen the movie Enquiry.Expect these on YOUTUBE HD soon.