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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Spoiler alert The movie opens with an unseen maniac chasing after a pretty woman in a nice house. The FBI gets involved in the investigation because clues point to a serial killer. Agent Kurt Novack gets a call on his cell phone from a mystery person with an evil voice. Then he goes home to his wife and son.

    The killer strikes again. Same circumstances: pretty girl who has been made to look good and covered up, with a photo of the dead body that has some body part missing. Then things get strange: a similar murder occurs in Australia. For some odd reason, Novack brings his family along. Big mistake. But the wife and son have fun in view of the Opera House while Novack helps with the interrogation of a suspect. Novack believes the Australians have the wrong man, but the Australians are quite confident.

    When the time comes to return home, the Novacks have their reservations switched to another plane, but at least they are given first class seats. One passenger is late, so the plane must wait. Novack's wife receives a mysterious gift which Novack realizes points to the killer. And then Novack gets a phone call from the mystery man. Other events have taken place Novack's wife and son know about, but Novack doesn't.

    During the second half, things get quite tense. There are several suspects, and Novack goes overboard with every one of them (not the behavior I would expect from an FBI agent, though it is entertaining). On the ground in the United States, other agents investigate leads. The suspense level grows as the movie progresses, and sometimes things get downright frightening. The excitement level builds to a climax toward the end. It wasn't as scary as I would have been led to believe, but certainly some people would be discouraged from getting on a plane after that.

    I'm not a big fan of really scary movies, so this film was just about exciting enough for me. The truly terrifying scenes on the plane could probably have been drawn out longer and made this even more of a thriller, but the mystery and the investigation itself made the movie quite interesting anyway. I'm sure this type of film has been done better, but I enjoyed it. Otherworldly music added to the terrifying moments, and one blonde woman who was held prisoner really came across as frightened. I just wish I knew the character's name. The evil voice was done quite well, too. I could tell you whose it was, but I won't.

    This movie was delayed after the events of September 11, 2001. I can see why. Getting on a plane back then was already a frightening prospect.
  • yojimbo9998 June 2003
    If you decide to watch the movie, count how many times Terry Farrell's character makes a dumb decision. Get this: AFter she finds out that a serial killer is on her plane hunting her and her family, she keeps LEAVING HER DEFENSELESS SON ALL ALONE at every opportunity! Also, I've never seen a more nosy wife. Also, if you were an FBI agent hunting a serial killer, would you really bring your wife and son to Austarlia with you to interview the serial killer? Dumb, dumb, dumb.
  • I watched this movie for a couple of reasons. 1. David James Elliot 2. The review was good 3. Nothing else worth watching.

    After watching it, I thought it was quite enjoyable, particulary towards the end.

    A couple of faults with the movie though, on being with Terry the wife being too annoying and to many 'As if" situations such as as if you would leave your son alone while there's a serial killer after you and your family. It was also pretty predictbale towards the end to guess the killer, even though you may have suspected others that are brought into the story.

    Not bad for an afternoon's viewing though.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film is so stupid, so predictable and just so over the top it is quite entertaining to laugh at. The FBI guy is a complete and utter idiot; he should be keeping matters cool and calm on the aeroplane but instead he runs around like a madman throwing innocent passengers aside. He is a complete nut case; he shouts at staff and is aggressive to everyone he comes in contact with. Constantly seems to stare at people so much the twist at the end should have been that he was the killer himself.

    His wife is annoying for reasons posted by previous viewers and the main villain is so obvious I wonder how films like this get the greenlight.

    Bad, really bad.
  • Watch "Code 11-14" only if it airs on cable. The first half of the movie is very entertaining and develops some interesting situations but then it becomes predictable and dull.

    After some dumb situations (like leaving Johnny alone in his seat while a serial killer is chasing his parents...) I had to repeat to myself "don't get angry, it's only a movie, it has to have exaggerated situations. But come on, sometimes it looks like the script was improvised.

    Anyways, the movie offers some good scenes and has likable characters. Don't expect too much from this. Nowhere near to be a mess but neither a good movie.

    Only for lovers of detective movies.
  • I am a JAG & David James Elliott fan but his acting in this one was horrible. His behavior as an FBI agent was unbelievable. And his & Terry Farrell's parenting on the plane were criminal. Very bad movie. Don't waste your time on this one.
  • haepa2 June 2003
    I decided to see this after reading a review stating that "it was a great movie". IT WAS NOT! Nothing about it was worth seeing. I lost 85 minutes of my life. Bad acting, bad story, bad script, bad everything. Whooa a serial killer on an aeroplane; what an original and new twist - NOT!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Almost every minute of the film is predictable and the stupid behaviors of the FBI agent and his wife make it worse.

    Agent Novack tells captain to keep it quiet after finding the body but he acts just opposite, running like crazy all the time and screaming at people. He also questions suspects in a way not really fits an FBI agent. He looks for the guy while on the phone but doesn't notice that our killer is not there(he was a suspect too) and goes on.

    His wife Michelle Novack is more dumb than him as she leaves her son alone and goes up and down all the time just because of curiosity. So it was obvious that their son was going to be kidnapped. That behavior was really annoying of hers i kept myself saying "Go back to your kid woman!". One more thing about her is that when the killer wants her to come down he goes directly without telling to her husband. Killer wouldn't know about it.

    This film lacks acting, script, and logic which make it completely waste of time.
  • The movie opens with a pretty woman in a large house running from an unseen assailant. The investigation of what happened includes the FBI because clues point to a serial killer. Agent Kurt Novack receives a call from a mystery man on his cell phone. Then he goes home to his wife and son.

    The killer strikes again. Then a strange thing happens: he apparently shows up in Australia. Novack has to fly to Sydney, and he brings his family. Big mistake! While Novack helps question a suspect, his family has fun near the Opera House. Novack doesn't believe the right man has been arrested, but the Australians are confident.

    When the time comes to fly home, Novack's family has been put on a different plane, but at least they're in first class, at no extra charge. One passenger is late, so the plane doesn't take off right away. Novack's wife gets a mysterious gift which indicates the killer may be involved. Then Novack gets another phone call from the mystery man! And there is more: his wife and son know something he doesn't.

    The second half of the movie has a lot of tension and suspense, and the excitement level gradually increases until we finally reach a frightening climax. Novack questions several people and manages to go overboard with most of them (not particularly realistic, but entertaining). On the ground in the United States, the FBI searches for clues.

    I enjoyed this movie. Personally, I would have hoped for a little more of the excitement, but the mystery was still interesting. Otherworldly music added to the scary parts. One woman who was held prisoner really came across as terrified, but I didn't catch her name. And the mystery voice was quite well done--whoever it was!
  • Being a JAG fan, I watched this tonite. It was one of the most boring movies I have sen in some time. Obviously, this was just a poor ripoff of a JAG show. The bad guy was so obvious once the plane was in the air, I watched the rest, hoping I was wrong. I was not. Unlike JAG, this is one show I will never watch again. I hope Elliot does a better job picking his next movie.
  • The talents of David James Elliott and his charms were muted. This project has relentless cliches and has less satisfying results. It was cheesy and thrillerless. The characters from the wife and his agent partner view them as fossils and merits shaking our heads. For good FBI,CIA shows I highly recommend "Without a Trace","24" "MI-5" or even "Alias". I will take any "Xfiles" episodes than this. Here's another theory: CBS delayed this TV project not due to 9-11,the real reason they put this behind because its a dud.
  • i saw it 2 months ago on the italian channel Rai 2... as a fan of David James Elliott and Nanci Chambers i was not disappointed... it is so well written and acted that we dont know who is that serial killer before the last 12 minutes of the movie! great movie! and great job to both dje and nc!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    7 women have been murdered by a serial killer and when it appears that the killer is in Australia, the FBI agent goes with his family down under to see what is going on.

    It is on their way back from Australia that the mayhem really begins.

    It seems that the killer is on board. He has placed one passenger in a secluded area below the plane and has killed another woman in the bathroom.

    Our detective is jumping up and down. Now, they believe their child who saw something in their hotel room and screamed out.

    Now, our picture seems to center on who the killer is on board. We probably need Hercule Poirot or Jessica Fletcher to be called in to salvage this.

    Naturally, in this film, the plane is put out of control and the passengers scream and scream. Miraculously, all ends well. Anyone could have predicted this.