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  • Imagine a bride and groom getting married "by mistake" in a heavy crowd while their prospective partners stay helpless!! For others it's a case of laugh, but for them, hell..

    Jagadish portrays the role of Kannan, a peon in a government office who is an innocent, good at heart and semi-foolish person who marries Radha, played by Rekha. In a venue, where a number of marriages are held Kannan marries Radha by mistake in spite of his prospective bride. Radha is mentally torn apart realizing that her world is now with a total stranger and thus the story goes.

    Siddique, Jagathy Sreekumar and Unnimary tickle our funny bone especially with their efforts to reinvent and train Kannan.Kannan's actions and reactions to those trainings again sets another laugh riot. Excellent performance from Sainudeen as a colleague of Kannan who fools him by calling him via imitating the voice of his wife on phone.

    The film does have its emotional as well as funny moments but the story boils down to the fact that "fate" plays an important in life and thus delivers such a message. In summary, 2.5 hours of pure entertainment!!