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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Wisher starts on Mary's (Liane Balaban) birthday, she approaches her cake & it starts to ooze blood then Mary wakes up... Mary Ryan suffers from nightmares & sleepwalking, her parents Jake (Iain MacLean) & Kelly (Wendy Anderson) are worried about her & think her interest in horror films is unhealthy. The latest blockbusting horror film to fill American cinemas is The Wisher & Mary along with her friends Kara (Andrea Runge), Debbie (Siri Baruc) & Brad (Drew Lachey) decide to check it out against her father's request, Mary wishes he would 'just disappear'. Once Jake finds out that Mary has gone to see The Wisher he goes to pick her up but has a fatal car crash on the way & dies. It's now 'Six Weeks Later' & Mary decides to go back to school but gets an odd feeling & thinks she keeps seeing the Wisher from the film. While having an argument with Kara Mary wishes she would 'shut up' & within minutes Kara has her tongue cut out. Mary becomes convinced that the Wisher, or someone dressed as him, is stalking her & making her wishes come horribly true...

    This Canadian production was co-executive produced & directed by Gavin Wilding & basically is terrible. The script by Ellen Cook is awful & has a striking resemblance to Wishmaster (1997). For a start it's confused, muddled & stupid. Most good horror films have a central villain to dislike & hate but The Wisher decides it doesn't need to do this & keeps the villain in the background with quick flashes & the possibility that the Wisher is in fact a figment of Mary's imagination. Mary & the Wisher never meet until the last 5 or so minutes, they never talk to each other so we never really understand his motives & the Wisher is a real rip-off of the Wishmaster as well complete with wrinkled face & hooded shawl, they even manage to rip-off Freddy Krueger as the Wisher has shards of glass attached to his fingers. What about the splices of subliminal messaging that are cut into the film & Mary discovers? Virtually nothing is made of it. The identity of the Wisher is mundane, stupid, doesn't make any sense & how do they defeat the Wisher? They download the film on their computer (they download a 200+ MB file in a matter of seconds, yeah right they must have the fastest broadband connection ever) & watch how they kill the Wisher in that, a climax trying to create tension around two people trying to download a film just doesn't work. After finding out they use it on the Wisher & it works, but if the Wisher sticks to the film so closely that he would commit suicide when asked why does he attack Brad? No mention of wishing any harm to Brad is ever made. What about the six week wait between the first & second wish? What was he doing all that time, stalking Mary's every movement until she made a wish? How did he know she would? What about when he is hit by Debbie's car & gets up completely uninjured? I mean this guy turns out to be flesh & blood so how can he walk away from being knocked over by a speeding car? I could go on & on about all the lapses in logic & plot holes but I think you get the idea.

    Director Wilding gives the film a nice look & feel throughout, better than the material deserves. However the constant, film-within-a-film & annoying dream sequences just irritate. Forget about any gore or violence, a cut out tongue & a (almost bloodless) face slashing, that's it I'm afraid. No nudity either.

    The Wisher is a surprisingly well made & nice looking film, it obviously had a lot of time spent on it although this means nothing when the overall film is so bad. The acting is really bad & lead star Balaban in particular is simply awful & highly annoying.

    The Wisher is crap, nothing else to say really. It's well made but the film fails in so many departments that watching it is no fun. The mystery elements suck & the film is deeply unsatisfying. Give this one a miss & watch Wishmaster again instead, one to avoid & for those who have seen The Wisher I can assure you now no amount of subliminal messaging would make me want to watch it again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In a small town, the teenager Mary (Liane Balaban) is obsessed and addicted with horror movies. Further, she is sleepwalker, has frequent nightmares and her father has forbidden her to watch horror movies. However, when the top at the box office "The Wisher" is screened in her town, she goes to the movie theater with her two best friends, Debbie (Siri Baruc) and Kara (Andrea Runge), and leaves the session before the end, vomiting and impressed with the scary story. Mary notes that her wishes comes true wounding people and she sees the character The Wisher stalking her everywhere.

    "The Wisher" is a messy and incoherent plagiarism of other horror movies, mainly "The WIshemaster", "Nightmare on Elm Street", "Swimfan" and "Scream", blended with the exposition of the beautiful naked body of Melissa Repka. The result is a movie that begins with a supernatural story, but with an awful conclusion where the killer is a deranged and humiliated student. Therefore, most of the situations become unreasonable, like for example, the death of Mary's father in a car accident. Anyway, this forgettable movie entertains and in the lack of a better option, is watchable. My vote is five.

    Title (Brazil): "The Wisher – Desejos Mortais" ("The Wisher – Mortal Wishes")
  • This is the sort of horror movie made by people who've either seen EVERY horror movie ever made, or have NEVER seen one in their lives. Spliced (aka The Wisher), is derivative of the best (but mostly the worst) bits of at least a dozen 80's slasher flicks. Mary (the heroine) is a medication-popping, horror movie junkie who has nightmares, is prone to sleep-walking and gets sent to the school counselor. Oh yeah, the other kids don't like her much either. The Wisher (the killer) is a hood-robed, pasty-faced, horror movie cliché with glass finger-knives. Is the killer a real person, is he a supernatural entity or is he just in Mary's head? The film throws so many "twists" and red herrings at the viewer that you just know the final explanation won't make any logical sense. When the BEST thing about a film is Drew Lachey (Nick's brother) as the pseudo-creepy wannabe boyfriend, you know you're in trouble!
  • Horror film enthusiast Mary defies her parents wishes and joins her friends to catch a glimpse of the scariest movie ever called 'The Wisher'.But five minutes into film,Mary becomes violently ill and leaves the cinema.She senses that something is wrong.Soon afterwards,someone dressed as The Wisher from the film begins to haunt Mary,stalking her and with each wish that Mary makes,The Wisher grants it,twisting it around to make it worse than what it really is."The Wisher" is an incredibly generic slasher flick that fails to generate even the slightest amount of suspense.The script is completely unoriginal and the action is rather dull.The Wisher of the title looks pretty crappy too.He's a cross between Freddy Krueger and the Creeper from "Jeepers Creepers",only with shards of glass instead of knives.The climax is awful as it doesn't make any sense at all.There is very little blood,so fans of splatter will be disappointed.So if you want to watch creepy and unsettling Canadian horror film try to find "Born for Hell" and "Rituals".Heck,even "Ginger Snaps" series is better than this turd.3 out of 10.
  • That's right ! This one keeps on reminding you how bad horror movies are for you and how they drive people crazy with all those unscrupulous directors using subliminal images and all that jazz.

    Talk about hypocrisy ! Besides, it plays the supernatural angle to the hilt just to pull it out near the end - but otherwise the killer's identity would be too obvious. No-one would expect greatness from the director of "Christina's house", but this turkey crosses the treshold. Horror movies fan, avoid this one at all cost and give the people responsible the finger ! Don't bother.
  • I had heard a lot about this film before seeing it, saying it was a cross between Nightmare on Elm Street and Jeepers Creepers, and had mind bending twists like The Ring. So i rented it, the box of the movie didnt exactly raise my expectations for the film, but it was interesting None the less. I have to admit, those Ice-Nails were a definitly interesting touch, reminded me of Freddy's Claws, and i liked that. Anyway, onto the review:

    The film is about a young girl, Mary, who is OBSESSED with Horror Films (Although by the looks of the films on her Dresser *Christina's House, Devil's Prey and The Fear: Resurrection* she isn't a very knowledgeable fan) and one night, disobeying her Father's requests to not see any more Horror Films, considering they're making her sleepwalk out into the Middle of the Road, she goes to see the film which is getting Rave Reviews, The Wisher, about five minutes into the film, Mary pukes and leaves the theater, knowing SOMETHING is wrong with that film. And soon, someone dressed as The Wisher from the film, is haunting Mary, following her, stalking her, and with each wish that Mary makes, The Wisher grants it, twisting it around to make it worse than what it really is, such as a simple "I Wish You Would Just Shut Up!" turns into a helpless girl getting her tongue cut out of her mouth...And that's only the beginning...

    On the acting level, i'd have to say it was at par with other DTV films, i mean you can only go so far with a bunch of Unknowns and Drew Lachey...BUT they were all actually good. Raising the bar for DTV films, i'd have to say. Mary, did a great job as the Lead, i wouldnt say she's Big Screen material yet, but maybe, because she's pretty damn good. Drew Lachey surprised me the most, i thought he would suck, but surprisingl enough, he can actually act! I wouldnt say he's the best, but he's definitly not the worst. As for the rest of the cast including Teachers, Friends, Parents, they were alright, my only REAL problem would be the guy that Mandi was screwing around with, he was horrible, but surprisingly everyone did alright for a DTV, i was surprised.

    On the Gore Factor, we had a bloody cake (Which was interesting) a few glass wounds on a young girl with a cut out tongue, a lot of glass slashings to a certain girl in a pool, some more glass slashings, and a very strange glass slashing at the end where the Killer himself is forced to grant Mary's wish of "I Wish You Would Die!" and slashes himself with the glass shards. As gory and bloody as this all sounds, the majority of it is offscreen, and then shown, but there's a lot of blood spatter, i know that much.

    Overall the film was pretty good, i wouldnt mind buying it, because it's not terrible. It surprised me, so would i recommend it? Yes, buy it? Depends on it you liked it that much, i for one wouldnt mind buying it, a pretty decent film. I give Spliced an 8/10, i LOVED the ending.
  • Now I must admit I originally rented it for the role played by Drew Lachey. I figured it was going to be just another cheap horror flick. I don't know whether it was being in a strange house or the odd sounds we were hearing throughout the movie but it did leave us in suspense and did scare us a few times.

    The movie is a movie within itself. I had my guess of who was behind it, and I did guess correctly. But it had a lot of good quality scenes in it and I do recommend this.
  • In a small town, the teenager Mary is obsessed and addicted with horror movies. Further, she is sleepwalker, has frequent nightmares and her father has forbidden her to watch horror movies.

    I have been trying to avoid films made in the last ten years, but I could not resist seeing Ron Silver, one the screen's greatest natural villains. I swear he does not even try -- he just shows up and evil fumes from his body. Maybe that was not such a good move on my part, though, as this seems to be just another average low budget horror film.

    There are some decent scares and some characters who are mildly interesting, but horror fans are not likely to find something in "The Wisher" they have not already seen elsewhere.
  • High school student Mary is having nightmares and sleepwalking. Since she is falling asleep during the day, a teacher sends her to counselor Campbell. He is most concerned about her sleepwalking, which is dangerous.

    Mary says she enjoys being scared. In fact, she compares it to being sexually aroused. Strangely enough, we never actually see this. She seems to react to being scared the way most of us would.

    Mary's best friends are Debbie and Kara. She seems perfectly normal with them, though I was expecting a more withdrawn teen like, say, Carrie. A Plain Jane (but still attractive), she wants Brad to be her boyfriend, but he prefers Mandy, who is mean and dresses like a bimbo. Mary's father Jake is overprotective and not particularly sympathetic. Her mother Kelly seems more caring, and she has a younger sister Beth who needs to be shielded from inappropriate material on TV.

    The hot movie is called 'The Wisher'. It is so controversial that it is being banned by some communities because of the copycat behavior it inspires. The movie is not very good, but the teens in the theater seem to like it, and the visual effects and violence may be the redeeming quality, if there is one. Mary goes with her friends, but that may not have been such a good idea.

    After the movie, Mary keeps seeing the villain from 'The Wisher', or at least someone who looks like him. And tragedies start to happen in her life when she is awake. In the process of investigating just what is going on, Mary is fortunate to be friendly with movie projectionist Shane.

    I don't like movies that are too scary, and this one really wasn't most of the time. There were some creepy scenes with appropriate music (or what sounded sort of like music but seemed not of this world). The kids seemed to like alternative rock music of the style that sounds like demons, such as that used with the opening credits. But no one here was really 'goth'.

    I liked Mary right away once she went into her first counseling session. I've never heard of Liane Balaban, and most of her movies appear to be Canadian-made and not familiar to Americans. But she did a capable job most of the time and I'd like to see more of her. Mary was actually a very determined character and not at all like I was expecting.

    Ron Silver also did a reasonably good job. There wasn't really anything outstanding here, but for the type of movie, I found it entertaining. The town is never named, but a fire truck says 'Regina Fire Dept.', though the community is referred to as 'a small town'.

    One weakness (I guess they figure we were lazy, but it could have been more realistic): I've always heard that downloading movies takes a lot of time. Someone in this film downloaded a movie on the Internet and was able to fast-forward through it and watch parts of it in the time it would take most regular web sites to appear. A little extra effort to make it look like real downloading, with some editing and frustration, wouldn't have hurt.

    It was okay, but nothing spectacular.
  • malkane31626 April 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    Another cheap horror movie which borrows heavily from both big and cult hits of the genre, but one which manages to be quite enjoyable even if we have seen it all before. There are some good performances, some not so good, a few typical scares and jokes(some which work, some which don't), a fair amount of blood, a simple but well executed story, and quite a creepy bad guy. Probably not worth searching for, but worth watching if it is on TV, especially if you are a horror fan.

    Mary is a teenage girl with a love for horror movies, always searching for the next scare. When she hears about a new film called The Wisher which has been getting good reviews from terrified audiences, her and her friends go to see it, against her father's wishes. Mary has a habit of sleepwalking which her father believes is caused by all the rubbish she watches. A short time into the movie, Mary vomits and leaves knowing the film is too much for her. After an argument with her father she wishes he would just go away. Soon her father is dead, and Mary believes she keeps seeing the Wisher creature from the movie. She becomes paranoid and after a few more gory events related to what she has innocently wished for, she believes that The Wisher, or someone dressed up as him is stalking her, obsessively carrying out her wishes in the worst way possible. She finds out that the film makers imbued the film with subliminal messages, and thinks that school hunk Brad, who likes her, has been hypnotised by the film. She tries to find a way to reverse the process, planning to watch the film to see how it ended. The Wisher is on to her plan though...

    Although everything is pretty predictable there is still enough fun to warrant watching this. There is some cheesy dialogue and effects, and you would think that once you believed that your wishes were coming true you would immediately wish for The Wisher to leave. Liane Balaban is very good as Mary, at times carrying the film on her own, and Ron Silver is good though seems uninterested in a smaller role. The rest of the cast are OK, but the film is quick and never tries to over-achieve. The Wisher itself does look scarier than your typical cheap horror movie bad guy, and the director's best moments are when the Wisher is stalking in the shadows or on reflections. There is not much heavy violence and nothing is over-the-top. Give it a go if it's on, but do not expect a masterpiece, just a quick piece of entertainment.

    7 out of 10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film looks good, I enjoyed Liane Balaban as Mary, and all is perfectly fine for most of the film, but......

    *********** Many and Serious Spoilers ***********

    From the beginning, this film seems geared up for the supernatural, so that the final revelation (it was Shane in a costume all the time) makes a nonsense of all that has gone before....

    Okay. I'll buy the tree spelling MARY at the start – it was Shane in a tree hanging down some paper cut-outs to make a shadow, for some reason (well, he is mad). And I'll allow his unlikely plan to kill her dad - go to an intersection miles from her home, hope he's coming, and driving at speed, jump in front of the car, avoid being killed,and cause a fatal crash. He performs a similar trick later with the two girls, after presumably pressing his ear against the car window, on tenterhooks for Mary's next wish, smarting after failing to give her a winning lottery ticket or a blue gobstopper in the shop (he may have missed those wishes, although with his bionic ears that would be surprising). And I'll even allow his ability to wander around in full Wisher garb, in the background on a television report, dodging from tree to tree on the school lawn populated by hundreds of kids, outside cafes, to only be noticed by Mary……and much, much more……but why, oh why, and please somebody involved with the film or the script contact me, did the movie downloaded at the end have footage of the nutcase-only-thinks-he's-the-wisher approaching the house and attacking Mary on the lawn. Please – it's disturbing me that this could get passed the script stage, and that people do not seem to have noticed it.

    I shall have to go through the DVD with my finger on the still button, looking for a frame or two craftily inserted, and designed to render the audience insensible to the incoherent plot. A lazy scriptwriter's dream.
  • This movie is just so funny. It is totally, totally inept. I had expected a decent movie but after a while I realized that this movie had inept acting, dialougue, plot - everything in it was made to be wrong. However, it is very exciting, filled with details and quite intelligent actually in its own inept way. I just found out that this is the same director who made Christina´s House. This movie is WAAAAYYYYY better than Christina´s House which must be one of the worst horror movies ever (I think it got a rating around 2/10 on IMDB). Anyway, The Wisher is incredibly childish and stupid at times in an intelligent, creative way. How old is the director? 10 years or something. It´s like those horror comic scripts I made when I was that age. Moreover, the first scene, where "the father" (who looks about 5 years older than his daughter - I thought it was her boyfriend) says "What did you wish for" and eats the blood-filled (menstrual?) cake. What did she wish for? We will never know.
  • yojimbo99921 March 2004
    What a bad movie. The leading lady looks anorexic and her character is unsympathetic as to be quite foul. Add to that some dodge killings that makes no sense in regards to the movie's theme of "wishing". Not scary, not remotely entertaining, and everyone looks like they're either 25 or 35. You be the judge. Ron Silver is the only decent actor in the bunch, but that's a given.

    And did I mention that the leading lady is really anorexic looking and very unattractive? You could do a better job hiring a skeleton to play the role. Sure wouldn't look all that much different.

    P.S. CAn you believe 15 people gave this movie a perfect 10? Methinks 15 people from the movie production company signed up just to vote!
  • Hi, well i was in this movie, you might notice me as the texas teen killer, and also the nevada killer ( or whatever the hell the other guy was ) and I also was the set dresser for this film. I hate it, it blows. Rent this flick only to laugh at it and marvel at the incompetance of Gavin Wilding. This movie suck a lot, a whole lot.
  • I love this movie! I was renting movies with my sister and she wanted to get this one but I said no because I thought it would be stupid but I'm really glad she got it! This film is scary, classic, thrilling, fun, and intense! When I first saw it I was scared out of my mind. Their are a lot of intense scenes and a lot of scary and classic stalking moments. And all of the intense scenes are highly unexpected and jump up and scream scary! I'm just really mad because the store I rented this at no longer carries it!:( And I can't find any store that sells it!:( Too bad. I highly recommend this film! It's really fun and classic and a huge suspenseful "what going to happen next??!!" thrillingly film! After I saw this I was too afraid to look out of my window and look up at my huge tree in my yard! I was also afraid to sleep so I left the TV on!
  • The Wisher was corny. The script was pretty ordinary. The story, however, was pretty good. Certainly the soundtrack was energetically creepy, I thought overly so, which tended to kill tension rather than build it, but then again, this movie is nearly 20 years old and perhaps I'm just reacting to what is old fashioned now. The Director tried all sorts of camera angles and techniques, which was OK, but he needed to be building up the spook with cinematography and lighting. There's a monster here, but he's not given enough chills. This is an OK teen movie, and it had some very decent ideas behind it. I think The Wisher was only ever intended for a teen audience, and, indeed, I think it does capture something of its day in that regard.
  • bombersflyup21 January 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    The Wisher is one of the worst films I've ever seen, that I've completed.

    Liane Balaban's okay, the character's just manic, never settled and the supporting performances are terrible. Them trying to stop the Wisher's laughable. We saw the part of the film inside the film that tells you what to do already, yet they don't remember it. They look to download the film trying to see the end and choose part one... the hell? and after all the weird occurrences it's not even supernatural? I assume it is still and this guy's a failed imitator, because he failed to kill Brad and failed to kill himself and he couldn't of known all these wishes and be able to catch them and jump in front of a car etc. and the Wisher standing out in the street as the little sister watches it on television. Which is pretty much no ending, it's all so stupid and immature, ugh.
  • Spliced (or The Wisher as it goes by in some circles) is an average addition to the straight to video horror glut of the early 2000s. It's no better or worse than its contemporaries, but does have a decently creepy looking villain if that's any help.

    A young woman goes to see a horror movie called The Wisher against her parents - ahem - wishes due to her nightmares (involving bleeding birthday cakes) and she suddenly starts seeing the villain from the film lurking around every corner and, every time she makes a wish, bad things happen to the people closest to her.

    Spliced can't quite make up its mind if it wants to be a traditional slasher or a supernatural one. Even at the end, we're never quite sure if there's something more cosmically sinister at foot. The acting ranges from passable to shrill, especially from the lead who the audience can never warm up to. She seems seconds away from a mental breakdown before the horror even starts.

    The whole thing looks and feels like a slightly bloodier feature length episode of Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark?, which isn't always a bad thing, but there aren't many thrills or interesting twists here to make it rise above the pack. It's ok for putting on in the background when you're cleaning house.
  • Mary (Liane Balaban) loves horror movies. She is sleepwalking and her father forbids her to watch them. "The Wisher" is a big horror movie and Mary goes to see it with her friends, Debbie and Kara. She gets sick before finishing. A man dressed as The Wisher causes Mary's father to crash his car and die. After more of her offhanded wishes come true, she suspects that Brad (Drew Lachey) is the Wisher. He seems to be hanging around her a lot. Campbell (Ron Silver) is the school counselor trying to help her.

    This is a poor horror effort. It's not completely unredeemable but it's not good. The idea is nothing new. There is one big explosive car stunt. The kills are not that good. Nothing is scary. The Wisher isn't that scary. The acting skills are limited except for Balaban and Silver. The final resolution is nothing special and seems like the obvious thing to do right away. That's why there is no tension in the plot at all. The final option should have been the first option.
  • After watching a cursed horror movie, a teenager begins to think that the killer from the film is stalking her and making her wishes come true, forcing her and her friends to find a way of stopping the maniac before it kills them all.

    This turned out to be a somewhat entertaining and enjoyable slasher that's got some good stuff working for it. Most of this in the sense of being completely unsure where it'll go. From the fact that there's a degree of uncertainty about the events going on, from the fact that rather than just out-right kill the victims this one tends to just warp a saying from the heroine, which makes for some pretty good times once the revelation is made, as well as generate some fun in the stalking before it comes when the pattern is just starting out. As well, there's a lot of decent stalking to be found within, and the finale in the house is superb which features a lot of great, chilling moments hammered home by the killer's creepy-looking mask and a fair amount of gore in the kills. As is usually the case, the film it's based upon is pretty interesting and enjoyable, and only a rather lame subplot about her dreams and a weak ending lower this one slightly. Still, it's a pretty good slasher effort overall.

    Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and Nudity.
  • david-116122 October 2006
    OK, so I had insomnia, and this was basically the only thing on TV at the time. It was one of the most horrid and predictable piece of you know what that I have ever seen. I mean many horror movies are just bad, but this was absolutely awful. Frankly, I am surprised that a woman wrote the screenplay. Because it sure seemed like the person who came up with the idea (yes I realize that someone else could have written the treatment for it) was a male loner who was rejected by all the popular girls, and chose to write a story where attractive girls get slashed up and/or slaughtered, as some sort of sadistic symbolic payback. Although, I suppose that's not that uncommon in horror films, good or bad.

    Then there was of course the ridiculous insinuation about subliminal messages able to persuade people to murder others. It mentions rightfully that the military stopped using them in the 60s. What it doesn't tell you is that subliminal messaging was likely abandoned because it basically has no effect. There is supposed to be suspension of disbelief when watching films, but in this case, it just makes for extremely horrible melodrama.

    I am not really into horror films, but I can tell what a bad movie is, and this is a perfect exemplar of a horrible movie, regardless of genre.
  • It was just yesterday that I saw the film. I do acknowledge the fact that English movies do contain the "chill element", but "The wisher", could not chill, except for its sudden appearances. The question which arises is - do these movies really bring out the fear in us, or are we subjected to emotions which are otherwise dormant. I certainly as a sane person, do not see somebody slashing me in a weird dress and running away in broad daylight.

    Horror was Rebecca.. it made a shiver run up Ur spine. The Wisher can and does give its scary moments, all thanks to the camera-work, and the sudden moments of suspense created by the director.

    The bottomline - the film could have been much better.
  • When I saw the cover I immediatly thought about Wishmaster, which I think is a great horrormovie with a lot of blood etc. When I readed the back of the cover it sounded pretty cool and like a different idea so I took it home. When seeing the movie I couldn't really get into the story. I like flashbacks and switching but in this movie it's kinda messy I think. But ok I will get over that. So when the movie is at about an hour I realized this is a real bad "horror" movie and the idea is just like I thought in the first place (The Wishmaster). I watch it out and my conclusion is that this is about the baddest "horror" movie (if you can call it horror) I've ever seen. Even Jeepers Creepers is better. I recommend The Wishmaster if you haven't seen it and let this one rot in the stores :)

    Sorry for my crappy english ;)
  • First off look at the poster for the film and tell me..........where exactly is the church and the bolt of lightning in the film? No I never saw it ever. The film is supposed to be a "Horror Movie" it does have the stereotypical horror movie techniques but I wouldn't go too far. The acting is simply don't use pop stars who clearly can't act (sorry if you liked his acting) in films. I deeply feel that the scariest part of the film had to be the little though she was a grouchy.....spooky old woman trapped in a child's body...........definitly not normal.

    The film is fine for people that wish to laugh at a truly terrible horror film.


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