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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was led astray by watching Swedish publisher/pornographer Mike Beck's best (presumably) video first: ARVSYNDEN. What impressed me as an unsung talent turns out to be another prolific smut specialist, cranking out assembly line porn like clockwork.

    Case in point is FARLIG POTENS, misleadingly described in IMDb with its "Spoofs BASIC INSTINCT" connection. It has nothing to do with that Verhoeven film, instead being a rather dull undercover cop movie dominated by sex.

    Lovely Alexandra Hjort is the cop in question, putting on some trashy clothing and too much mascara, thereby transforming herself into an undercover prostitute to crack an international drug ring. Beck is working on a very low budget, and the intended globe-hopping set up scenes are unconvincing, as is very poorly staged "action" footage.

    Porn is his métier, and he is about as convincing as good old Bob Chinn in straying into fight scenes or even the simplest mechanical activities. One scene where all that's required is slamming the rear door on a van is botched twice, both gaffes left in the final cut.

    And that's because despite the dialog footage and plot line, there's nothing here but sex. Tongue-in-cheek case involves trafficking in a fake form of super-Viagra manufactured in Russia, merely an aphrodisiac like in old movies. In the 15-minute prologue, at a buy one pill is tried out on a big-dicked henchman, whose member is in no time proudly erect and bobbing skyward, almost comically.


    Dimitri Gorbachov is name-dropped as head of the Russian gang, supposedly related to the former premier. There are various uninteresting twists and turns to the plot line, notably Alexandra turning out to be working for Interpol, her cop boss back in Sweden being corrupt and in need of being exposed. Not surprisingly, final twist has Alexandra being equally corrupt, a case of "last woman standing" being the winnah.

    Porn content is fairly mechanical and the women simply aren't as beautiful as usual in a Beck production. As usual, Tina is credited as "fluffer" -sometime he should give her an on-camera role in one of these junkers as a reward.