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  • Bud Lee and writer-producer Simon Wolf team up for a light-hearted fantasy "Magic Sex", one of many collaborations that recall a more creative and less pretentious era in porn that has sadly departed.

    It concerns three witches: Aurora Snow, newcomer Cindy Crawford (reportedly with only a single XXX shoot under her belt at time of filming) and Avy Scott, competing to see if they can land a man without the use of spells, just feminine wiles. It's a simple premise, embellished with the usual Wolf special effects and animal actors, in this case not his trademark wolves or big cats but simply a rabbit and a turtle.

    Lee directs such whimsy smoothly, and in the unnecessary "Disk Two" of the DVD package expounds on a bevy of projects to come from the team: "Legend of Wolf Canyon", "Roommate from Hell" and even a never-realized pet project adapting the Arthurian legend of Excalibur to emphasize the King's wolf-like qualities.

    As an ancient witch (but looking mah-velous after centuries) Asia Carrera brightens up the show, then still married to director Bud. Though Avy is very sexy, my favorite gal in this top-heavy cast is Lezley Zen, a frequent Lee role player.