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  • I had heard about this project for awhile and was looking forward to seeing it in theaters. I never heard anything for awhile and gave up hope until last night, when I saw it in Blockbuster and jumped at the chance to rent it. I loved it and it is one of my favorite films, but that's because I am very into the African-American comedy genre so that might play into it.. I will write my review from an overall perspective. The plot is simple: the movie focuses on the happening's of Nora's Hair Salon, with several subplots including escaping an abusive relationship, realizing who your true friends are, and coming out. The film was great for what it's worth. I especially loved the Ming character, who, you learn in the making of feature on the DVD, was not in the original script. Yes, the editing wasn't the best and a little repetitive and yes some of the acting wasn't a-list, but the film was a LIMITED BUDGET INDIE! To get the cast they got was incredible for such a small movie, with a cameo by Whitney Houston and an extended cameo by Bobby Brown. I loved the movie. It teaches good life lessons and just makes you put a smile on your face, even with the sad ending. I give it 3 and a half out of 4 stars.. GO SEE IT! IT'S GREAT!
  • The movie was sweet, an independent film budget, but sweet...the only similarity to Barbershop is the primary setting is a salon. Jennifer Lewis always gives an outstanding performance. The other stars and new faces were good as well. Yes, a little predictable, but still a cute movie. Cameos by Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown and Lil Kim added to the fun of the movie. Some stereotypes, but all in good nature. Keep in mind it is an Independent film, probably had an Independent film budget and has a bit of an Independent film feel to it. Not a big blockbuster type production. Again, cute, sweet and a lot of fun!!! I wish more small budget films like this would be produced more often and advertised so the masses interested in seeing it could actually see it!!!
  • This might possibly be THE worst movie I have ever seen. My roommate made me rent it because it seemed like a funny black comedy. Boy were we wrong. The acting is horrendous, the editing looks like it was made in a high school t.v. production classroom and the script is just....i don't even know the word. This movie exploits every single stereotype there is out there. From queeny homosexuals to outspoken latins and yes, even a korean manicurist. Please, for the love of God, do not rent this. Or actually do rent it, it's worth to see Nora have a heart attack in the end of the movie. What she says as she trips and falls is quite possibly the most entertaining part of this "film"
  • bodoe578312 March 2005
    i was pleasantly surprised at this film.

    it is well acted, and a great film to watch.

    it is a tribute to the spirit of the common person, who works and toils every day without fail.

    the actress' are very very believable in their roles, and successfully convey the characters. the story line is well conceived, and portrayed. everyone knows a nora, and can relate to her.

    i highly recommend this film to everyone who wants good clean comedic entertainment, along with a very good story about the human spirit, of the common people.
  • RomesGurl4431 December 2004
    Warning: Spoilers
    This was the best movie that I have seen lately!!!!! The cast is so funny, and I love the characters that were portrayed. My favorite was Ming, the manicurist who wasn't afraid to speak her mind. I also loved Clo, and her crazy starstruck ways. My favorite part was when her niece told her about Levon(?) and then Clo tried to burn him with the hot comb. I also loved the part on Nora's birthday when Xenobia took her down to the strip club to have fun, and Ming was on stage with all of them. My least favorite part was at the end when she had the severe heart attack. I would recommend this movie to anyone, whether you are renting it or buying it!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It doesn't seem possible but someone actually made an unfunny film with Jenifer Lewis!

    I came to 'Nora's Hair Salon' after seeing Lewis in the howling funny 'Jackie's Back,' hoping to see more of her expert comic timing and one-of-a-kind line deliveries. She is a true under-appreciated talent and the thought of her playing the owner of a Los Angeles beauty salon (a female version of 'Barbershop' I assumed) seemed a sure fire hit.

    Well I couldn't have been more wrong. It was somebody's bright idea to cast Lewis in a 'heartwarming' role playing nursemaid to a bunch of hairdressers who are given the lion share of so-called funny lines. Jenifer Lewis is essentially the straight man to a small troupe of painfully untalented actors representing the employees of her hair salon.

    What was the director thinking? To take the most talented member of the cast and have her sit and merely react as some of Los Angeles' least talented African Americans poorly deliver some of the weakest comedy dialog uttered since 'The Jeffersons' were still on the air is nothing short of a crime!

    It seems that the director and writer can't differentiate between character and caricature and so throughout 'Nora's hair Salon' you are given one stereotype parading in front of you after another, reciting lines in a vacuum , like they never had a full rehearsal together. It's impossible to care for any of them because they never register as even remotely human.

    Though I liked what the film tried to do and its overall good nature and theme, that however doesn't excuse its slapped together sloppiness. And don't blame it on the budget. Plenty of small budget films demonstrate lots of ingenuity and talent. This one is like Amateur Night and gives small independent films a bad name.

    Can't recommend the film except for the scene (as one commentary already stated) when a character suffers a heart attack and utters a phrase that had me howling for the only time in the entire film.

    By the way, the director should have just released a film of the outtakes that show over the closing credits. These few minutes are better than anything that precedes them. Lastly, there is a very sad 'making of' featurette on the DVD where we discover that the writer responsible for this mess is one of the actors who is so terrible in the film. To see him talk about his script, blissfully unaware of its derivative triteness, is to know what it is to cringe. Rent 'Car Wash' to see how this kind of material should be handled.
  • bwhyte1730 June 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is so terrible that I had to purchase it. Are you serious?! Is Bobby Brown REALLY involved? Is Lil' Kim really on the title screen of the DVD as if her 45 seconds could save the film (certainly not without the purple pasties)? The Korean lady was so stereotypical, the only line she missed was "Me suckie-suckie." The gay dudes were ASTONISHINGLY flaming, the plot was super-ridiculous... did I mention that Bobby Brown is involved? This is absolutely one of the worst movies of all time. I cannot imagine watching this film and saying to myself, "This is almost tolerable." To be truthful, the best part of the DVD is the "The Making of" segment, where the Jean-Claude Whatever explains how this film is TRULY great. According to this dude, Jenifer Lewis is a better actress than Angela Bassett. I DEFY you to rent this movie and find out who he says is a better actor than DeNiro, Pacino, and Denzel.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ....Because if you do, you'll find out it does not get better the second time. While watching it the second time I felt a slight tinkling sensation in my throat, which has to be described as latent nausea due to the quality of the movie. But I also had a slight but continuous pain in my gut, from actually having spend money on this.

    Everything is still cliché. And you might be thinking, oh well a little cliché doesn't have to be excruciating. But it is, oh but it is when it's cliché in a cliché way carried out in the form of a cliché of clichés.

    The story is still so bad and boring it would be hilarious if it didn't irritate one so much. Everything is so obvious that you're constantly thinking, oh yeah I remember knowing that would happen the first time I saw it. There is no drive, no sense of direction, actually there's no sense of anything, of value at least.

    The acting does not get less irritating. You're still thinking, I know these actors aren't top a-list, but still, they're OK and decent at their trade(and even in certain parts quite magnificent) but it must be the script and the direction that pulls these people down to a level of performance that would give elementary school drama teachers the need to misuse their underpaid salary on Xanax and Prozac.

    So why would anyone(read; me) spend their money on this movie. They will if they need their head examined, and I would say the money would be better spend doing just that. - So why did I do it? Let me confess, I have a thing for Tatyana Ali, and apparently I'm weak enough to buy her movies when they come out. Objectively she does give an OK performance considering the movie, but not overwhelming. And even her performance taken into consideration, it isn't reason enough to spend money on this movie.

    Lesson I learned from watching it the second, I still shouldn't have bought it, I still shouldn't have seen it, and my life would have been enriched much more from seeing the progress of paint drying.
  • SanteeFats15 April 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    What the heck?? I watched this movie and I found it to be funny, witty, and decently balanced. Why so many people dumped on it and rated it so low is beyond me. The histrionics between the two gay lovers was pretty funny. Tatiana Ali's character got my applause when she told off that abusing user of a pimp. What they did to the thug buddy after Miss Nora punches his lights out and they dress him REALLY gay and cross dressing then dump him at a Santa Monica Blvd. club is hilarious. When Nora kicks off and leaves the house to Ming and the salon equally to the stylists I guess they did to set up the sequel where Stacy Dash ends up owning half of it instead the stylists owning it all.
  • Well we rented this movie last night and I must say that we found it a very pleasant surprise. It was not the best movie that we have ever seen. BUT, it was not the worst ever. Can't remember if it had ever been released to the movie houses because I never heard of it till we got to the video store.

    I believe that based on their budget, they created a nice little gem. Was very disappointed to see Bobby Brown in the flick. However, I must give the producers credit to casting him, as the character it is alleged that he is in real life, a woman beater.

    I will recommend this flick to others.