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  • While I agree that quite a few of the shorts here were a little too over-the-top, I remember this series fondly because of the handful of great ones. The funniest, in my opinion was "Science Facts: Broccoli has an IQ of 10". I'd buy a DVD for the broccoli shorts alone. I also enjoyed "Ultracity 6060: Fast Driver", which poked fun at Speed Racer and other Americanized anime, as well as "The Champ in: Snapper Bob", which was based on a radio show, "Call Me Fishmael", "Telekinesis" (levitating cows!), "Killing Heinz" (great music), and, oh yeah, can't forget "Fishbar: Evil babies in Colorado"! Cartoon Sushi also spawned its own spin off series in "Celebrity Deathmatch". It's too bad there aren't more outlets for short animation. I miss Cartoon Sushi and Liquid TV!
  • I completely disagree with the previous poster. While Liquid Television was groundbreaking and stands alone, this show was an awesome example of surrealism at it's best. Perfect for late night television. Sadly, it was severely underrated. The blind date sketch, Broccoli on the game show ("I am Broccoli!"), and Robin at the barbershop. Cartoon Sushi picked up where Liquid Television left off. It gave a great showcase to a lot of cartoons that otherwise would have gone under the radar (pre-internet explosion). It was great to see an outlet (pre-Cartoon Network) for demented animated humor. If you ever stumble across this show watch it!
  • While I don't have a whole lot to say about this show, I just didn't want the only commentary on it to be a negative rant. I feel that Cartoon Sushi was a more than worthy successor to Liquid Television, if not better. It was simply geared to a different audience. I think one's problem with cartoon sushi is that while Liquid Television was geared simply more towards the MTV audience, Cartoon Sushi felt like it was an animation festival on TV. Indeed, many shorts that appeared on Cartoon Sushi were also featured in the Spike & Mike festival of animation, Fast Driver and various works by Bill Plympton to name a few. I haven't seen it replayed since it was taken off of the air, but for some reason it has always remained present in the back of my mind. A simple DVD that encompassed the entire 13 episodes would be greatly appreciated.
  • Feh!I should've known this wasn't a very good show.Mtv pushed and pushed this show to be great,but it backfired.It too turned out to be a joke like Brother's Grunt.I shouldn't be surprised that no one commented on this show.They made it seem popular,when it didn't last but one season.This shows premise was this:a new variety animation show that was supposed to replace Liquid Televison,even though it was better.Not surprisingly,it followed immediately after the cancellation of Brothers Grunt.Liquid Television introduced some really great animation.Not all,but most.Some of the shorts,even got their own series like Aeon Flux and Beavis and Butthead.What Cartoon Sushi gave us,however,is nothing more than an eye irritant.Its various cartoons included,My Cartoon Girlfriend,Robin,some creepy computer animated ball that said and did wierd things,and other more annoying crap.This included insulting parodys of classic anime shows,like Speedracer,Venus Wars,and many others.None of it was funny,it was the same as being entertained by someone scratching fingernails on a blackboard.Its a wonder if an angry mob didn't hunt these people down,and have the creators fed to the lions.I also think they made fun of Armitage 3,Polymatrix.I remember seeing some scenes that looked familiar.Anyone want to get these b****rds now, and teach them a lesson?Any takers?Also some really sick various animations were in there,like mayflies having pre ejaculation problems,a family dog becomes psychotic and kills his family,poison gets mixed up in milk and kills everyone.Do you find this really all funny now?Yeah,real funny ha ha,NOT!Let me tell you more of goes on in the psychotic dog part to prove my point.It was called Boris The Dog,(what a stupid name,couldn't they name him something better),and its story is about a dog who can't go to the city.His family is doing it for his safety.Instead of the dog simply running away,he starts by using his paw to cut off the boys head.The boys head is flying off still while greeting the dog.The dog then eats his remains.Then he trips the housewife,who breaks her neck and cracks her head open on the stairs.The dog,(LEECH),drinks her blood.It only gets worse people,so I'll spare you the rest of the details.My point is that Danny Antonucci has zero talent.He's only talented in creating in more rancid compost for shows.His latest creation,Ed, Edd, and Eddy isn't an improvment,not that I've seen.Hes probably putting negative stuff about anime in that peice of crap,like he did in his second effort.His shows for the most part ,only encourage kids and preteens to be rude and nasty toward those who love anime.I've seen some pretty rude and spiteful stuff posted around anime fansites by these same brats.I only wish the parents could see the filth being posted by them.A fine example is what two people said in the comments for DBZ 1996.Personally if I could,I'd contact him about this matter because its really getting old with these people stalking and harrassing others about what we watch.They got their programming,we got ours.I think Ed,Edd and Eddy is just a form of poision for our kids minds,just like this crap is for ours.People, steer clear of this garbage,and keep your kids away from his shows.Mr Antonucci,if you can't create better cartoons,then its time for you to get a new career.Theres something wrong when a person finds it funny because Ed said"Buttered Toast".Please burn this series along with Brother's Grunt,and Ed cubed and feed it to the lions!