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  • The thrust of "Stuart Little," the first movie, was how George and Snowball came to accept Stuart into the fold; the lesser but still appealing sequel revolved around Stuart wanting some companionship on his own level. The series doesn't have any such conflct, with the Littles (and Snowball) now one pretty contented family, and mired in incredibly bland plots (going to the carnival, spending the night at a "haunted" inn etc).

    And "bland" is the word; bland writing, bland animation (and is it just me, or does the premise of a human family having a mouse as an adopted son lose something in full animation, where such things are more commonplace?), bland voice work - even allowing for Quinton Flynn as Snowball, David Kaufman standing in for Michael J. Fox as he did with the animated TV series of "Back to the Future," and Hugh Laurie returning from the movies as Mr. Little - bland everything...

    Like Mr. T and Chuck Norris with their cartoons, the "real" Stuart (c/o Sony Pictures Imageworks) appears at the beginning of each episode to set up the story and at the end to tell us the moral, but it only makes the gap between the movies and the series even wider; the charm and interest of the big-screen movies is gone, replaced by something closer to "PB&J Otter" in overall effect. It's not awful - just very, very mild.
  • A complete and utter piece of boring, moralistic tripe. Stuart Little: the series is simply about the Littles living as a united, happy, consumerist family and having incredibly boring adventures such as skateboarding and such. Stuart Little acts a bit like a psycho in this series with strange, perverted smiles and a scary little laugh. The parents are the blandest couple one could get always saying stupid little things about "what are the boys up to" or comforting their depressive spectacled garden dwarf of a son or their psychotic lab rat with things like:"Awwww, don't worry we'll fix it". In the end you wish you had a sledgehammer to smash their pathetic heads in and put them out of their misery.
  • With everyone getting a little too old to keep making the live action films it made sense for them to try to keep the franchise alive with this animated TV series, that sadly didn't catch on.

    Having Hugh Laurie still be Mr Little was a big draw, but for some reason audiences seemed to prefer the live action outings of the little mouse with a big heart to this animated counterpart.

    It's a shame, this show had some nice moments.
  • realndn0625 December 2012
    I loved this show since the first time I laid my eyes on it! I first saw it when I was little on HBO Family! It is also cute and funny! I love his show so much, I wished they'd still bring out new seasons and episodes and have the entire cast return! My favorite episode is "A Little Bit Country" where Falcon returns and they defeat him once again!

    But why couldn't Michael J. Fox and the others return? Because when my mom heard Stuart's voice, she said it sounded a bit different and I soon realized it wasn't Michael J. Fox after all, but instead David Kaufman.